Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thought freestyle

So i see nobody has been writting any articles up here, just news flashes. So i had a brain flash. Lets just sit down, open up a New Post thingy and start writting about whatever comes to my head.

First SLAM stuff.

My thoughts on Wire-related items


Dikembe is Back! - a good conversation transpired from this one http://slamonline.com/online/nba/2008/12/dikembe-mutombo-is-back-in-uniform/

Now Bobcats thoughts-


Juwan Howard is a big part of this. For all that dont know Juwan, he is in the picture below.

But on the real, i hope we dont make any more trades. We got a solid team with good chemistry.

The Knicks/Bobcats game isnt on TV, i like both teams but i am pulling for the Bobcats to win.

TNT Stuff

I found a way to get the TV to work while i use the computer. So i am watching my stories (law and order). I just seen a stupid ass comercial dedicated 'to the women who wont say no'. I wasnt paying attention but i wish i was. Women who wont say no, PLEASE COME TO MY CRIB AND DONT SAY NO, CAUSE I NO YOU A FREAK.

Also their was a Closer commercial. In it Kyra Sedgwick is saying something along the lines of "DONT DIE ON MY THATS A ORDER". If i was the dude in her arms, i would try harder to die. FUCKT THE CLOSER

Other thoughts

I am slightly excited for 2009

Cats annoy me, good thing their are none in my neigborhood. (but please dont question my love of another type of pussy)

The mall has Dwayne Wade Converses (this type http://www.sneakerfiles.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/converse-dwayne-wade-4-iv-2.jpg but in red/black) for $20. I got $80. Do i cop?

That be all for part 1

PART II Attack of the Young Dro's

I got bored so i am adding to this.

Blog Status Symbol of the year -

DOLPHINS GIRL!!!!!! (Or lesbiansexpornstarmegababewhoicantfuckcauseshelikespussy2)

DJ Augistin is AMAZING - I forgot to say that earlier, but he is.

Konate of the Year- Thanks for pissing me off. Taking a shot at Gucci using your keyboard as a gun. SHAME SHAME SHAME YOU DONT GET IN THE HALL OF FAME.

Now i am done for now



and i said no instead of know at a certain part of this for wording purposes only.

B. Long said...

Did A.I. just rip one on Juwan Howard's forehead in that pic? LMAO. I agree about the Closer, that shit is awful. For $20 bucks, I'd say cop'em. Maybe they'll end up as a collector's item or something as the most god awful signature shoe for a NBA Superstar ever. They might be good to hoop in too. You never know.

Anonymous said...

BET, the game is televised, just not in Charlotte. It is up here in NY on MSG. Right now the Bobcats are getting torn up, bitchesssss!!!

BET said...

i know, but i tried em on, and they felt like bricks. They werent heavy, just firm and blocky. It just felt like i was rockin bricks. So i guess i just made up my mind. No.

BET said...

since the Knicks are my 2nd favorite team, i have no huge problem with that. And since i cant see it, i am not super mad.

B. Long said...

Did you see what Konate said about your boy, Gucci? You better read the Kidz in the Hall post on Slam.

BET said...

Yeah, i am gettin at him now


Hells yeah i added more

Roy said...

$20 for Wade's shoes? I'd cop those kicks if I were you BET. :D

Hursty said...

I updated the right hand side of the blog btw, see if you can spot the differences...
ps- i love that pic.

BET said...

Oh snap it dont look like shit no more no more no more no more!

Hursty said...

I dont even know if you're serious or not there Bet, but thanks I spose.

BET said...

no i really like it. That taskbar always made the site look retarded, good job fixing it

Hursty said...

I might do some little editing over the next few days (not while you guys will be awake though), fiddle with some stuff. Colour combinations, structure, links. That sort of stuff. I dont profess to be a tech nerd or anything, but I like to tinker with stuff from time to time...thanks for the props mate.

BET said...

make it 2 contrasting colors so shit is easier to read. OG's like Eboy need that vision help

Eboy said...

Did somebody say something about me......I can't see!!

BET said...

let me light some oil lamps for eboy...

Hursty said...

HAHA, yeh, I'll have a crack Bet.

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