Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays will now get happier, BET in tha building and the building

No pictures to distract yall this time. Make this a movie that plays over and over in your mind like the VCR is possesed by a BETigest.

whats good fuckers

Oops i am channeling my inner Joe Scarborough

But anywhoozerfoozerCarlosBoozerisaboldfaceloozer, i am having a very merry Christmas. I got a Neverflat basketball and a LRG Hoody plus some orange NBA socks (the gift of confort and flyness all in one? Yes indeed). It was a good day. Material wise.

But anyway, i decided to do some thinking. Here are my thoughts compiled in list form that were conclusions from my brainsexxxing period:

1. Mims newest song is the hottest shit ever- Move if you wanna. Mr. 1 hit wonder (this is why im hot) is for real afterall:

"I don't undrestand how can I have so many ha-ters
Knowin I'm there father like my name is Darth Va-der
I can get you hemmed up while I'm bein tay-lored
Then I slide off to the side like a fa-der

What is really hotter than that?

2. Stephen A. Smith is my journalisitic inspiration - Yeah every blogger wants to be a writer, and i am no exception (although i am acceptional). If i could be 1 dude it would be Stephen A. Smith. Think about it, he does what the hell he wants, keeps doing whatever he wants, has a group of haters dedicated to hating him, and even has great youtube clips inspired by his auora.

Stephen A. Smith, you are my favorite journalist. Quite frankley, SLAM and Justin Walsh got nothing on you. Keep doin you, keep fillin up ESPN camera lenzs with your spit, i love it. You showed me that no matter if facts go against me, if i argue better, i am right. Thank you.

3. Hibachi 2.0 is the best group blog ever- Call me a bandwagon hopper, but i was orginally offered to come here when this place was started. I decided to do me instead, and even if my 'site' failed, i learned a lot from it.. Now i am here and not Eboyqueer (whats good Mr. Shit Penis?) and i am having a good ass time. I love it live like a circa-2005 NBA Comercial

4. Goons and Goblyns have nothing on Dragons - This was one of those things i proboblay should not be writting here, but i will, because i am BET. I was playing dress up (no i wasnt) and i decided that the Dragon is the most fierece mystical creature of all. Fuck yeah!

5. I am still playing NBA live 08. I am a cheap ass dude (most likely cause i am constantly dropping every $20 bill i get on discount kicks at Marshalls or Ross's or Rugged Wearhouse or Burlignton Coat Factory or you get the point i am wasting money on my big ass size 13 foot). Anyway i am thinking of getting a new game. Any suggestions? Who cares, i am getting live 09 or nothing at all, and you thought you where gonna have a chance at interactive learning? Sucker.

6. The Bobcats make me slightly happy- yup yup yup, we 10-19, and now most importantly we got chemistry. But i honestly dont see us getting higher than 3rd in the division (damm you Dwight Howard, but we will get to you in a minute. Also a special 'Fuck You for being so talented to Joe Johnson and Dwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayne').

Oh well i guess i always got my........

7. PANTHER FOOTBALL- All the way Jose. We going to the Super Bowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8. Christmas Basketball. I saw the Magic DEMOLISH the Hornets (and CP3 get 0 steals and Tyson having a 0 point 0 rebound 1st half. Also that 4th quarter span with no basket was pitiful.)

And Micheal Pietrus taking 4 STEPS + Jumping in the air for no reason+ Coming down and taking 3 more Steps then making a confused face when the ref was blowing the whistle after he had came down then hearing the announcer say 'He walked, He Jumped, then he Walked Agian' was by far the play of the game. It should be on 2k10 or something, it was unfuckinbeliveable.

Also i saw the Spurs - Suns which was intresting, Roger Mason is clutch, and more importantly


9. 'o9 will not be a better year for me than '08- Or at least i dont see it happening for me. I have had so much fun, Jason Richardson has been a Bobcat and a Notcat, I have had 3 girlfriends and 2 jumpoffs, i have wrote words on 4 sites (SLAM, CATS MEOW, BET'S TRAIN OF THOUGHT, and HIBACHI), and i have had lots of fun. Just a good year.

That is all, try to resume your lifes, even though they changed after reading this.



First! Here is my inner-diolouge right now:
Bet- "Man this is by far the greatest thig you ever wrote"

Cat Magic- "Thanks dude, i do it for the fans like you"

Bet- "I am just the light side of your brain"

Cat Magic- "If you was the bright side you would have just stoped after your first sentence"

Bet- "well at least i get girls"

Cat Magic- "More like your right hand"

Bet-"Bitch ass twich ass MitchRichmond ass..."

Cat Magic- "Wooo dont bring Mitch into this"

Bet- "alright i am sorry"

Cat Magic- "its okay we were both out of line"
----end of diolouge------------


and thig is a cross between thug and thing. Its like a Jordan-AF1 fusion for all you sneaker heads, or Red Sunny-Delight juice for all you Juice Connesuiers


i got sleep to do, i was up all last night waiting for Santa, he came and gave me coal/reindeer shit. Peace

Money Bill Williams said...

Sounds like you cleaned up Santa wise BET. Neverflat any good?

Thinking bout switching over from FIBA balls (orange & yellow panels)

Money Bill Williams said...

Also I just started downloading Mims song. But I ain't feeling it at all!

Justin Walsh said...

BET, merry christmas mayne. Agreed on MIMS, and god damn I love Stephen A Smith's journalistic style, so when you use me in a diss, I appreciate it. I love when Stephen A Smith defends AI so strongly that he threatens the camera with saliva bullets. Stephen A Smith is the only ESPN guy that I truly respect besides Scoop Jackson. Merry Christmas BET, Merry christmas Hibachi

Hursty said...

Where the hell are all my comments going?

Hursty said...

ok. i can post now. grr. The neverflat balls are good yeh, except if you get a dodgy one cos of the warranty they wont replace it. And you cant pump them up once they do go flat...i had one btw.

Eboy said...

Isn't Mr. Sh*t Penis one of the mean brothers in "A Year Without A Santa Claus"?

Moose said...

BETCATS . . . bringin' the biz to 'Bachi. Nice work.

B. Long said...

Hibachi 2.0- Where Hysterical Randomness Happens. Thanks to BET.


Money Bill- Australia is known for its Nicole Kidman's and its Russel Crowe's not its music taste. And yes, the Neverflat is good (its the $50 one not the $20 piece of shit that goes flat)

Justin- I like your ish to, i just needed to throw a shout out to you in the article/word-orgy and that was how i did it.

Hursty- To your mom's basement

Eboy- Maybe

B.Long- Thats what they pay me big (monopoly money) Bucks to do.

Hursty said...

co-sign B lol.

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