Saturday, July 26, 2008

Flash back to Reality, Oops there goes gravity.

Dwyane Wade is back. For everyone who saw the game tonight you know what Im talkin about. For those who didnt, the highlights of the game will be on youtube soon enough. here it is.

There was one sequence early in the 4th, where Wade played great D out front of the 3 point line for 4-6 seconds and the rest of the team was denying well, Canada ran a pick n roll and Wade stuck that 6'10 arm out and snatched the ball right outta the dudes arm, he was fouled to prevent a break away but you could just tell that 'it' factor was there tonight. He had the semi windmill jam and I've never seen that from him before. Ever. I hope for his sake, Eboys, Star Jones and the rest of the Miami Heat that he remains healthy. He was smart too, not risking plays that were gambles and playing solid defense. His handle seemed much improved too ( thanks Eboy your right on that).

The US barely performed any isolation plays and that was good to see as individual ball wont get you gold as we've seen before.

Wade started alongside Kidd and Bryant ( as LeBron sat with his ankle sprain) making a 3 guard line up with Kobe at 3 alongside Anthony at 4 and Howard playing 5.

For me, the highlight of the game was Williams at the end of the 3rd quarter when he stole the ball got the pass from Paul on the half way crossed over in the open court with a sweet behind the back crossover, had an 'in n out' move with a stutter step pullled an around the world ball move and hung in the air for a geat lay up to get the crowd amped, then Paul followed seconds later to close the quarter which was arguably even better. Canada drove down the lane then Williams swung to the middle and blocked hard back the other way. On the ensuing posession Paul started his drive with 10 seconds left on the clock splitting the double team and making Kendall look stupid as he broke it up with a behind the back split then a ball fake which turned the head of his would-be help defender and throwing in a floater just for good measure. Pure class. Anyways, apart from the 1st quarter which was close it was pretty much an extended run of around 90 to 40 in favour of the U.S

Boozer didnt do much stat wise in 4,4 and a block and a steal but he did a great job on the extended zone help the US played and Bosh was a monster with dunks, blocks and intelligent play overall.

Mike Redd was amazing with his shooting tonight and was even good on defense, which surprised me.

Carmelo got the hustle points offensively and that was important esp. in the 2nd quarter to help build the lead. His game is more dynamic in the International game and it really showed. Equal leading scorer with 20 with Wade and Redd. He played active defense for the majority of the game which was nice to see, and he was consistent despite his minutes being slightly pear-shaped in the second half.

Kidd started most quarters but didnt register anything positive in boxscore but his contributions went beyond that. He had NBA assists but in the FIBA competitions passing to a guy on the fast break and having him dribble twice and throw down isnt an assist, once a player shot fakes or dribbles more than once- thats it. Bad luck there Kidd. Still, youre 39-0. You can see why European statistics are deflated in comparison to those in the NBA ( this has nothing to do with skill but statwise it helps to build the legacy of a star in the NBA).

The US can work on its initial defensive retreat somewhat as several times Bosh and Howard had baseball passes thrown over their heads for easy Canadian baskets. Something inexcuseable in High School games, much less ones while playing for your country especially on made baskets. They didnt zone much defensively either and it worked fine as they had 24 turnovers for 43 points throughout the game. However, I feel that if they can diversify their game it gives different looks and will help to play zone for short spurts to mix it up.

For Canada, Jermaine Anderson was the shining light with 18 points on 6-9 shooting and only 1 turnover despite the constant attention from the US as they pressed and stifled the Canadian team all night.

I wonder whether the scoreline would have been different with Dalembert in the line up considering the weakness of the US front line in depth and height compared to previous incarnations. Dave Thomas was also sorely missed for the Men of the North, his veteran play and strength to play 1,2 and 3 obviously lacking.

The fouls will always be an issue for the American NBA players as they only have 5 and International rules regarding handchecks, agressiveness in the key and offensive fouls are called differently.

Overall, I felt that the US performance was what was expected and the bigs played admirably despite their statistical ( or lack thereof) contributions. Paul and Williams were great and did their jobs to a par although sometimes they turned it over in transition which will be another thing worth perfecting in the next 2 weeks. Coach K called it ' the 5th day of practice'. Dont get cocky now Coach, you and yours have been burned before. 4.3 out of 5 overall.

PS, Rick Kamla was awful at times with his commentary tonight, his voice can be really annoying when he gets too excited while when he's controlled he is better than anyone else ESPN can offer even if it was 'special coverage' bar Van Gundy and Kerr. ( Is that the whole coverage team I listed?)

Peace, Hursty.

Friday, July 25, 2008


Hello. How have y'all been? It's been a while huh? I've been hustling. hustling hard. chillin. listening to rap music. Listening to Weezy really. Nas? whatever his beats suck. But what about the lyrical content? hmm...good point. What if I don't want to listen to something that will open my mind but something that will make me JIGG. That's right. Jigg is a word. Down south slang. means get crunk, wild, hyphy, go dumb, whatever the hell you want to call it. Let me use it in a sentence...Okay I don't dance, I fuckin jigg. Jigg, Jigg, Jigg, Jigg, Jigg, then we Jigg some more. At the job...jigg. At school...jigg. In the shower...jig. At church praising the Lord...jigg. What is the point of this ignorant post you ask? IDK. I just feel like actin a donkey. Don't I act a donkey? Yes, I am an ignoramus on this post and I feel like I've been gone too long. That's all about to change. Next week get ready for my post on why I feel Monta is deserving of that scrilla he is getting and why Luol Deng would be perfect in a gold and purple jersey next year. Also why D-wade made me drop my damn jaw when he dunked tonight. Is he possibly back? We will talk about that on my post. Now if you ever want to learn how to jigg, then holla back at me. I got some jigga juice at my crib right now that will get all of you jiggulating. I'm silly right now. See yall once the syrrrrup as subsided from my body. Oh yeah...Welcome to Paradise. bob marley I love you. DP out.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Top 9 characters in the League... right now... sort of

These dudes don't all play massive minutes (most do though) but have over the seasons developed their personalites as NBA players. They are funny, controversial and opinionated and for some, a combination. Naturally I will have left some legit. players off the list (my bad) so comment and leme know.

The spacing is whack ( stupid wordpress).

1. Gilbert Arenas- You didn't think he was going second did you? On this blog? Ha! 'Hibachi', 'Agent Zero' etc, he has almost as many names as Darryl Dawkins dunks. Arenas plays with a flair and exuberance missing in the league now, its presence declining after Barkley retired. Dude cheats at Halo, plays paintball inside his house, rips on team-mates and carries a permanent chip on his shoulder- something that the common man can relate to making Gil the Peoples Champ. (Black President is probably too far but whatever).
2. Rasheed Wallace- The most outspoken individual in the League and always has an opinion which can rub people the wrong way. 'Ball dont lie' 'You can put it on *insert page no*. 'Young black men'

Fun fact: He's the only player ever to be ejected from McDonald's All-Star Game history.

3. Dwight Howard- Quirky and eccentric, Howard hasn't been afraid to throw his weight around either in the post or on the dance-floor.

4. Kobe Bryant- He's not as funny and certainly not as loveable as others. Bryant is as strong-willed as any individual to ever play the game. He puts his heart and soul into the game and shows an appreciation for the intricacies that only the upper echelon of sports stars can truly achieve.

5. Shaquille O'Neal- Gone are the days of Shaq Fu and his Ninja metaphors but the Big Aristotle is still around providing his humour ( and, um rudeness ) for all to hear. If Shaq was playing even 05'6 level basketball he would've been No. 1 on any other site. But not here. Here me? Chi Cho Way Fu Yao Woo!

6. Kevin Garnett- Passion. Fire. Desire. Drive. Ambition. Hunger. The complete package as a character.

7. Stephon Marbury- What happened starbury? You were doing so good for a while there man. What happened? Was it Isiah? Brown-Sanders? Keith Van Horn? D'Antoni? Colangelo? So many to ask and question where it all fell apart fo you. Your barely 30 and now you gone done the head tattoo. Man.... just insert any ridiculous quote at your leisure.
8. Pat Burke - (former) Funniest man on the Suns roster. Anyone who has read 7 seconds or Less knows what I'm talking about here.
9. Eddie House, ('House always wins')Damon Jones (dude is a fool/clown/joker)/Drew Gooden's Ducktail/ Chris Kamans hair.urghhh...
I spose Sam Cassell is around somewhere 'big balls' dance, and hes is ugly as anything.
Yeh, I got lazy towards the end but F it, you get the point, the fellas can clean it up if they got anything worth adding.
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