Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Time is Now


I figured I'd get in quick on what slam is doing right now, but a little differently.
This is a list of (in my personal opinion) guys who are due to break out for their teams and a sentence or two why.
Note; This 'break-out' doesn't necessarily represent a 2nd or 3rd year player - for example, Wallace, Rasheed.
So, breaking it down by division, starting with the Eastern Conference:

Atlantic Division

Boston - Rasheed Wallace. Dude just got a new contract, and is once again looking at a veteran team with a designated centre(Perkins). His statistics may not reach double-double status again, but his level of play should improve.
Philadelphia - Lou Williams, Thaddeus Young, Marresse Speights: Ok, so it's three dudes. It's been yelled across the interwebs for all to hear, but PHI doesn't have a 'true' PG anymore - Lou will get extended playing time because of this. Elton Brand isn't quite healthy yet and Young and Speights will continue to take advantage of this, meaning more rebounds, points and playing time.
New Jersey - *The Whole Damn Team* (TWTD) - Um, yeh. Harris will now be the unquestioned leader of the squad with Vince back home, and apparently that Courtney Lee kid is motivated to play well. Brook Lopez is a prospect too. Long, athletic and a soft touch from 8ft inwards, I like him a lot, especially since the rest of New Jersey's interior is pathetic.
New York - Wilson Chandler - This is my dude. One of the only consistent guys, who is known to be on the roster for opening night. David Lee may not be there, same with Kryptonate with his legal troubles. I considered Danillo Gillinari (who?) for this, but.. yeh. 'Nuff said.
Central Division
Cleveland - J.J Hickson - I'ma go with this young fella right here, for a few reasons. Dude left NC State a year or two early and got drafted in about the right spot, but never quite adapted to the League in his rookie year. The trade to get Shaq got rid of Big Ben, leaving additional time at the 4spot for JJ. This means 10-25 minutes a night need to get played and Anderson Varejao can't gobble them all up, even with his hair. There's always the potential for injury to occur as well.

Toronto - Andrea Bargnani - it has to be him. Hedo is already playing at an all-star level, and I expcet DeRozan to be solid from day one, but Bargs' has shown so much potential, first early last year, when he was almost at 20/10 for a month, then late last year, when he had multiple 20/10/4/2 games. Hopefully he can continue that level of play. Chris Bosh is absolutely gooone otherwise. (Personally I think he made up his mind 2 seasons ago to leave).

Chicago - Derrick Rose, Luol Deng - Rose will up his performance in basically every single statistical category. His shooting from the mid-range area against Boston was excellent, and I truly hope this wasn't an appirition. Deng appears to be healthy after all of his numbers took hits last year with his injuries and the emergence of the ever-shooting John Salmons. Sure, statistically he may not improve, but his ability to play the game will.
Detroit - ? - Anyone can take this position. Well, almost anyone. I feel that Tayshaun will take more of a scoring burden this season, so will Villanueva. Remember when Charlie had a 40+ point game with Toronto as a rookie?

Indiana - Troy Murphy - I'm gonna go with Troy because he quietly went about being one of the most consistent rebounders in the League last year, and was in the top 5 for double-doubles too - AND he beat the Lakers with a tip-in. Gotta love that. It's not unreasonable to expect his 10/10's to increase this year. Dahntay Jones will get the opportunity to prove he's more than just a dunker too.
Milwaukee - Andrew Bogut(!) - Bogut is expected to be healthy for this year's training camp and with the departure of Charlie V AND Richard Jefferson, he'll need to increase his rebounding, scoring and overall role with the team. It's that simple. He's also one of the veterans of the squad now, with Michael Redd and Bruce Bowen the two oldest, most 'veteranish' tennants currently.
Southeast Division
Orlando - Vince Carter - Vince played great for N.J last season averaging over 20/5/5 once again. But, playing on a veteran squad, contending for a title NOW, his leadership will be required late in close games, as well as his clutchness (yes, that IS actually a word). His breakout will be in the success category (best playoffs result was in 2001, 2nd round), not in highlights or in statistics.
Atlanta - Joooosh Smiiith - Really? Yeh, I guess so. Al Horford will be better, but Smith, who has apparently worked 'really hard' on his shooting this off-season, still has the greatest potential for growth on this squad. If he can get his off-the-bounce game right, his athleticism will take over from there.
Miami - Michael Beasley - I'm sorry to do this to the kid, considering the difficulties he's got going on right now - but a large portion of the Heat's success this year and into the future will rest on Beasley's tattoo'd shoulders. If he up's his game, then maybe Wade will be enticed to stay on for a contract extension. Beasley played less than 25 minutes a game last year, and this should rise - if he can get his psyche right. A speedy recovery young fella.

Charlotte - Boris Diaw, D.J Augustin, Tyson Chandler - Boris will slide further into his point forward role this year, while DJ hopefully won't experience a sophomore slump. Diaw's versatility proved invaluble to the 'Cats, especially with Gerald Wallace doing his 'thang' (sorry if that came across awkwardly). Chandler flat out sucked with the Hornets last year, and hopefully he can regain that '08 form. Shouldn't be hard though - anything is better than last year. Urgh.

Washington - Gilbert Arenas - Who else but Agent Zero? Dude looks healthy and strong, and he's out playing competitive ball already, so all signs are good for Arenas. By himself. he should be able to once-again put the Wizards back into the playoff hunt, as long as Butler and Jamison remain healthy.

The Western Conference... is coming up next week. Stay tuned.

Peace, Hursty.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Twas all a dream, i once fancied word up magizine

School is back for me!!! So i quit my day job as a burger king burger flipper a few days ago. I was going to tell you all about it, but somebody else had something new posted, so i couldnt.

While i was at BK, nothing really 'strange' happened. Although i wish i had some cool stories, i dont. All the things i did were based off situations where people got hungry i made them french fries and onion rings. But here is somebody else who works at a different Burger King's cool story:

A picture is worth a thousand words...........
The end (sort of)

PS- The Bobcats still havent signed Allen Iverson

PPS- The Bobcats need a scorer, and Iverson is the only legit one left on the market

PPPS- If the Bobcats dont get a scorer, they have a 0 chance of making the playoffs, Iverson or no Iverson

PPPPS-I dont really have faith in the Bobcats front office to get anything done. Rod Higgins is a 'all bark no bite' type, and MJ/Larry Brown really has to egg him on to get anything done

PPPPPS-now im really done!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Furious Five....Links of the Week

A Moose Track

Okay, I need something new here that I've been thinking about for a while. You know how Lang Whitaker does "The Links" on SLAM? And, BETCATS semi-regularly (all right not THAT regularly, but it's his idea) does/did the Ten Deadly Links on here and The Cat's Meow? Well, I'm going to build on what they've already started. So, guys, I'm not stealing your idea, I'm making my own version.

I realized that I wanted to contribute more to this site, but I couldn't think of how to contribute more regularly without constant ideas of epic writing pieces. So, I'm going to go with a constant weekly post as well as the normal posts that So, I bring you, Grandmaster Moose and the Furious Five....Links of the Week. It's going to try to be funny, tell me what you think about the idea and how it'll work. So, with all of that to think we go. Oh yeah, and every post ends with some music.

1. Usain Bolt broke his own world record. This is obviously the way to celebrate it.

2. T.I. knows where he's from, right? Whatever. I'll take the free fake reppin'.

3. Thank you Captain Obvious .

4. For a second, you thought Biggie had it right.

5. This is a damn shame. Too many famous people make mistakes like this. But this is a topic for another day; I just posted it because it was news.

To finish it off.....


Sunday, August 23, 2009

There are four sides to me this offseason...

A Moose Track

Above, you see four different color shots of the same picture. Each one represents how I feel certain teams have done this offseason. Read on.

The picture in the top left is thinking about the Cleveland Cavaliers. We all know that LeBron James is King. That much is certain. But, they needed to build around the King. So, they made a bold Shaquisition and brought in the Big Aristotle. The big guy looks to be in pretty good shape; and he'll be focused. Teams will have their eyes on Shaq this year; playing the enforcer to LBJ. But, they didn't stop there....acquiring Jamario Moon, Anthony Parker, Darnell Jackson and (it pains me to say this) Leon Powe. Very, very solid role players. They have the role players. They have the superstar(s?). If they piece it together, a championship might be in their future. Great offseason for the Cavs.

The top right picture is thinking about the Boston Celtics. My Celtics are having a stellar, if not incredibly active, offseason. Of course, they brought in Rasheed Wallace. This is a huge pickup for Beantown, and he will bring scoring, length, intensity and great minutes. What else can you ask for? New city, new team, new 'do. Rasheed is going to be the catalyst in terms of leadership this season. A new fire. As for other acquisitions....Shelden Williams. Ehhh. Re-signed GBBD. That was a good move, if you ask me. And, Marquis Daniels. We're still trying to figure out how he's going to get here, but he's getting here. Good scoring if he stays near the basket and doesn't shoot. Hopefully we won't have to give up Walker. And, with all this, we have to ask the question: Are the Boston Celtics the ugliest team in the NBA?

The picture in the bottom left is wondering and is very puzzled about the Washington Wizards. If you ask me for my opinion, I have no idea what the Wizards are going to look like this year. But think about it....a healthy Gilbert Arenas, Antawn Jamison, Caron Butler, Randy Foye, Mike Miller. With Fabricio Oberto and DeShawn Stevenson as main guys off the bench. Yeah, the big men are a bit thin, but JaVale Mcgee is developing quickly and maybe Haywood is up for it this year. But the X-factor is obviously Gilbert Arenas. We've heard countless rumors this summer that Agent Zero is back and better than ever this year. 30 point averages like earlier? We hope so. We'll all see for this one.

The last picture/face/color is wondering about the Orlando Magic. Yes, they lost Hedo Turkoglu, who was insanely clutch and a huge player for them last year down the stretch. Yes, they lost Courtney Lee, who proved to be a great asset as a rookie off the bench and in the starting rotation. Those were big losses. So, it's all on Vince Carter now. But, my question is: Did the Magic improve this offseason? Now, the whole league will be going after them night in and night out, something they're not used to. But I'll save the predictions for my season prediction (coming later). But, they just got White Chocolate, so what the hell, give 'em the Larry O'Brien now.

There it is. Four takes on different Eastern Conference teams. Western Conference keys coming later.


Friday, August 21, 2009

DP vol 1.

Fugg it all. I am back in school and back on the court forever I hope. Last year of ballin left in me and I must say I'm going to treat it like a white chick on prom night that is drunk and will only get down with me for that one time in my life(pointless rambling but true story), I'm going to live it up and kill it. Are basketball program over the years as been, how can I put this....sorry. We have progressed every year since I was a freshman, we were 2-26 then, last year we were 16-14. This year we lost 3 starters but it's all good because we have my boy Gerad and Ife and my favorite white baller, Matt Bird back on the team. and yes Bird is related to larry bird. He is like his 6th cousin or some shit like that but family is family man. The coaches have us on this new Miami heat program workout because they suck as individuals to inspire us to do any work. So they have to rely on this big ole book filled with workouts and drills to coach us. Pretty generic to me but hey I kind of like what we are doing. Lifting weights and running the track one day and basketball skill work the next day. This has had to be the most painful two weeks of my life because A)I hate running and I barely do it on my own and B)weights just aren't my forte ya dig? I think i'm also finally developing a six pack for the first time in my life so ladies give me call cuz gonna take a shot like Pau the rhyming? Yeah I know I'm dope. In other news around my school, we have aquired Lindeys Hunter's son onto our team. The kid is only a 10th grader and he is pretty good. Sometimes I feel he thinks he is LeBron or Kobe's kid sometimes but all in all he can ball and I'm just ready for the season to begin. My prediction for my boys is that we will make it to the playoffs this year and go from there. Of course I want to win it all but I've got to be realistic and take it one step at a time.

-Shit that is rambling my mind

1.How do you "fail" the ACT?-directed to derrick rose
2.Why do I like the "TO show?"
3.When is Hibachi Tv coming?-real soon...just got into broadcast journalism at school and the cameras are at my disposal. get ready for some ish in the next couple of weeks.
4.Is the Blueprint 3 worth the hype?
5.Is "Relapse 2" even worth hyping?
6.How many chicks will I bag at the upcoming football next week?-my answer...every girl in the world. Don't hate me for being a dog.

Aite I'm about to bounce and watch some "disney" channel. Kim possible sounds like a good idea but who knows, i might just pop the family guy in the system. Hope you guys are ready for bachi tv because it's about to pop off. and don't expect anything basketball....for now. It is still the offseason peeps. holla. play wit it.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Come On, Brett....This Is Getting Embarrassing

A Moose Track

Brett Favre was on top of the football world. It was 2007, and after setting the record for wins for a quarterback (149) and career touchdown passes (421) he decided to leave on top. '07 was a season of milestones. He became just the third quarterback in history to defeat every NFL team. He extended his record for consecutive playoff games with a touchdown pass (18). A deep playoff run. In the twilight of a historic career, it was the perfect time to call it quits; preventing a predictable downfall.

So as the tears ran down Brett's 37-year old face, we all lamented a legend leaving a game that people loved him for, but at the same time we were happy that Favre was making the right decision. I mean, he had played his entire career with the Packers, if you don't count four passes (that weren't caught) with Atlanta. Sixteen seasons. Ten Pro Bowls. Three NFL MVPs. One Super Bowl. All with one team. He had started every game for the Packers from 1992 through 2008. Right now is the perfect time to retire.

But, of course, Favre wished he hadn't said what he did at that press conference. "I know I can play, but I don't think I want to. And that's really what it comes down to." But, he still tried to initiate talks with the Packers about returning. Favre changed his mind, but the Packers didn't, sticking to their decision to have Aaron Rodgers start at QB.

So, leaving the Packers then wasn't your fault, we'll forgive you there. We still think you should've stuck to your guns on retirement, but leaving Green Bay wasn't what you wanted. But, you also wanted to be reinstated so that you could be free to try to play for a competitive, why the New York Jets? I mean, the Patriots were coming off of an undefeated season (minus the Super Bowl, I know), the Dolphins were on the rise and the Jets really just weren't.

The season ended without Favre making the playoffs, and the drama surrounding it was over. Fast forward to late July of 2009.

All over the paper, SportsCenter and all other sports publications, there were talks of Brett Favre retiring again, which wouldn't have been a surprise for everyone. Shouldn't have been a surprise for everyone; people though that Favre would learn from his first mistake, because he knows he's not getting any younger. Finally, word came out that he'd stay retired, and that it really was the end. Yeah, right.

This week, Favre signed a two-year deal to play with the Minnesota Vikings. The Minnesota Vikings. If that's not a slap in the face to every Green Bay Packers fan who bought his jersey, cheered him on or wrote "Favre" on their chest in melted cheese, I don't know what is. I know some hardcore Packers fans, and they're saying it's insulting. Un-retiring was a bratty move. Retiring AGAIN and un-retiring AGAIN is an even brattier move. Going to the Packers' rivals is just a straight-up diss.

So, Brett, we never know what to believe from you. Based on your history, we shouldn't. And, it's getting annoying. You'll 42 years old by the time your contract with the Vikes will be up. Then, you'll really retire.



Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Golden Umbrella

So, im extremely bored right now, and being the master of stream-of-consciousness writting, i figured i would get up in this biznetch and write some words.

Admittingly, no artist can work uninspired. D.O.A is a month old, but i still am listening to it. I am not even a Jay-Z fan. Brooklyn music is uninspiring to me for the most part, but for some reason i actually like this song! I tried for the past 15 minutes to embed it, and failed miserably, so you will have to search youtube on your own for it.

Speaking of embedding and such, hibachitv? Whatever happened to that boy!! We really need to work on that. With all this talk of expansion (not pointing fingers, it has been brought up lots of times before by lots of different people) if we cant maintain a 2 part site in a succesful way, i think we should really not even dream so big. I want this site to have 100 followers. That is my dream for the 'bachi.

Flipping the script (because who the fuck wants to hear me ramble about hibachi all day!) how about the news recently! Lots of crazy shit going on in the world. So accordingly, i am bringing back the 10 deadly links (cats meow stand up!)

10. Sucks to be this guy

9. I knew it!!

8. I am now scared to sit down/will type the rest of this standing up!

7. I picked the wrong summer job:

6. Why do white people always get the best babysitters? Why couldnt these bitches watch me!!

5. Is it a once-a-year type thing for Georgia to provoke South Ossettia, then make up some crazy excuse as to why they are doing it? Fuck people saying 'its a small country, the breakaway regions shouldnt exsist'. Shit, Israel is a small country, but i think we all agree it needs to be divide into two countries for any peace to occur their, Why cant the same teachings be brought along here? Let the breakaway regions do what they want, let them become part of Russia.

4. First Vince from Shamwow was revealed to be getting in fights with hookers, now the late great Billy Mays is revealed to have used cocaine? The American commercial bussiness must have a extremely dark side. Strange.

3. This is news in itself. I cant get embedding to work at all right now. FYL (fuck your life)

2. Corn gone wild!

1. R.I.P


Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Not-So-Big Papi

A Moose Track

Dear Mr. David Ortiz,

The year was 2004. Your team, the Red Sox, was coming off of three devastating losses in a row to a New York Yankees team that made you look like you had no business being there. It was the American League Championship Series, and the odds were stacked against you as you took the field to defend your honor and pride in front of the hometown crowd.

Through twelve innings the battle continued, until you stepped to the plate--and there was hope yet. With a swing of the bat, you lifted a team, a city, a nation--and we all knew that optimism was in order for the rest of the series. You could've measured the force of the cheers on the richter scale. The walk-off home run sealed the victory, and placed the momentous pressure back on the Yanks' bulky shoulders.

You know how the rest goes. That was just the beginning of building your reputation of hitting it where the fielders ain't at all the right times. Of course, the next night you put an end to a six hour marathon with another walk-off, this time a single. By then it was clear; if Big Papi is up with a close score late in the game, the pitcher starts wishing he had become an accountant, the opposing dugout silences and the Fenway crowd explodes. This was not your first, not your second, but your third walk-off hit of the playoffs--two of them being home runs.

You went on to unprecedentedly take the series from the embarrassed Bronx Bombers, winning four games in a row on top of your ALCS MVP shoulders. As we all know, you took the World Series easily, winning over a Cardinals squad that looked like they've never played an American League team. It was the first World Series for the Sox in 86 years, and it was pure bliss for nine year olds and ninety year olds alike. And, nobody doubted that you were the hero of the playoffs.

I was nine at the time, staying up late night after night to watch you and my beloved Red Sox in their bid to finally take a Championship. I was a kid who loved baseball, and you had been my favorite player since you started hitting it onto the Mass Pike. You were large and lovable, a slugger that was always smiling, who loved to cook and treated his fans as well as he treats his mother. As a matter of fact, for proof, I once saw you hit a grand slam in a pre-season game. I was about ten yards above you, on a high-rise; with about five other fans, me being the only ten year old present. You walked into the concealed clubhouse on the other side of the stadium, and as you walked through, I started cheering, yelling and screaming. You looked up, laughed and waved at us. It was a hero moment if any. And you were my hero, Mr. Ortiz.

As a matter of fact, I attended a game in which you hit one of your patented walk-off home runs. Do you remember June 2nd, 2005? I saw eight innings of your team's magic at Fenway, the only game that I got to attend all season, and I decided to leave early to go to my own Little League game. In the car on the way there, I listened to the broadcast of you doing what I knew you by back then--and I should have been happy about it, excited that you had done it once again, after the famous season. But I cried my eyes out, wishing I could have been there to cheer along with the rest of the Fenway Faithful, watching my favorite player toss his helmet before jumping onto home plate. I have never left a baseball game early on my own terms because of you, Mr. Ortiz.

You produced more than almost all players in the next three years after the historical season, winning another championship in 2007--while taking home four consecutive Silver Slugger awards in the process. Mr. Ortiz, you were everything that was right about baseball in an era that warranted more criticism than any other in any sport. You were the star that everyone loved, who was famous for mango salsa, charity organizations and one big smile. You were the bright spot in a league that had so many problems. And you were truly an inspiration and a role model for kids all over the U.S.--me included. Who's name-and-number tee do you think I wore five days a week despite my mom's disapproval?

But last week, I turned on SportsCenter, and my heart broke quicker than you can say homer. A report was shown that you, David Ortiz, Big Papi, had been linked to Performance Enhancing Drugs in the infamous testing of 2003. For the last six years I had believed that you were the untouchable. It didn't even cross my mind that you were juicing. When the annual test doctors came knocking, I believed you when you said, "All they're going to find is a bunch of rice and beans."

You were the first one that we couldn't just dismiss as, "Nobody really liked him anyways" like we had the luxury to do with A-Rod, Clemens, Bonds and Sosa. You were the biggest man in the world, with a personality larger than life. And with the leak of a report, you quickly became one of the smallest. I mean, David Ortiz, a cheater?

Remember all of the things you said about steroids? "If I test positive using any kind of banned substance I'm going to disrespect the game, my family, my fans and everybody. And I don't want to face the situation, so I won't use it. I'm sure everybody is on the same page... If you admitted you were using the stuff, don't use it any more. You know it's not good for you. You know it's not good for the game and let's move on, you know what I mean?" How can we know that the 2004 series was honest? What about the 2007 one?

You kept telling us how you weren't juicing if you could help it, yet this report shows otherwise. Mr. Ortiz, the only thing that people disrespect more than cheaters are liars. Please, tell the truth about everything. If you did juice, tell us. If you didn't juice, give us the truth. All you're saying for now is, "Based on the way I have lived my life, I am surprised to learn I tested positive." We're all surprised that you tested positive, David. If you're genuinely surprised, then you're saying that you didn't go on 'roids. If this ends up true, you'll be cornered in numerous amounts of your own lies. All we can ask for at the moment is the truth.

But me? I'm just hoping that it's all a big misunderstanding. I want to believe that you never juiced; I found that my first inclination was to assume the best. I mean, you're David Ortiz, you'd never do something like that! Once the details come out, if we end up getting a confession from you, I will obviously be very disappointed. I'm already disappointed. I mean, my hero's legacy is shaken, tarnished. I need to start patterning my hitting after different players. Albert Pujols. Ryan Howard. Evan Longoria. For sure, they're not juicing, right? Right?

It sucks, Mr. Ortiz. We don't know what honesty is anymore. Watching the man who in my eyes was the unshakable in the steroid situation shaken leaves my confidence in shambles. I loved watching you play while it lasted, David. I imitated your swing for fun with my buddies all of the time, even if you were a lefty and I was righthanded. Heck, at 14, I still do. You brought great joy and a great personality to baseball that was, I repeat, larger than life.Now we need to know if it was honest or not.

And isn't it a shame that we need to say that?


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Filler At The Beginning Of August

A Moose Track

So, it's August. Whoop de do. That means that absolutely nothing is happening in the basketball universe right now, so I'm going to have to take a break from the hoops mania at the moment and focus on other stuff, because this site is in dire need of new material that will be commented on. That is obviously more interesting then the NBA in August. Hopefully. Because the NBA in August does this to me:

Those aren't my glasses, but I like 'em. Kind of. Darker lenses would be nice. Anyways, on to the first topic...

FOOTBALL season is almost here, and everytime I hear the "NFL On CBS" music (you know the tune) I get all pumped up and excited. I'll be trekking down to the NE Patriots training camp sometime this week, I think...or before camp is over, anyways. Pumped up for the season, our big addition has been Fred Taylor...if Maroney stays healthy (I have no faith that he will) we will have close to the best running game in the NFL.

And, with NFL season comes fantasy football! And, since nobody's drafted yet and they don't know who the choices are or all of that stuff, the most exciting part of it is picking the name. I settled with "Ocho Cinco En Fuego" after considering "ConVickted", "Salt-N-Culpepper" and "Tatupu Platter". Thoughts? I just had to give the Chad Ochocino nod. Changing his name...that's faithful to your legacy. Or ego. Make your pick.

Anyways, some laughs from Nick Swardson and David Spade...

Speaking of David Spade, him, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock and Rob Schneider are all filming a move in the North Shore of Massachusetts, right outside of Boston...and some cool stuff has happened since then. Last month, I was walking in a mall with some of my friends and Adam Sandler walked by. I was like, "Whoah, that was Adam Sandler" so I ran back, shook his hand, told him how much I loved his movies, and he was like, "Thanks, dude!" It was cool. The Waterboy and Happy Gilmore are also two of the funniest movies of all time. Not one and two, but they're in the top 50 or so.

You guys love the music, so I'm gonna throw some ill remixes out here. Biggie, Bob Marley, 2Pac, Eazy-E. Need I say more? And that's not all. Take it in.

Anyways, that's all for now. What else is there at the beginning of August? One last thing: Which hat looks better? This one? This one? Or this one?

Be easy.

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