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David Lee: Blue-Collar Baller

Our extraordinarily large fan base requested a biography/piece about this man (what's up, baconator?), so here it is. Another one of those serious write-ups. Again, if anybody has any requests, I would more than love for you to tell me. In fact, I need them in order to keep writing serious stuff, so they would actually be much appreciated. And, on this post, please pardon the pretty terrible title.

By Moose

An ugly, somewhat desperate two-handed layup is hurled up into the air below the basket, seemingly a shot, although barely more than a prayer to fall into the donut hole that most call the hoop. The basketball harmlessly bounces off of the backboard and starts on a downward trajectory to the ground, leaving the four determined players underneath the hoop to compete for the ball, jumping, elbowing, clawing and reaching for the brown orb.

The original shooter of the ball is the only blue-and-orange uniform in the mosh pit, clawing for the ball while getting elbows to the face and getting kicks in the shins. He comes up with the ball, putting up another layup, recovering from his own fault while the rest of his slightly lazy team awaits the opponent to come up with the defensive rebound on the other side of the floor.

The ball falls in the net, and David Lee hustles down the court to join his own lackadaisical teammates' defense, and he receives a high five offer from point guard Chris Duhon, which he takes, slapping Duhon's outstretched hand as he goes to his position, waiting for the opposing team's post player to join him on the block for the half-court play.

The crowd roars as the PA announcer at the Madison Square Garden proclaims that Lee had the basket, and he tries to suppress a smile as the opposing point guard starts to bring the ball up the floor. TV colormen, radio announcers and fans alike turn to the person next to them to rave about Lee's play, all happy about his latest deed. It may be scrappy, it may be slightly ugly, but this is the game of the (slightly) undersized, underrated, undervalued, and underwhelmed (playing for the Knicks) forward, and it works out pretty well for him.

David Lee was born on April 29, 1983, in St. Louis, Missouri. His main focus in the sports environment for a good deal of his younger years was tennis, which he played until he was 12 years old. After switching to basketball, he attended Chaminade Prep in St. Louis while he played AAU hoops on the same team as the slightly more hyped Larry Hughes, a fellow Missouri native. He entered as a high school freshman at 6'2", and between 9th and 10th grade, Lee met fate.

There is a great deal of controversy surrounding the slightly mysterious word and concept that is "fate". The actual definition of this distinguished word is, "destiny: the ultimate agency regarded as predetermining the course of events." Many people reject this belief, refusing to believe what it implies, these people like to think that they have control over their own affairs (Myself included.-Ed.). These people have their opinion, though many others believe in fate as a religion, what they are meant to do, what is meant to happen to them, and that they have no control over it.

Something makes me think that David Lee believes in this abstract and divine concept. Lee grew from the slightly scrawny (by NBA standards) 6'2" to 6'9", and into the build of a prototype power forward between his freshman and sophomore year. Not a bad summer; having grown like bamboo in the thick of the Chinese forests. Many question whether or not this luck was controlled by fate itself, but it undoubtedly helped David for the better. Not fazed by the growth spurt by coordination loss, it looked like Lee was set to dominate in his sophomore year at Chaminade.

When, (perhaps) fate struck again.

During his 10th grade year in high school Lee broke his left arm, and, being a natural left-hander, be it writing or playing sports, it looked like it would be a definite hindrance to David's game. Determined to not have it set him back, he started dribbling and shooting with his right hand, doing everything with his non-dominant in order for him to develop the strength in that arm to be able to play with it as comfortably as he would with his left. He worked on it to the point of ambidexterity, and it became an asset for the rest of his athletics-playing life.

Lee cruised through high school, shining most brightly as a senior at Chaminade Prep. He was selected to play in the 2001 McDonald's All-American game as a senior, also being named as a Second Team Sporting News All-American. As part of the Mickey D's festivities, the dunk contest was participated in- and won by- David Lee, sporting a few trick dunks that didn't fail to impress (Video here: sorry Hursty, Hodge gets owned). After being part of the National Honor society as a junior and senior, Lee chose to attend the University of Florida, and he traveled to Gainesville to play under coach Billy Donovan.

David Lee started out off the bench with a respectable freshman outing as a Gator, averaging 7 points, 4.1 rebounds, 1 assist, 0.7 blocks and 0.6 steals per game while being restricted to a slightly diminutive 18 minutes per game, although it was on par with most unproven freshmen. He maintained an above-average field goal percentage, shooting 54.9 percent from the field over the 31 games of the season. But, interestingly, his free throw percentage was lower than his shots from the field average, at a horrid 54.9, definitely a place for improvement. Because of his efforts, Lee was named to the All-SEC Freshman Team by the coaches.

Coming in for the 2002-03 season, David was expected to pick up significantly more minutes than he did in his freshman campaign with a starting job, and he got what he deserved with an increased 26.2 minutes per game. With more minutes Lee was more effective, and it allowed him to get into his own little herky-jerky groove, averaging 11.2 points, 6.8 boards, 1.8 assists, 1.5 blocks and 0.7 steals per game over the 33 game season. He led the team in rebounding and field goal percentage with a borderline-ridiculous 64.8 percent, as he was to do for the whole of his career at Florida. His free throw percentage also improved somewhat dramatically at 62.4 percent.

With expectations that he could live up to his soph year coming into the 2003-04 season as a junior, he delivered as he once again got more minutes than the year before. Lee averaged 13.3 points, 6.8 rebounds, 2.8 assists, 1.1 steals and 0.5 blocks per game, finding improvement in every category barring blocks and rebounds (which he matched). Again, his free throw percentage climbed to 77.2 percent, and he also shot 58.8 from the field for the season while he averaged 27.5 minutes per contest in 31 games.

He was recognized for his consistent play, being named to the All-SEC Second Team by the coaches and All-SEC Third Team by the coaches. Like the year before his Junior outing, he led the team in rebounding as well as field goal percentage, and he became the 7th player in Gator history to notch 1,000 points, scoring in double figures for 22 games of the 31 that he played. On December 23, 2003, Lee went 12-12 from the field against Vanderbilt, tying an SEC one-game record for most shots taken without a miss, showcasing his knack for getting the ball in the hole once again.

David Lee entered his senior year in college as the captain of the Florida team, with high expectations placed on him and his squad. This Florida team showcased a plethora of acclaimed talent, among these players Corey Brewer, Joakim Noah, Taurean Green and Al Horford, and they were immediately labeled as a potential powerhouse. The whole team delivered pretty well, going 24-8 in regular season play while maintaining a 12-4 record against the conference. Florida won the SEC for the first time, en route to matching up with Ohio University in the first round and barely getting by with a 67-62 victory. Florida then met Villanova in the second round, losing to the eventual Sweet Sixteen Wildcats.

Despite the tournament woes for the Gators, David Lee capped off his career at Florida in great fashion. Lee averaged 13.6 points, 9.0 rebounds, 2.0 assists, 0.8 blocks and 1.1 steals per game in his senior campaign, as well as shooting 52.5 from the field in 28.0 minutes per contest over a span of 32 games. He was awarded All-SEC Second Team honors as well as All-SEC Tournament Team honors during his last year in Gainesville. Lee led the team in rebounding as well as field goal percentage, which he led for his entire career at Florida University. He finished within the top 15 players in career scoring in Florida history with 11.3 per game, eighth in career double-doubles with 22, fifth in career field goal percentage with 58.1 percent, sixth in blocked shots with 109 and third in dunks with 157. A great career in college was bound to get him the best spot possible in the NBA even if that meant that he'd ride the bench, so he decided to declare for the 2005 NBA draft.

The New York Knicks liked what they saw in David Lee, and they saw what they would get in the NBA: A hard-working, blue collar, dive-for-the-rebound type of player that always gave 110%. In the words of Knicks' assistant coach Herb Williams, "David Lee is a worker. He's a guy you put in the game (to be) your blue collar worker. He's gonna rebound the basketball, he'll fight guys for you, he's gonna battle. He's a guy that you need on the team; you need those guys on the team who are going to fight every minute on the court." The Knicks decided that he'd be a key player in their rebuilding after a few subpar years, and they selected him with the 30th overall pick in the draft, signing him on July 1, 2005. New York was excited for Lee, but he was a hidden gem to the Knicks' fan base, with the small-yet-mighty Nate Robinson and stat-producing Channing Frye getting most of the hype from the draft on the Knicks part.

His rookie year for 2005-06, Lee came off the bench for New York, getting typical rookie minutes at 16.9 per game. He played 67 games all season, surprisingly starting 14 of them. He had a nice rookie year, posting on-par averages of 5.1 points, 4.5 rebounds and 0.6 assists while shooting .596 from the field, while staying a semi-tragedy from behind the charity stripe, shooting .577. He had a good rookie year; he even played small forward for a short stretch of games. The Knicks did not have the same fortune as the versatile Lee did, however, going a horrid 23-59 and finishing last in the lowly Eastern Conference. With presumably increased minutes locked up for the 2006-07 season, Lee was ready to try and revive the teetering Knicks Franchise.

Lee got the increased minutes that he deserved, although he only played in 58 games, he did average 29.8 minutes per outing, starting only 12 of them. David capitalized greatly on the plethora of valuable minutes, averaging 10.7 points, 10.4 rebounds and 1.4 assists per game, winning Rookie-Sophomore game MVP honors along the way (30 points, 11 rebounds). He sprained his ankle while landing on Australian center Andrew Bogut's foot on February 23, causing him to miss about three weeks at the end of yet another rebuilding season, and he played inconsistent minutes for the rest of the season. The Knicks finished at 33-49, a large improvement on the year before yet still not enough for the playoffs, tying for 11th in the Eastern Conference. His free throw percentage increased dramatically, finishing with .815 from the line.

In the 2007-08 season, David proved that he was one of the best bench players on the subpar Knicks' team, showing that the year before wasn't a fluke. He averaged 10.8 points, 8.9 boards, 1.2 dimes and 0.7 steals per game, finding himself with career highs in games played (81), games started (29), free throw percentage (.819), blocks (.4) and points (10.8). He played with a passion that was eerily absent among his colleagues, and that showed on their final record; New York again went 23-59, remaining in the bottom half of the NBA, finishing 14th in the Eastern Conference.

For the 2008-09 season, the Knicks hired highly acclaimed coach Mike D'Antoni in hopes of reviving a franchise that has hopes of being on the rise. They traded their two best players for cap space mid-season in hopes of getting LeBron James in 2010: Out is Crawford and Randolph, and in their place they have veterans Al Harrington and Tim Thomas, lesser players, yet they bring a veteran feel to the team while keeping salary cap space open. This year, Lee is having a career season. David is starting most of the games (23 of 30 through Wednesday, Dec. 31) and he is experiencing potential career highs in many statistical categories, including points and rebounds. At the moment, Lee is averaging 14.4 points, 10.9 rebounds, 1.9 assists and 1 steal in 33.7 minutes while shooting 56.2 from the field.

As a player, Lee is the blue-collar tough guy who gets the dirty work done. He is very athletic, able to play from small forward to center and be effective at each position. He likes to dunk and to do so with authority as a 6'9", 240 pound athletic wonder. His ambidexterity and soft hands give him a good advantage in the post, versatile from all positions under the basket. He is a very gifted passer from the block, finding the open man and able to kick it out to the wing easily. Lee gives extra effort on each play and never takes a possession off, unlike many higher-paid players on his team. A humble player, in his own words about his hustle game, “In the end, I get a lot of loose balls and rebounds just by giving the extra effort. If you come into this league as a rookie expecting to score 20 points a game, you’re going to have a rude awakening. I have to affect the game without getting a shot. And when a scoring opportunity comes along, I can take advantage. It’s just not the first thing I look to do.”

It looks like David Lee will succeed as a steady big man for years to come. Will he get the due recognition? That is to be seen. But the deserving of it will be there perpetually for this gifted and versatile 25 year old.


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Thought freestyle

So i see nobody has been writting any articles up here, just news flashes. So i had a brain flash. Lets just sit down, open up a New Post thingy and start writting about whatever comes to my head.

First SLAM stuff.

My thoughts on Wire-related items


Dikembe is Back! - a good conversation transpired from this one

Now Bobcats thoughts-


Juwan Howard is a big part of this. For all that dont know Juwan, he is in the picture below.

But on the real, i hope we dont make any more trades. We got a solid team with good chemistry.

The Knicks/Bobcats game isnt on TV, i like both teams but i am pulling for the Bobcats to win.

TNT Stuff

I found a way to get the TV to work while i use the computer. So i am watching my stories (law and order). I just seen a stupid ass comercial dedicated 'to the women who wont say no'. I wasnt paying attention but i wish i was. Women who wont say no, PLEASE COME TO MY CRIB AND DONT SAY NO, CAUSE I NO YOU A FREAK.

Also their was a Closer commercial. In it Kyra Sedgwick is saying something along the lines of "DONT DIE ON MY THATS A ORDER". If i was the dude in her arms, i would try harder to die. FUCKT THE CLOSER

Other thoughts

I am slightly excited for 2009

Cats annoy me, good thing their are none in my neigborhood. (but please dont question my love of another type of pussy)

The mall has Dwayne Wade Converses (this type but in red/black) for $20. I got $80. Do i cop?

That be all for part 1

PART II Attack of the Young Dro's

I got bored so i am adding to this.

Blog Status Symbol of the year -

DOLPHINS GIRL!!!!!! (Or lesbiansexpornstarmegababewhoicantfuckcauseshelikespussy2)

DJ Augistin is AMAZING - I forgot to say that earlier, but he is.

Konate of the Year- Thanks for pissing me off. Taking a shot at Gucci using your keyboard as a gun. SHAME SHAME SHAME YOU DONT GET IN THE HALL OF FAME.

Now i am done for now

Mutombo Re-Signs

Moose here, just thought I'd bring this to everyone's attention: Dikembe Mutombo just re-signed with the Rockets. The Celtics fan in me says "Dammit!". I wanted Deke, but you guys can have him, Hursty and RV. Mutombo has signed with them for the remainder of the season, and the 42 year old center is probably done after this year, his 18th (Holy crap! Did I read that right?).

Anyways, everyone remember to check the other posts, and I have one coming out this week on our favorite undersized big man in the NBA (care to guess who it is?). Anyways, Deke is back in Houston, and the Celtics remain defensive-minded-veteran-signing-less for the moment. Thoughts, Rockets' fans?

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Julius Hodge Update

A short while ago, I posted an article on Julius (that garnered 63 comments no less), considering the recognition that the piece got, this is a brief update on him.
Adelaide (his team) beat Melbourne (which is highly regarded as having the strongest starting 5 in NBL history- although their win/loss record does not show this accordingly) 109-91, Hodge dominated the game throughout (yeh I watched) his defensive intensity was fresh to watch (think of a 6'7 KG. Sort of.) he controlled both ends of the court- something he didn't do last year.
Anyways, he had 14 points, 3 boards a block and a steal in the 1st Q and had 20 at the major interval on 9-9 shooting. He finished with a game high 31 and 8- as well as lockdown defense on Ebi Ere (mvp runner up last year, American, very,very good player who should be on middle to weak nba teams bench).
Julius is more of an emotional leader, not just with enthusiasm, but with on court talk, directions and encouragement, which wasn't as obvious as last year. Since he re-joined the team part way through this season, the 36'ers ( yes I already said that the name was stolen) have won 5 of 6.
Julius is definitely putting himself in a position for MVP candidacy (is that a word?)
ps- 'Indiana Jones and the Original Adventures-Lego' could be one of the greatest games of all time. Not quite Mario Kart, but pretty damn close.
pps- Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :)

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By Moose

I know that I did a piece very similar to this one showcasing the 2011 Minnesota Timberwolves, but I decided to do another one like it for my Boston Celtics. If you haven't read the Minnesota one, check the October archives, it's one of my best pieces to date yet it didn't get much time posted, so it's there for the reading. Anyways, this is my first serious piece in a while, so here it goes. It was "assigned" to me from B. Long, so a tip of the cap to him for the idea (what grade did I get, Mr. Long?). And again, most likely, none of this will come true. And I'm not fully updated on the contracts of these players, so if something is factually impossible, please let it slide.

BOSTON GLOBE--March 10, 2014
Tonight the elusive Boston Celtics take on their longtime and historic rival, the Los Angeles Lakers, at home in a matchup that is to be aired on ABC, NBC, Fox Sports and ESPN5, expected to receive upwards of three times as many viewers than they've had for a single game all season. The rivalry began in the 80's, when the forever linked Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were at the height of their popularity. The hatred between the two foes seemed to go on a short hiatus for a bit more than a decade, only to be re-sparked by a Celtics-Lakers NBA Finals matchup against Paul Pierce and his newly acquired comrades, the cool Ray Allen and the intense Kevin Garnett in 2008.

The Celtics took that series in six highly-viewed games, coming out on top as the better team, the one that desired the win more, leaving the Kobe Byrant haters something to continue to heckle with; he hadn't won a championship without legendary big man Shaquille O'Neal. Hoops fans, commentators, players and coaches alike did not forget about this Finals series in the 2008-09 season, clearing their schedules for Christmas day at 5 o'clock, the time when the Celtics and Lakers were to next meet in the first highly anticipated matchup since the Finals.

The Lakers came out on top of that match at their own arena, the Staples Center in a thrilling game played with an intense desire to win from both sides of the court, thus ending the Celtics' 19 game winning streak and gaining storied coach Phil Jackson's 1,000th win. Boston, rattled by the defeat, had a newfound hunger for revenge on the Lake Show, inspired by the rising play of clubhouse leader and on-court intimidator Kevin Garnett. They went on a seemingly impossible tear for the remainder of the season, losing rarely and winning often.

That Boston Celtics finished at 71-11, coming extraordinarily close to becoming the best team the NBA has ever known, almost beating out the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls' record mark of 72 victories. They marched almost easily through the playoffs; the only team to put up a legitimate fight was LeBron James and the Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals, pushing Boston to seven games. LeBron almost singlehandedly led Cleveland past the Celtics, scoring over 32 in each game (exploding for 61 in game three), the reason being the Celtics had no player that could even come close to James's combination of athleticism and size, leaving Paul Pierce to do his best against the hellacious young forward.

Boston was the decided representative for the Eastern Conference in that 2009 tournament, and by the looks of it, the Lakers were to come out of the West. Like the Celtics, L.A. had a Conference Finals scare against the perennial powerhouse that was the San Antonio Spurs. In the previous series, the Spurs had outwitted the younger and less experienced New Orleans Hornets on a never-before-seen inbounds play created for Roger Mason Jr., who had an open look with two seconds left in game seven behind the arc in the corner, nailing the buzzer beater. A slightly old yet experienced and energized Spurs team took on the Lakers with force, but in the end, Kobe Bryant brought out his hyped and signature clutch play, sparking a fourth quarter rally over Tim Duncan and San Antonio in a 112-108 memorable game seven.

Thus, an NBA Finals rematch of the year before was to be held. They say that defense wins games, and even in a series energized with the scoring and offensive ability of Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Sasha Vujacic, Lamar Odom and Trevor Ariza, the Celtics' highly acclaimed play on their own half of the court prevailed in a seven game contest. With five Defensive Player of the Year awards between Kevin Garnett and Dikembe Mutombo, at the time highlights of Boston's frontcourt, an undersized yet muscly and banging center in Kendrick Perkins, they had the post defense.

With Rajon Rondo, one of the best on-ball defender's in the league even at that time, Tony Allen, one of the best perimeter defenders, and Paul Pierce, a steady protector, Boston played world-class defense. And, with Boston not a team to be one-dimensional, they also had great offensive players in the Big Three, Rondo and Tony Allen and Eddie House off the bench, with moderate scoring from the rest of the team. The Celtics pulled away their second championship in a row, the first back-to-back since the Lakers' three peat from 2000-2002. It took seven games and a hell of a lot of blood, sweat and tears to do it, but Boston got to hoist banner 18 to the rafters the following years' opening day.

Five years later to the time that we are living in right now, the Celtics had never had the same fire and hunger that they had in their back-to-back championship bid. But then again, when they get matched up against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the playoffs almost annually, you really can't blame them for doing so. The 29 year old LeBron, holder of 15 Cavaliers' franchise records, emerged as the most feared player to ever play in the Association since His Airness, Michael Jordan. Four MVP awards and two championships will do that to your reputation; James was no exception.

Other than the emergence of the Cavs, other powerhouses started to make their way into the mainstream of the league as well. The Portland Trailblazers, led by the talented and versatile Brandon Roy, Lamarcus Aldridge and Greg Oden, went on a tear during the 2010-11 season, finding themselves on top of the Western Conference at the end of the delightfully surprising year. Oden netted a Defensive Player of the Year Award, finally living up to the hype that was bestowed upon him as a rookie (Man, I hope so. -Ed.).

Since the Celtics' repeat, the NBA has changed considerably. It slowly evolved to become a young man's game, with players too fast and athletic for the 35 year old seasoned veteran to be able to compete with, causing retirements to come at an average of 34 years old. This was, of course, on exception among the big name stars like Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan, staying with their teams until the present when they have lost a step and are merely a shadow of their former selves. The Oklahoma City Thunder have improved dramatically since their 2008-09 historically terrible season, and the New Jersey Nets became, as we know it today, the Brooklyn Nets.

And, of course, the team itself has changed incredible amounts since that repeat, for better and for worse. Of course, gone are the Pierce's, Allen's and Garnett's, the championship cornerstones. In their place are the Walker's, Giddens' and O'Bryant's. Now, with the Celtics at a respectable 35-27 heading into tonight's action, they are battling for a playoff spot in the chock-full-of-talent Eastern Conference. Every win counts for both Boston and L.A. at this time of year, and if they want to compete for a title, this is a key win for whichever squad comes out on top, and it potentially could be a major setback for the losers.

At point guard for this game, there is no contest as to who's the superior. 27 year old Rajon Rondo is among the league's top court generals, along with Devin Harris, Chris Paul, Deron Williams and Jameer Nelson. Rondo has made the all-star squad each of the last four years (starting three times), and he has the speed, quickness, defensive ability and passing to break down the Lakers. This has proven to be an outstanding year for Rondo, the key offensive cog on the Celtics, averaging 15.9 points, 8.3 assists, 6.1 boards and 2.4 steals per game. On the other side is 27 year old Jordan Farmar, who has emerged as a steady starting point for a respectable club, slightly above average, yet he is not superior to Rondo, averaging 13.4 points, 6.2 assists and 1.3 steals per game thus far.

At shooting guard, the athletic jumpmeister, 28 year old J.R. Giddens takes on an aging Kobe Bryant in the competition tonight. Although Kobe has already reached the 35 year plateau, he remains a force to be reckoned with and is still one of the key players on the Lakers. So far this year, Giddens has emerged as a steady two guard, if a bit unconventional, averaging 11.2 points, 6.2 boards, 1.7 assists and 1.1 blocks per game, bringing his athleticism to the defensive side as well as to the offensive. Kobe has averaged 17.1 points, 4.2 rebounds and 3.3 assists, still close to on par with part of his earlier career, yet he has lost a step of quickness in his game, and youth and athleticism might win this battle.

At small forward for the Celtics and Lakers, athleticism rules both ends. On the Celtics' end is 26 year old Bill Walker, two-time Sprite T-Mobile AOL Slam Dunk Contest Winner. Walker has averaged a cool 14.3 points, 6.1 rebounds, 2.1 assists and 1.3 steals per game so far in this 2013-2014 season, career highs in every category. The slasher has improved his three point shooting drastically since being drafted in 2008, and maintains his abilities to drive to the hole. Ariza shares many of the same qualities as Walker, just at 28, he's more developed than Bill. Experience and talent usually beats out just talent, but these are two hard workers with a will to win. So, let's call it a draw for this matchup.

Playing power forward for the Lakers is 7 footer Pau Gasol, the 33 year old Spanish veteran. Gasol has been legendarily soft in the paint for his career, but sports increasing levels of finesse and skill under the basket, along with a reliable hook shot and 15 foot jumper. On Boston's end they have Glen Davis; who is about 6 feet 8 inches tall with close to the same width as his height. Big Baby has averaged 11.1 points, 7.1 rebounds and 1.3 assists this year, compared to Gasol's 13.1, 7.3 and 2.2. In the end, experience and size will win it's way out of this one.

Playing center for the Lakers is hellacious big man Andrew Bynum, starting all star center representative for the Western Conference in the all-star game this 2014 season. This 26 year old 7'1" beast has averaged 21.3 points, 11.1 rebounds and 2.2 blocks per game as one of the best big men in the league, the best if not for Dwight Howard (25.2, 16.3, 4.5). On Boston's end playing center, 29 year old Kendrick Perkins will be matching up against the more massive Bynum. Perkins' numbers have increased annually, so far this year he is averaging 11.4 points, 11.6 rebounds and 1.8 blocks per game, as one of the steadiest, proven big men in the league.

As the Celtics and Lakers meet tonight, it is a must-win for both teams, leaving one potentially out of the playoff hunt in their respective conferences, and they are both going for the highest possible seed in the playoffs. Perhaps the rivalries of old will be re-hatched, the Basketball Gods pulling a surprise out of their sleeve in an exciting game played hard and fully to the end. It is entirely possible.

We can only wait and see for tonight.
(Moose's real name here) can be reached at (Moose's email address here).


Friday, December 26, 2008


There's a possible deal in the works involving the lakers, houston, and milwaukee......they vary a bit, but it seems like Milwaukee would send off Villanueva and Lue and get Carl Landry......Lakers send off Mihm and get back Lue....Rockets send off Head and Landry and receive Villanueva and Mihm....I'm not sure who gets Head though, I'm guessing Milwaukee...I've heard its "a rumor", its "in the works", and its "a done deal"....we'll have to wait and see...

Update: Its possible Barry will be leaving instead of Head....other rumors involve the Bucks dealing with the Thunder (possibly villanueva for one of their PFs) and the only the lakers and bucks trading mihm and lue...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays will now get happier, BET in tha building and the building

No pictures to distract yall this time. Make this a movie that plays over and over in your mind like the VCR is possesed by a BETigest.

whats good fuckers

Oops i am channeling my inner Joe Scarborough

But anywhoozerfoozerCarlosBoozerisaboldfaceloozer, i am having a very merry Christmas. I got a Neverflat basketball and a LRG Hoody plus some orange NBA socks (the gift of confort and flyness all in one? Yes indeed). It was a good day. Material wise.

But anyway, i decided to do some thinking. Here are my thoughts compiled in list form that were conclusions from my brainsexxxing period:

1. Mims newest song is the hottest shit ever- Move if you wanna. Mr. 1 hit wonder (this is why im hot) is for real afterall:

"I don't undrestand how can I have so many ha-ters
Knowin I'm there father like my name is Darth Va-der
I can get you hemmed up while I'm bein tay-lored
Then I slide off to the side like a fa-der

What is really hotter than that?

2. Stephen A. Smith is my journalisitic inspiration - Yeah every blogger wants to be a writer, and i am no exception (although i am acceptional). If i could be 1 dude it would be Stephen A. Smith. Think about it, he does what the hell he wants, keeps doing whatever he wants, has a group of haters dedicated to hating him, and even has great youtube clips inspired by his auora.

Stephen A. Smith, you are my favorite journalist. Quite frankley, SLAM and Justin Walsh got nothing on you. Keep doin you, keep fillin up ESPN camera lenzs with your spit, i love it. You showed me that no matter if facts go against me, if i argue better, i am right. Thank you.

3. Hibachi 2.0 is the best group blog ever- Call me a bandwagon hopper, but i was orginally offered to come here when this place was started. I decided to do me instead, and even if my 'site' failed, i learned a lot from it.. Now i am here and not Eboyqueer (whats good Mr. Shit Penis?) and i am having a good ass time. I love it live like a circa-2005 NBA Comercial

4. Goons and Goblyns have nothing on Dragons - This was one of those things i proboblay should not be writting here, but i will, because i am BET. I was playing dress up (no i wasnt) and i decided that the Dragon is the most fierece mystical creature of all. Fuck yeah!

5. I am still playing NBA live 08. I am a cheap ass dude (most likely cause i am constantly dropping every $20 bill i get on discount kicks at Marshalls or Ross's or Rugged Wearhouse or Burlignton Coat Factory or you get the point i am wasting money on my big ass size 13 foot). Anyway i am thinking of getting a new game. Any suggestions? Who cares, i am getting live 09 or nothing at all, and you thought you where gonna have a chance at interactive learning? Sucker.

6. The Bobcats make me slightly happy- yup yup yup, we 10-19, and now most importantly we got chemistry. But i honestly dont see us getting higher than 3rd in the division (damm you Dwight Howard, but we will get to you in a minute. Also a special 'Fuck You for being so talented to Joe Johnson and Dwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayne').

Oh well i guess i always got my........

7. PANTHER FOOTBALL- All the way Jose. We going to the Super Bowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8. Christmas Basketball. I saw the Magic DEMOLISH the Hornets (and CP3 get 0 steals and Tyson having a 0 point 0 rebound 1st half. Also that 4th quarter span with no basket was pitiful.)

And Micheal Pietrus taking 4 STEPS + Jumping in the air for no reason+ Coming down and taking 3 more Steps then making a confused face when the ref was blowing the whistle after he had came down then hearing the announcer say 'He walked, He Jumped, then he Walked Agian' was by far the play of the game. It should be on 2k10 or something, it was unfuckinbeliveable.

Also i saw the Spurs - Suns which was intresting, Roger Mason is clutch, and more importantly


9. 'o9 will not be a better year for me than '08- Or at least i dont see it happening for me. I have had so much fun, Jason Richardson has been a Bobcat and a Notcat, I have had 3 girlfriends and 2 jumpoffs, i have wrote words on 4 sites (SLAM, CATS MEOW, BET'S TRAIN OF THOUGHT, and HIBACHI), and i have had lots of fun. Just a good year.

That is all, try to resume your lifes, even though they changed after reading this.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What goes around comes around...

Steve Francis was traded Memphis....for a conditional 2nd round pick in 2011. Memphis also gets a 2009 2nd round pick and cash......kinda sucks since I feel he still has game, not Franchise type game, but solid starter type. However, with the emergence of Brooks and Rafer still decent, there just aren't any minutes for him, but I don't think Houston actually was trying to trade him.

It seems Mutombo's recent comments may have pushed them to make this deal. Deke recently said he'd be in Boston or San Antonio by Jan. Houston still needed to clear cap space and was looking at other options to make it happen. Now they pretty much HAD to do something to be able to sign Deke...

Don't forget to read the latest stuff by Moose and BET after this post!

The American Airlines Arena . . . And Heat-Warriors

By Moose

And yes, that is the man, errrrrr, kid behind the keyboard. Now you can put a (beautiful) face to the incredibly writing. That's me from our seats at the game. Now stop staring and read the article.

So this week I've been in (well, I'm not there anymore, but anyways . . .) Florida visiting family, and I thought a few months ago that going to a Heat game would be a great idea because, well, Miami doesn't come close to filling the arena. I looked on eBay, and, well, great seats for a cheap price was available, so we picked them up.

This was the second NBA game that I had been to, I went to a Heat-Jazz game last year at the AA Arena, ending in a Dwyane Wade game winning buzzer-beater. But after becoming an even larger fan (I didn't post on SLAM or Hibachi or anything else then) this was an even more exciting experience. Notice how I've never been to a Celtics game. The reason for that is, everything's sold out, and if you wanna get tickets in Boston you gotta pay three times face value.

I arrive at the arena and go to the parking garage that is insanely convenient, right next to the stadium, although it is a hefty $20 for one car. We pay and all that and make our way to the arena. I looked up at the enormous building right next to the Port of Miami, and we make our way up the steps and all to the arena to be greeted by polite people at the front who take our tickets and let us go through.

The first thing that I saw was a giant wall-length portrait of Chris Quinn glaring at us in a suit and tie, next to other sane-looking people. Or at least more sane-looking. Because that Chris Quinn picture was scary as hell. OK, now it's about 6:45, about 45 minutes until the game starts. Hoping to meet players or coaches or somebody, I make my way to the lower level in hopes of getting to the court. I make it until about 25 rows from the floor before a security guard stops me and asks to see my tickets. Of course, I don't have seats there, so I'm escorted out of the section and into my own.

I go to the first balcony and to my seat, section 323, row 1, seat 6. This seat was amazing. More that I had ever dreamed of getting. It was nice stuff. We could almost see the players' names on the backs of their jerseys. These seats were a surprise, last year I was on the second balcony, eighth row or something like that. But this section made me giddy. I sat there for a few minutes almost hopping out of my seat at the awesome tickets that I still couldn't get over.

The players came out and started warming up, and lemme tell you, they are professionals, no doubt about it. Never before had I seen so many guys swish so many hoops in so little time. Of course, I kept my eye set on D-Wade, who really couldn't miss a shot in warmups. Another dude who knocked down everything? Udonis Haslem. He's got that midrange jumper down pat, in games and in warmups.

I looked up at the starting lineups and wondered why Crawford wasn't there, disappointed. There wasn't an announcement or anything for the whole game about it. So they were without their four best players, and listing them made me realize that the Warriors are better than their record shows. Maggette, Crawford, Jackson, Ellis and Biedrins is a nice starting five, even if three of them are combo guards. But the starters last night were Biedrins, Wright, Watson, Azubuike and Belinelli.

The arena is a nice one, the Jumbo-tron was good-looking and the wrap-around scoreboard toggled the players' and teams' total stats for the game, a great reference. The only thing missing was a board that had the scores from around the league, you know, I had to keep up with my Celtics making history last night (Rondo with 18, 4 and 4!). There were an awful lot of "De-Fense!" chants and other things of the sort that made you want to throw your soda at the dude playing them, there were a few too many of those. But that's what I expected, anyways, so it wasn't a problem.

DJ Irie, down pretty much right below me, began his crowd pump-up routine, in which he stands at his DJing spot and pretty much dances with two of the Heat Dancers while asking the fans if they're ready for some Heat basketball("!"). After a thoroughly impressive singing of the national anthem by a seemingly talented woman, and a few words of thanks at halfcourt from Dwyane Wade for supporting the Heat in the struggling economy, the game was upon us.

It started off ugly. There were chippy foul calls, passes to the opponent, trouble hanging on to the ball--it just wasn't working for either team. But at the end of the first quarter it was close, with the Warriors having a 24-21 advantage over Miami. Wade only had five points, although the points that he did score were in great fashion, driving to the whole or pulling up for smooth jumpers.

The second quarter is when Daequan Cook happened. He hit five three pointers while going five for seven, lifting up Miami and getting the score 47-41 Heat as they jogged to the locker room. Wade was still not extraordinary, but he was doing well. Impressing me at the half on the defensive end was Joel Anthony, stopping Andris Biedrins like nobody's business. And Biedrins is BIG. When he unfolds, it was clear he could grab past the rim while standing flat-footed. Another huge guy: Brendan Wright. The dude's got a huge wingspan, obviously, and is just enormous. But he's a bit skinny and a bit soft down low, as I noticed during the game.

Oh yeah, and just another thought: Marco Belinelli is one of the ugliest players in the league. In real life? Gotdamn. In the third quarter Wade started to come out a little bit more, dishing out the dunk assists better than most, Marion being on the recieving end of many of these. The Matrix did miss a couple of alley-oops though, and that was somewhat disappointing. For the Warriors, Randolph was impressing me (of note, he had a sick putback dunk where he just snuck in the middle. Nasty), C.J. Watson was impressing me and Kelenna Azubuike was doing what I knew he could. Who wasn't impressing me? Marco Belinelli. Dude couldn't buy a basket. He went 3-11 from the field, and I guess it just wasn't working for him that night.

In the fourth quarter with the score close, Dwyane Wade decided that the Heat were not going to lose this game. He checked back in and just took over. He scored 18 in the fourth quarter alone, all of them in style. Driving to the hole, getting fouled, and over again. There was one play where it was a three on one and he cut to the hoop and still scored, no teammates in sight. Crazy stuff. He pulled them ahead as chants of "MVP!" started to ring out from the stands, me included in them. I quickly exited the arena and went back to the car that we took, and we listened to the chorus of car horns ringing out in the slightly sketchy Miami neighborhood.

The game was a great one, even if the Warriors' better players weren't participating. Dwyane Wade had a close to superhuman night, scoring 32 well-earned points, grabbing 8 boards (and Marion stole about two from him, shoulda been 10), dishing out 8 dimes, stealing the ball three times and topping it all off with three monster blocks. Wade was on. Except for the charity stripe, which wasn't quite a great performance. Dwyane shot 6-10 from the free throw line. I guess the MVP chants got to his head a little bit. You gotta wait until after the shots to do the MVP thing.

It was nice to see my guy Anthony Morrow out there, he finished with 8 points, 1 assist and 7 boards. He's still my darkhorse ROY candidate. Great potential from Morrow, he shouldn't be slept on. C.J. Watson shot well, finishing with 18 points, nailing two from long. Anthony Randolph played with poise, finishing with 10 points, 2 blocks and 6 boards. Azubuike also did his part with 16, 9 and 3. It was also nice to see Turiaf not in a Lakers' uniform, it's easier to like him that way, because I always liked how he played.

On the Heat side, Daequan Cook finished with a season-high 20 points going 5-7 from long, adding four rebounds and an assist. Joel Anthony shined on defense, holding Biedrins to 6 points and 9 rebounds. Udonis Haslem knocked down the 15 footer all day, ending up with 16 points, 8 rebounds, 2 dimes and a block. Mario Chalmers looked like he was trying to do too much, trying to force tough passes through a tight defense, finishing with 5 turnovers. Beasley also had a game full of rookie mistakes, finishing with 5 points and 2 turnovers.

The game was awesome, to put it bluntly, especially for someone with barely any live professional experience. The Heat played great, the young guys impressed (on the GS side, at least) and the fans were pretty good. The place was about 2/3 full, most likely less than that, but it just wasn't that full. It was a great experience, I liked the arena, and I saw what Dwyane Wade could do. Pardon mistakes too, this isn't my best work. It was just a great game. OK, you can resume staring at the picture now.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Movie-Gift Ideas

"Whats good America" - Berine Mac
This is my debut piece, its been cookin in the oven for the longest while, so much so it got burnt.
I know its the Holiday season and all, so i thought of some dope movie gifts you can find at your local Wal-Mart in the $5 bin, or at your blockbuster in the 5 for 20 promo, so go out and get them.

1. I Now Pronounce You Steve and Cuttino-

Review - This was a tear wrencher. The movie was about a young gay basketball playing couple that met while both playing for the Houston Havoc of the ABA. You may be farmilar with the story. Anyway, they both get traded together to the Orlando Orange Men. They then get seperated, and both bounce around the league for a while, until Steve returns to the Havoc. The best part is when Cuttino is in the bathroom singing 'If i were a boy'. Also i enjoyed the climax when they learn Cuttino has heart issues and has to retire. I would give away the ending but that would be wrong. See it yourself.

2. From Sheldon to Candice-

Review- It basically stole the plot from Beauty and the Beast, the god dam singing candle is even in it.

Buy it for the relative you think doubles as a bank robber or something.

look its the singing bastard himself.

3. 7 Crazy Starters-

---------------Spolier Alert--------------------------------

Review/Plot- This one is for all those who like a happy ending. Basically, local trouble maker Micheal Curry gets to coach a basketball team. After almost getting fired, Mr. Nice Guy (played by Allen Iverson) steps in. Mr. Nice Guy is a crazy old man who wants to win a championship ring. Knowing that this is his last chance to actually do shit, before ending up like Gary Payton just dick ridding super stars to a ring and being a shadow of your former self. So Micheal already had a solid idea of what he wanted, but after his tralior gets burned down, he decides that he is just gonna use 7 dudes constantly, let everybody else rot on the bench and fight for minutes. So he starts to make progress, then shows his true colors as a dumbass, and in the end, Mr. Nice Guy doesnt win a ring. However, after a inspirational speech by Curry, every NBA franchise in the history of the NBA gives its rings to Mr. Nice Guy. And Mr. Nice Guy's deformed friend (played by Rodney Stuckey) gets his starting postion back. The End.

4. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Marburys 2

Review- A must have. Also staring Isiah Thomas, Mike D'Antoni, MARC BERMAN and Jesus. The saga continues. Lies, sex and video tapes are all involved. Great movie to watch anywhere, especially in the front seat of a pick up truck. I rented out of the Red Box machine (If yall dont know about Red Box, figure it out!) and boy did i NOT feel like i wasted $1 for the 1 night i had it. I refuse to give away the story for this one. Just buy it. ( exclusively at Steve and Barry's AND Goodwill stores nationwide)

Thats all the Cat will pull out his Hat/Ass today. I had some pretty good Porno spoffs, but i figured everybody else would get pissed off if i posted them. Plus it would force Moose's parnets to give him 'that talk' or whatever Boston people call 'Sexual Edumacations'. And yes, i just did write this in 5 minutes and use Microsoft paint for the posters, then saved it on my computer for 2 weeks. If you think you could do better, stop thinking so damn hard.


Monday, December 22, 2008

AB of Earth Wind and Fire....

Well y'all know I can't pass up a chance to write some good things about the Rockets, so here's the latest:
First, let me say the Rockets are finally fully healthy. Rafer comes back tomorrow. Wafer, Barry and Dorsey were back tonight. ron and tracy look good. I shouldn't have to tell you this is all good news for Houston, but how good? The Rockets are 12-0 this season when scoring 100 pts or more. Dating back to the 2005 playoffs, Houston is an outstanding 49-1 when both Tmac and Yao play and they score 100+, including a current streak of 39 straight wins. Those two are healthy and playing. the Rockets' D is still top 5 and should really be top 3, but they have been scoring more by picking up the pace, which gives the opposing team extra posessions and therefore a slightly higher score. (only 4.6 pts separate #1 and #5). The're up to scoring 98 pts a game. You're probably saying, big deal, some teams score more than 105. True, but do they win? Are they dominationg? Only the Lakers, and they're an exception. They win by outscoring teams, playing "catch me if you can" basketball. While Boston plays "you're not going to catch me because I'm making you stop here" basketball, and THAT is exactly the direction Houston is heading in. Scoring has been their major problem in the past, apart from injuries of course, but now they are scoring AND continuing to defend. AKA championship basketball. Yes, i know i'm getting ahead here, but my point is they have the potential to be the Boston of the west and look to be going in the right direction. Their 4 game winning streak is nothing compare to Boston's 18 game streak. However, they have scored 108, 109, 107, and 114 points in those wins and have won by an average of 13 pts. That's something only the Lakers, Cavs, and Celtics are close to that kind of winning margin. Houston has been very vocal lately about how thye are trying to catch those teams. They know they need to play like them, dominate like them, win like them. This is definitely a good start. Now to the main feature...

AB, AB, AB, and some more AB. Yes, that would be Aaron Brooks. He's a poor man's AI who went and bought a lottery scratch off ticket and won. He's been great all year, even going as far back as the preseason. 11pts and almost 3 assists a game as a back up are not mind bloggling numbers, but let's look at what he's done since Rafer has been out (4 games).

Game 1 -18 pts and 6 asst, 2 stls
Game 2- 10 pts, 5 asst, 2 stls
Game 3- 18 pts, 5 assists, 10 REBOUNDS
Game 4 - 22 pts, 6 assts, 4 of 7 3ptrs

He's also hit 16 of 17 free throws during those 4 games and is 11 of 23 from downtown. This guy is the real deal. Rewind back to the 2007 NBA draft and Rockets' fans were wondering if the Rockets; had been drinking during the pick. The team already had Rafer and Mike James ( who they had traded for that same month). Well, as we've learned by now, don't ever question Daryl Morey's decisions. (They actually wanted Rudy Fernandez, but Phoenix swiped him at #24). So Brooks was picked at number 26. There were definitely some groans and gasps, but no real uproar because who else were they suppose to pick? The only guys drafted later who are still consistent contributors are Big Baby, Marc Gasol and Ramon Sessions, but I'm not sure any of those guys are starter material, definitely not as effective as Brooks. There's only one other guy who turned out to be that effective and a possible future starter in this league, and yes, Houston got him too (Landry). Did I mention you should never question Daryl Morey?

Brooks can shoot the ball from anywhere on the court and I do mean EVERYWHERE. He'll shoot without hesitation from 3 feet behind the 3pt line and almost tear the net off. He hits floaters, short bank shots, layups very high off the glass and of course 3 pointers and free throws. He's got extraordinary hops that allow him to hang in the air and switch from left to right or vice versa on a defender. He's lightning quick and that's an understatement. His only flaw is his court vision, at least when it comes to passing. He's so focused on finding a way to score that the few times he actually gets shut off he's not really sure where the open man is. However, he's improving with that also and he doesn't hog the ball, meaning he only pushes it when he knows he's likely to score, so there's little chance of him having to pass off, so that flaw doesn't hurt the team much. You'll definitely be hearing a lot about this guy in the future. Can this guy get into the Fly Society? Any guy who's under 6'0, weighs less than 170, and is ballin' like this deserves a spot!

Old vid, but Brooks definitely gives one of the best impressions of Deke:

Oh as for "earth wind & fire"... that's the nickname Matt Bullard gave the Rockets trio of Brooks, Hayes, and Landry. It's stuck around a bit here in Houston. I'm sure it's not difficult to figure out who is which...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Holiday Gifts For SLAM

Moose in here for the holidays . . .

Hey everyone in the NBA/Hibachi 2.0/SKO/SLAM/whoever might be reading this blog world. I want to wish you guys happy holidays. Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, happy Kwanzaa, and just all around happy holidays if I forgot a few. Sorry if I did. But my good wishes go out to you and your families at this time of year, do enjoy the festivities. I hope that everyone's in the holiday spirit, with snow on the ground and all (sorry, Money Bill and Hursty). I gotta start with a haiku. Snow is falling down/From the gray sky in Beantown/Holidays are here. We are getting dumped on snow-wise as I type this.

Of course, a big part of the holidays are gift giving. Families give gifts to their families, friends give gifts to their friends. I have to say that I love giving and receiving gifts, so I decided that people involved in the NBA and SLAM must love receiving gifts as well! So here are my gifts to some of the NBA players/coaches/SLAM commentors/writers. If you guys have any to add, play around in the comments section. A few of them are credit of Hursty, those ones are marked. I'll start it off with NBA teams . . .

1. Boston Celtics: A repeat
2. New Jersey Nets: A British streetballer in their system and not against Harris.
3. New York Knicks: Brains? Cooperation? Willing and able guards?
4. Philadelphia 76ers: An experienced, proven veteran big . . . They already have that? Then why aren't they above .500? Huh?
5. Toronto Raptors: "Garnett-Off". When sprayed it will cause all 6'11" to lose the ability to speak on a basketball court.
6. Chicago Bulls: A section in the contract devoted to apple slicing.
7. Cleveland Cavaliers: A chip to keep Bron in the city.
8. Detroit Pistons: A question. They have the . . .
9. Indiana Pacers: A Larry Bird comeback! Yes, he's 52, but he didn't get anywhere off the ground when he really played anyways!
10. Milwaukee Bucks: MORE minutes for Ramon Sessions. They'd appreciate the gift.
11. Atlanta Hawks: Height in the starting lineup.
12. Charlotte Bobcats: Ahhhh . . . a lot of stuff.
13. Miami Heat: A center.
14. Orlando Magic: A stronger bench.
15. Washington Wizards: A healthy team.
16. Minnesota Timberwolves: A competent coach (Eddie Jordan! Sam Mitchell! Take the chance, Minny!)
17. Oklahoma City Thunder: 10 wins. Come on, you guys can do it!
18. Portland Trailblazers: That great center they were promised. A bounce back from Oden.
19. Utah Jazz: Some universal respect. They need it.
20. Golden State Warriors: Uhhhh . . . a scoring point guard who is capable of being a team leader . . . Baron Davis!
21. Los Angeles Lakers: A more aggressive middle. No, Bynum did not fix everything. Their final missing puzzle piece.
22. Los Angeles Clippers: A reversed curse. The Clippers will forever suck.
23. Phoenix Suns: Some youth pills for Hill, Nash, and Shaq. They'd be unstoppable!
24. Sacramento Kings: Relevancy?
25. Dallas Mavericks: A superstar that isn't a bit outdated. Or two.
26. Houston Rockets: Health.
27. Memphis Grizzlies: Some wins to go with the talent. They're a bit too young, though.
28. New Orleans Hornets: Tyson Chandler at his best. Step up the game, Tyson . . .
29. San Antonio Spurs: Youth pills for Duncan, Bowen, Finley and Thomas. Not like it's gonna stop them if they don't get that, though.
30. Denver Nuggets: A 7 seed or higher. Billups can bring it to them.

NBA Players, Coaches, Execs, and Random People:
Players aren't just players. They are also people, and offcourt as well as oncourt stuff is fun if not slightly entertaining to follow. So here are a few holiday gifts for some of our beloved NBAers, coaches, and some celebs as well.

1. LeBron James: His first MVP award, thanks.
2. Kobe Bryant: A pet Black Mamba. Named Kobe. That comes to the games.
3. Eddy Curry: Jenny Craig. Worked for Baron!
4. Kevin Garnett: Sanity.
5. Darko Milicic: FREEDOM.
6. Derrick Rose: A kitchen. If he's gotta cut the apples in bed, he needs to get this cool new room.
7. Brandon Jennings: A successful year in Italy (pick it up, man . . .)
8. Kendrick Perkins: A game good enough to back up his T's. It's kinda funny, though. Only when they're up by 20.
9. Tracy Mcgrady: Health.
10. Gilbert Arenas: Health.
11. Monta Ellis: Health.
12. Rajon Rondo: MORE attention! Dude deserves it. Now I'm finished with my Rondo jockriding.
13. Kanye West: A woman he loved as much as his fiancee to be with him for good.
14. Shaquille O'Neal: Less time to do stuff. A frequently updated Twitter page???
15. Joe Johnson: Credit.
16. Stephon Marbury: The brains to just sign with a team and shut up. (sorry if that was harsh . . .)
17. Tyson Chandler: The game he actually has. You can do this, man. We believe in you!
18. Emeka Okafor: Just one, earth-shattering jam on someone else to shut everybody up with the "Okafor" joke.
19. Sam Mitchell: A job.
20. Randy Wittman: A job.
21. Eddie Jordan: A job.
22. P.J. Carlesimo: A job.
23. Maurice Cheeks: A job.
24. Deron Williams: A pick for him over Paul from a highly acclaimed sportswriter. Kind of like a big endorsement. He isn't given many of those.
25. Carlos Boozer: Love from the Chinese folk. "Fan Gu Zai", haha. The Betrayal Skull Dude needs to pick up his reputation.
26. Kevin Mchale: A bit of luck in his new job.
27. Dwyane Wade: A decent team so he can get MVP consideration.
28. Yi Jianlian: A starting all-star choice (snort).
29. Yao Ming: Virtual fruitcake (EAT THE HEAD!)
30. Danny Granger: An All-Star slot
31. Michael Jordan: A comeback! For the BETcats! Wouldn't that be fun?
32. Tim Duncan: Just one really entertaining breakaway self-alley-oop reverse jam. THAT would be shaking things up for the Big Fundamental!
33. Greg Oden: EIGHT points per game. Is that too much to ask for?
34. Sun Yue: A Q-Tip. No, a bunch of monkeys for him to rule. Well, how about a good nick name? Or, just no nick name at all? That would probably be best.

SLAM Dudes:
Just thought, you know, I'd give a gift to each of you guys. Metaphorical, of course. If I forgot someone please don't be offended, just know that I meant to put you, OK? And if anyone is offended by anything said in here, I seriously didn't mean to. Then again, I don't know why any of you would be offended about any of these. Anyways, here're my gifts to the SLAM family.

1. Hursty: To pass his HSC exams and get a scholarship to UCONN.
2. RV: A SLAM fantasy league win.
3. DP: Successful dreads.
4. Money Bill Williams: A new computer. We want you here, man!
5. BETCATS: Spell Check. And a good hometown team . . . don't know if that one can be pulled off, though. Sorry, dude.
6. Eboy: To go back to 1993. When he had a full head of hair. And no gut. And could run more than 100m without suffering some serious cardio-vascular condition. (Hursty gets the credit for that one)
7. TADOne: Rodney Stuckey in the starting lineup . . . wait! And one win for those Detroit Lions.
8. Tariq Al Hayder: Money for the new novel.
9. B. Long: Nets in the playoffs . . . and 70-win Lakers.
10. Cheryl: A plane ticket to D.C. to catch Obama's inauguration.
11. Co Co: Josh Smith and Al Horford. Period.
12. AR/Izzo: What do you give a man who acts so superior to everyone else? Albeit in a damn funny way. I know! Sarcasm! More of it! Just kidding man. You my dude. (Hursty with that one)
13. Joel: A successful college degree.
14. Jukai: More chances to agree with me . . . just playing, man. Happy Hannukkah.
15. Roy: A plane ticket to America.
16. The Baconator: Whooooo loves orange soda? . . . . . . b-b-b-b-BACONATOR loves orange soda! (is it true?) (reference here:
17. Justin Walsh: Less obscure metaphors . . . just playin' man. Get your friend to do his own kids' diapers!
18. Teddy The Bear: Jerryd Bayless as a draft pick . . . NOT Danilo Gallinari
19. Theo Papaloukas: Nikos Galis. No, Antonis Fotsis. No, . . .
20. Ryne Nelson: Legal locker room video camera allowance (courtesy of Hursty)
21. Ryan Jones: LeBron James.
22. Russ Bengtson: Blog promotion . . . for HIS blog.
23. Lang Whitaker: Lunch with Mr. Ping Ping!
24. Holly Mackenzie: S-Jax and Kobe life-size in-detail beanie babies! And Monta Ellis back on the court.
25. Myles Brown: A good team in Minny!
26. Marcel Mutoni: An award for the speed of the breaking news onto the SLAM Wire. Keep up the good work.
27. Khalid Salaam: A winning record in Philly. Good luck, Khalid.
28. Cub Buenning: An endless day of college hoops . . . and a Denver sports championship. In any sport. The brothers will be happy.
29. Emry DowningHall: Some thanks for all of the fantasy help he doles out every day.
30. Konate Primus: An end to the eternal search for the perfect sneaker.

Happy holidays out there to the SLAM and NBA family!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Life at 30,000 feet

It's your boy Kid presto aka the Fly spitta aka DP back in the building with another Fly Society public service announcement. First, I would like to give much props to moose and Hurst for their well written pieces. Great job guys and keep the good times rolling. I'm still waiting on BET though...guess will give him some more time to drop the dopest stuff on here. But really I just came to post a real important list...the fly society list. I really lost track with who is in the society so I thought if I just post who I know is in right now, everything will get back on track. Here is the list in its entirety as I know of right now.

-Kobe Bryant
-Lebron James
-Dwight Howard
-Granger(he offically joined today...have you seen his statlines lately?)
-T-Mac(triple double gets you in period)
-Stephen Curry
-That griffin dude
-Rodney Stuckey(offically in today because I kind of like the kid and he is putting up good numbers at the starting point position.)
-Rudy and O.J.
-Wade...I mean Mr. MVP
-Devin Harris aka "I'm gonna getcha sucka"
-Gilbert Areanas' blog
-Derrick Rose

I don't have enough time right now(studying for finals!!!) so if I missed some people that you believe I so stupidly didn't recognize, tell me in the comments who you feel should be in the society.This is probably the last Fly society post of the year so make your nominations good. college and NBA players. alright, I have a Celtics/Hawks game to get to and a AP Language final tomorrow morning.

Presto, in case you didn't know so.
Bitches know the planes got it!!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's all good in Houston...just had to post this picture of last night's Luis Scola Wig Night at the Toyota Center....Rockets came out with an impressive win against the Nuggets, good night all around...why don't we make it a "caption this" post.....let see what y'all got to say..

Monday, December 15, 2008

Flash Bang: Julius Hodge

Julius Hodge doesn't care what you think. Truly. He's just happy to be here. When you almost die, life takes on a whole new meaning.
Hodge was born in Harlem NYC in 1983. He grew up in the slums of one of the meanest cities in the 1st world. He was born tough.

Hodge was one of the guys that, no matter where he went as an amateur player, he always drew attention.
He was a 2001 McDonalds All American at St. Raymonds High School for Boys, New Yorks 'Mr Basketball' and the NY Daily's 'Player of the Year' and he was Sports Illustrated's 'Athlete of the Month'. By the end of his time at St. Raymonds he was rated the no.1 Shooting Guard by ESPN and no. 5 overall in the nation (*1).

In an interesting move, Hodge chose North Carolina State (what up BET!) over other suitors. Why? He could have gone to Uconn (fresh off winning a 'chip 2 years prior with Rip Hamilton) and become a bonafide star straight away.
See, Hodge has always done things his own way. Not swayed by public influence like other NY guards to the same extent that Steph, Kenny Anderson and Telfair were, he chose NCState because he could leave his own legacy. Something untarnished by predecessors. The last time State had been competitive? 1983. Damn. (highlights of the game. 1 minute 30 secs).

Choosing a major program like Georgia Tech (the way Marbury did) was almost like a let off. A slackers choice. Not to disprespect Marbury's choice, but Hodge would leave his own mark. A unique one. Hodge was good enough to go to the NBA from H.S like Telfair. But he never had the same intense hype and hoopla.

Hodge spent four years at State, as a frosh, he was the leading first year scorer in the ACC. He also won the 2002 offensive rebounding award. Named after who? Lorenzo Charles. Who's that? Well, if you'd watched the video you'd know. Charles made the game winning alley-oop dunk to win the NCAA championship.
Next year, he was named all ACC 1st Team and in the process, recorded the 1st Triple Double in Wolfpack history.

Its interesting to note that, prior to Hodge eventually winning the Atlantic Coast Conference Player of the Year award in 2004, Josh Howard (Wake Forest) did it. And after? J.J. Redick. (Hodge gives UCONN the business- sorry Moose).
Hodge went at pick 20 to the Denver Nuggets in the 2005 Draft just as expected. He filled an urgent need at the 2 guard for the Nuggets (*remember they did not have J.R Smith at this stage) placing him alongside Andre Miller and Carmelo Anthony. Unfortunately for Hodge, he only played 3 minutes a game. Earl Boykins played a large portion of minutes at the two for Denver along with starter Voshon Lenard.

For various reasons- mainly coaching and the emergence of JR Smith after the trade with New Orleans the next year- Hodge fell out of the rotation almost completely. He played only 14 games as a rookie. Eventually in 06/7 Hodge would battle for major minutes with JR off the bench and got his first start against the best shooting guard in the League on January 5th 2007- Kobe Bryant. Funny thing is, most people expected Hodge to get pulled almost immediately or rack up the fouls as Kobe destroyed him. Nope. Kobe had 8 points that game and Hodge had 16 and a win.

Remember- Hodge was just happy to be alive.
9 months earlier he had come within minutes of dying from blood loss. He was on Interstate 76 (which is in Denver) at around 2am and was the victim of a drive by shooting. A vehicle pulled up alongside him and fired several shots into his car. The perpetrators were never caught....
The ridiculous thing is, that 6 days after his match-up with Kobe, Hodge and Boykins were traded to the Bucks for Steve Blake. Less than a month later Hodge was waved by the Bucks, ending his time in the NBA-for now.

2 years ago Julius (he was named by his older brother) made his way Down Under to Adelaide-known as the City of Churches. The 36er's (obviously the name was stolen from Philly) were struggling. Badly. They had a losing record when Hodge replaced Mike Chappell (who was officially released on the 12th of December 2007) on the 21st of December- 9 days later.
Hodge immediately went on to dominate the NBL (National Basketball League). Even in his first game (which he only saw 19 minutes) Hodge had a modest line of 6pts, 5 boards, 3 assists and a whole lot of dribble penetration. He worked within the team concept- even though he only knew a couple of plays and brought the team within 1 win of 50%.

In his second game, this time against Perth, Hodge was.... interesting. I got to see this game in its entirety on T.V and Hodge had 10 pts, 5 boards and 4 assists- and 8(!) turnovers. The turnovers weren't from poor ball control or offensive fouls, more from a lack of understanding the offense, making a pass to a guy who he thought was about to dive- but instead flared out to the wing. Minor things, mostly from a team standpoint that are adjustable from time.

Again, against Perth, Hodge took over the game- even though his team lost by 21. He blew up, getting his all night long- with 16, 10 and 7. Hodge would come into his own for the rest of the season, drawing double teams and even (against the Melbourne Tigers-eventual NBL champions) a triple team once- its pretty cool to actually see a guy get triple teamed on the halfway line.

Next, against Money Bill Williams' very own Wollongong Hawks, Hodge destroyed everything in sight, with 34 points, 14 boards and 3 steals. They still lost though. This would become a theme for the 36er's. Hodge would dominate the games and put up LeBron like numbers, but the team would still lose. NOTE: This was not his fault. Captain Brett Maher (former Australian Olympian with 500+ games of NBL experience) was injured almost as soon as Hodge arrived and for some reason, the entire bench was non-existent almost the entire season. The other import Lanard Copeland was suspended for games as well- think Ron Artest 2006ish. The 36'ers bench was one of the weakest in the League- and still is.

Hodge- one of my all time favourite NBL players alongside S-Jax, Corey 'Homicide' Williams and Chris Anstey put his stamp on the NBL season with this statline- easily one of the top 5 of the season- 39 points (on 62.5% shooting), 1o rebounds, 5 assists, 3 steals and his first NBL 3 pointer. 29th January 2008. A date in NBL history- any of the 5 fans of basketball here in Australia could tell you that.

Hodge would go on to become 3rd Team All League (votes are taken after each week of games)- otherwise Hodge would easily have been 2nd team, probably 1st team. Unfortunately, he was unable to lead Adelaide to the playoffs.

Hodge breathed new life into a dying League. He and Williams almost single-handedly added an integrity and flare to the game that was missing since the Mid 1990's. It's shame to see the degrading of such a beautiful game. It really is.
HOWEVA- The NBL will be a different product after this season. Thank GOD.
Whatever Hodge can contribute to the game this year- after once again replacing a failed import- will automatically be seen as a monumental positive. Dude can flat out ball, and he'll find a home in the NBA in the near future. Bet on it. Remember: He's just happy to be alive.
Peace, Hursty.

PS- No, I don't think that Hodge has forgotten about CP3 giving him the dirty down low. Moose- its ok if you don't understand that right now.
PPS- Hodge was named after Julius Erving (by his brother).
PPPS- Julius gained multiple player of the week honours last year and is expected to contend, not just for the all-star game this year (he'll start) but for MVP honours if the 36'ers can win 60% of their games this year (they suck even more right now than last year).
PPPPS- I dont know why the pictures appear as they do, I can't seem to get them to appear where they should. And videos won't upload. Feel free to educate me on rectifying this.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Meeting Perk and Rondo (!!!)

By Moose . . .

OK, everyone, please excuse me if there are mistakes/errors on this post, because I'm writing this right now and I'm not gonna edit it, so I'm just getting that out of the way. Yeah, you know that guy that I've been ranting/talking about for a little while now? That point guard for my Celtics? Rajon Rondo? And that center that is a beast ( Kendrick Perkins?

Today, I met my first two NBA players. Here's the story. I was at the Prudential Center in Boston with a few friends, and we were waiting for someone. So, at the base of the elevator was a Gucci store. We decided to just wait outside the store until the person we were waiting for showed up.

I was talking to my friend while I was facing the store, and he points over my shoulder. I turn around to see a massive Kendrick Perkins staring me eye-to-eye. The emotion on my part was incredible. There was no warning of my meeting Perk. I just turned around and WHAM! He was just there. In his booming voice he said, "Excuse me." The emotions that went through my brain were somewhat terrified, excited, happy and many other things as well.

I got out of his way, of course. He headed right into the store, me with my jaw dropped halfway to the ground. I watched as other people filed off of the elevator, among them one of my idols, Rajon Rondo. I was speechless. I watched as Rondo walked into the store and away into an aisle, amazed at my luckiness.

You guys know that Rondo is one of my favorite players. You guys know that I've ranted about him/wrote about him in, what, four posts now? Anyways, I almost collapsed, shocked, amazed and excited at the same time. Keep in mind my age and that they were my first NBA players that I had met. So this really isn't an overreaction. And I'm glorifying it a bit.

I hopped up and down squeaking for a few minutes (well it wasn't that bad, haha), and I saw Rondo go near the window. I didn't want to miss the opportunity to meet some of my favorite players, so to my own amazement I walked into Gucci and went right up to Rajon. "Mr. Rondo," I think I said, "You're one of my favorites. You're playing great this year and all of that. I loved the triple-double the other night, too."

He said with a slight smile, "Thanks, man," a few times and extended his wiry right arm. I took it and shook his massive hand, truly amazing how big they are. First of all, Rondo is not huge. He's pretty small, actually. At 6'1" I was somewhat (SOMEWHAT, not really at all) close to his height. Let's just say he wasn't out of the ordinary. But I was extremely excited at meeting him. "You're the first NBA player that I've met, ever." I said ecstatically. "Well," Said Rondo, "If you wanna meet another one, Kendrick's right down the corner,"

"Thanks," I said, and I walked down the aisle to meet my second player. Perkins was sitting down on a bench, trying on shoes? I don't know what he was doing, but he was surrounded by about five of his friends, or bodyguards, one of the two. I walked up to Kendrick hesitantly, and I said, "Mr. Perkins, I'm sorry to bother you, but I just wanted to say that I'm a big fan," I might have said a few other things, but I don't quite remember. I got more of, "Thanks, man," as he extended his arm, with an even more immense hand attached.

I took it and shook his hand, noticing the diamond-studded watch and all of that on his hand. He smiled as I said, "Keep up the good work," and I walked out of the store, just on a high. I mean, a kid my age meeting his first NBA player? TWO of them? It was incredible. And another thing: The guys were nice. And nobody else was bothering them, nobody else was anywhere near. I just talked for a few moments and went away. Just an afterthought: Rondo was wearing a Nike sweatshirt, Nike sweatpants and Nike flip flops. He's a Reebok guy. Hmmm. Maybe there's something we don't know about.

Anyways, I'm just kind of on a high right now. I'm excited at all of this. And just know, my shameless Rajon Rondo talk is not over. This just fueled the fire. And Perk's hooked nose is even more pronounced in real life. It was great stuff, just unexpected. Anyways, there it is. Thanks for listening, everybody.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

THE Fly Society

Moose here. OK, so with DP/Presto's new "Fly Society", he keeps getting members in there, writing stuff about who earned their way in, blah, blah, blah . . . but we found out that we are lacking an initial list (gasp!). So, with a small request from Hursty, here's the initial Fly Society List. I didn't include SLAM dudes or guys that Presto had to "induct" since he brought it up, so here it goes. I mighta missed some guys, here're just my nominations and all that.

1. Dwight Howard: Anyone averaging 21.5 points, 14.5 boards, 4 blocks and 1.5 assists per game deserves a spot up here. And he also got his first triple-double a few weeks ago. In points, rebounds and . . . blocks. Dude's a BEAST. Oh yeah, and he turned 23 the other day.

2. Carmelo Anthony: He's having a good year, really picked up his rebounding. He's averaging 20.9 points, 8.2 boards and 3.6 points per game. The other day he scored 33 points. In the third quarter. Yes, it was a record. And it earned him a spot up here.

3. LeBron James: The Cavs are on an 11 game win streak? Who brought them there? Take a wild guess. Yes, Bron is tearing it up. He's gotta be on the list. And, he could be the G.O.A.T. later. I'm not saying that he WILL be. Just saying he COULD be.

4. Brian Scalabrine: No questions asked. Is there an explanation needed?

5. Jerry Sloan: Gerald Eugene Sloan (tee hee) is a legendary coach, really. He's been coaching the Jazz for a helluva lot longer than I've been alive, so that's insane. AND, he's the first coach to win 1,000 games with one team. AND he's a two-time NBA all-star. What more could you ask for? In the society.

6. Charles Barkley: Some Barkley quotes that proves his worth . . . "I don't care what people think. People are stupid." . . . "Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is a train." . . . "These are my new shoes. They're good shoes. They won't make you rich like me, they won't make you rebound like me, they definitely won't make you handsome like me. They'll only make you have shoes like me. That's it." Nobody quite like Sir Charles. A bit outdated, but who cares? He's on TV now.

7. Rajon Rondo. I'll save you my Rondo jockriding rants for the moment. If you wanna hear me gush about Rajon, head on down to the post entitled "YOU GOT RONDO'D". And the fact is, everyone gets Rondo'd. Any team that lines up against Beantown, in fact. IN the society.

8. Kevin Garnett: The dude is insane. What's all this crazy stuff that he's pulling now? I'm not sure what to make of it, but KG's the man. Dude's a winner. I got a piece on him coming up around New Year's or whatever, but the dude seriously belongs here.

9. Baron Davis: This guy . . . has the best sense of humor in the NBA. Barring Shaq. And maybe barring Sam I Am. And a few other guys. But Baron's got a good deal of humor to bring to the table., all the videos and stuff . . . nice. And sorry to bring political affiliations into this, but the Obama supporting that he did was great. Baron's a beast. And Jenny Craig? Even beastlier.

10. Nene Hilario: Nene is bouncing back in incredible fashion. After the cancer scare, Nene came back to a frontcourt-less Nuggets team and put it back. Now averaging 14.6 points, 7.3 reounds, 1.6 blocks, 1.5 steals and 1.3 assists per game, he's putting it all back in Denver. Chauncey Billups is helping with the team success, too. But Nene coming back from a year off to do this truly puts him in here.

Again, I left off all the other guys that DP has already put in. If you guys have nominations, let us know! But here's a start.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Look up to the Jets

It's been a while since my last post but trust me it wasn't because I didn't want to be posting my fucking realness but it was mother nature. Last night, as I went to the cpu to type my new fly society post(yes, I know, the pic is fly right?) a huge thunderstorm hit Mississippi and it was thundering so bad I screamed a little bit when my lights went out for a while. Now it looks like according to the weather peeps, we are excepting snow. Like RV, I haven't seen snow in Mississippi since around 2000 when your boy was like 9 years old. I doubt anything happens and I don't need it to snow right now. I have finals next week and I want to go on and get them over with!!! Chemistry is killing a brother and if I read another page of AP Language and Composition I will put the gun to my mouth. But that was just a brief of what is happening in my life. The nba is going bonkers right now. J-rich to PHX? wow. another scorer for PHX who plays dismal defense. yeah, just what they needed. I will let my homey BET(congrats on joining the fam) assess what the cats are receiving in Bell and um...I forgot other dude's name. Right now I am viewing the LAL-PHX game and let me tell you, my Lakers cannot play any D. It is making me want to watch Family Matters right now and they have been laying eggs the past 5 games. As in the words of Napoleon Dynamite, Geez...
-New members!!!!!! Fly society time!!! They look up to the jets!!1
  • -Stephen Curry
This dude should have made the club since that game where they put two defenders on him the whole time just to make sure he didn't score. and that team still got waxed by like 30. That shows his moxie and gangster. Last night kid took the game from West V., scoring more than their whole team in the last 5 minutes. Whether it is the three, driving to the lane, or just dishing it out, Curry has become the real deal. or like we learned in U.S. history yesterday, the New deal. I hate the comparisons to J.J. because he never really was a complete player in college. Sure his handles got a little better every year but when you even look at his senior year, dude still wasn't putting the ball on the floor unless it was a one or two dribble pull up. Curry can handle the ball and he has freaked so many defenders early in the season that it is just a beautiful thing to watch. I can't say how he will be in the L, but I know now that while in college, he is the baddest motha shut it like shaft. welcome to curry.
  • -Luke Walton
No, he is not in. Hell no. But I wanted to give that man props because for some reason Phil is playing him and he is actually playing good. Giving out assists out assits. yeah. God this game is so horrid on defense that I think I'm about to sign off.
  • -Tim Tebow
yes, football players are allowed in the lounge as well. the champagne is especially chilled for this man. Heisman last year. Heisman this year in my opinion. All that Sam Bradford shit can go to the gutter, dude isn't that hot. Look at the games with bradford. His players make him not vice versa. They need to show more recognition to OKA's wide outs and running backs which make Sam look so goody to shoe. Tebow is an all out hustler. an abuser. he will run over anybody and he can throw any type of pass, even a jumpshot pass. check your youtube for that one. Tebow will NEVER run over anyone like that in the NFL but right now he is the cream of the crop and the Gators will be chomping that sooner ass in January. any bets?
  • -Nancy Lieberman
Get the fuck of the court.
  • -I never realized this but Jamal Crawford has one of the illiest crossovers I've ever seen.
  • -"eat you alive" is becoming my favorite song to listen to before a big game. no homo.
  • -Iggy, you are getting there. keep pushing and I just might root for you again.
aite, I'm getting tired and my foreign exchange student girl is calling me. You know how them girls from chile get.
Presto in case you didn't know so.
Jets n***a, where haven't we been yet, fuck boys wonderin if they bitch next.
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