Tuesday, July 28, 2009


That is the Emeka i knew last season. Not the 'Whats a Oka-for' one the media wanted you to know. Good bye old friend.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Hibachi runs this town

Today as I wake up I go on my favorite hip hop site, 2dopeboyz.com, and this is what I find in big bold letters, JAY Z FT. RHIANNA AND KANYE WEST-RUN THIS TOWN. I don't know if you guys dig Jay's music but I fuggin love it and seeing it truly made my day. Me and Justin were chatting about it earlier today and his status on facebook has this song in it so you know this shit is not a game. I got the song right here so please check it out. It is pure dopeness and it inspires me to go run a town right now. But I thought, Hibachi is going to run the blogosphere one day so it inspired me to blog. *Gets a nod of heads from the people reading this right now* Blueprint 3 coming out sept. 11. This album is going to be classic. check the other video out too below it....it sure made me want a girl to go get a sprite for me. hahaha

play wit it..PS:kanye rapes Jay(pause)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Live from Flowood, Mississippi.......


Hey hey hey....it's you guys. Is it just me or is this one of the most boring summer's of recent memory? Maybe you cats are out there hooping, swimming, taking out ya lady friends, or just finishing up your high school career(wat up hurst!).I'm just bored. Yeah I play ball, I don't swim because that isn't my thing and my lady friends are somewhere nearby waiting on my call tonight. If you don't know, I will not be talking about NBA, NCAA, or high school ball the rest of the summer. The circuit is just too slow and I'm lazy and I rarely get on any hoop sites during the summer. I might get back into the groove though because of this kosta koufus fellow on slamonline. I mean BET, Hurst, and Moose are getting on this guy and I want my fair share of fun too! I'll be back on SLAM reguarly starting tomorrow but if you haven't already, hit up my twitter-twitter.com/vontaep and follow me. Shameless plugging I know but this is what boredom reaps...twitter time. Let me know if yall feeling this but I have an idea....HIBACHI TV!! I love are blog and all that we do as far as the writing and deep analysis but I believe it is time to take our grind global...I feel we should make an entirely different blog where we only post videos of the hibachi team doing anything that has to do with basketball. This could be posting highlights of your own games, doing previews for the season, getting interviews with legendary ballers from your area. I'm actually going to try and get some footage in at the Mo williams camp that is taking place about 20 minutes where I live in Jackson. Word is the "chosen one" is supposed to be a speaker at the camp. Hopefully they will let me bring my camera in and get some good shots. Let me know what you guys feel about it in the comments. It's just a thought so don't bash my head in for it lol. Well i'm kinda typing/sleeping right now so i'm going to leave you all with the music of one of my favorite groups....play wit it.

Monday, July 13, 2009

In Honor of the Number One Overall Pick

A Moose Track

Blake Griffin is a fireworks display.

When you watch a game where number 32 takes the court, you know that for some people there will be excitement. And those who aren't excited can't help but appreciate it, watching a great basketball player. Much is the same with fireworks. They look great, sound great--excitement for all, even if certain people don't like seeing it very much (going with the basketball metaphor, if you're a fan of the opposing team, for example).

Griffin's game is closing in on being a complete one; there is something for every fan of every style to enjoy. Much is the same with fireworks; if you don't feel satisfied with the pyrotechnic visuals, you can't help but love the smooth pop of the explosives. There is always a buzz around Blake Griffin whenever he laces 'em up, much like when the sun sets on the 4th of July.

Explosiveness is a key term when talking about Blake's style of play. He cuts to the hoop, goes up for a stuff shot, drop steps with a combination of speed and strength that is rarely matched at any level of play. Fireworks are exactly the same because, well, they explode.

When driving to the lane, leaping for an alley-oop or popping up for a dunk, Griffin always finishes. He could be covered by one guy, two guys, three guys, whoever--you can count on the ball seeing the bottom of the net, foul or no foul. Fireworks always go out with a bang; finishing with a dazzling array of color and sound coordinations. Both finish spectacularly.

Every time you go to a fireworks display, you have expectations of it being entertaining and special to view--and it never fails to live up to them, being relatively the same every time you see it, albeit spectacular. Consistency is the word when talking about Blake Griffin--he's going to score and rebound on you, usually in a superhuman manner. Fireworks never fail to excite you; always a safe bet for success.

Which is something that Blake Griffin just might be.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ariza snags #1 jersey from Tmac, tells his punk ass to wear #3 instead..

Well maybe that's not quite how it happened...but Ariza will be wearing #1 according to the Rockets' GM...fans though it meant the departure of Tmac, but we now have learned Tmac is changing to numero tres...


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rasheed Wallace Cornrow Sighting! **UPDATED**

Looks like the bald-spotted one will be rockin' the 'rows this season. Fresh start, I guess. Yes, it's the offseason, and what're you going to do. Stuff is boring. When this is news, something's wrong, but....this is news. Everyone be sure to read what DP wrote down below, pay your respects. Anyways, is it just me, or does that look 'Sheed's got on his face remind you of Stephon Marbury?

Be easy.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

RIP to the realest to ever do it....

I haven't been on here in a minute and I'm sorry for not putting out any quality content this summer but honestly I've just been lazy. Don't worry, I will back on my blog ish the rest of the summer and expect me not to talk that much about basketball because of course it's the offseason. Plus there isn't much for me to say besides the fact that LA is probably going to repeat and the Celtics starting five(besides rondo) might need a walker before preseason even begins. Really though I just wanted to pay my respects to the greastest entertainer that ever lived, Michael Jackson. I didn't want to view his funeral today because I felt that I couldn't take it. But I took a peak anyway and I was right...it was so emotional. From Stevie Wonder to Brooke shields to Al sharpton(yes al sharpton) to Usher to the little shaheem kid from Britian's got talent, it was an amazing memorial. I know I will never see another funeral like this in my life and just looking at Mike's life from my perspective the man was truly a world changer. I went to a conference in San Antonio last week for student leaders and I learned that we must not only change what's inside of us, but change the whole world. Michael was a living testament to that as he was always a giver. He always wanted to provide for those less fortunate and he really believed that the children are the future. I have nothing but love for Mr. Jackson and props to Moose for already giving the man his respect. I will for sure have Michael in heavy rotation in my ipod for the next couple of months, hell years for that matter. Like his brother Marlon put it, "Maybe now they will leave you alone, Michael." I truly hope so. I also learned in San antonio from one of the key speakers that people see the negative in others 7 times more than the good. People need to stop looking for the bad in Mike and see him for what he truly was, a great entertainer, great brother, awesome father, loyal friend, and a cheerful giver to the world. RIP my brother michael. play wit it.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Quick, But Thorough Thoughts

A Moose Track

Yes, this article is a Moose Track. Yes, the above picture is of a moose track. To customize to me it's gotta be 13", so that's wrong. 13 by 4, that's how the big feet go. And you know what big feet mean?

That's right. Stretchy socks.

So, first of all, I have found the undercover, intensely less muscular and tall clone of Mr. Dwight Howard.

You guys have probably heard Pleasure P's song, "Boyfriend #2" by now. Gotta say it's a guilty pleasure; nice stuff. But the dude looks like Howard. Anyways, on to the next quick but thorough thought. I gotta trademark that. This post is devoted to thoughts that don't take long to write about, but are actually of great (philosophical?) value.

US Soccer greatly surprised in the Confederation's Cup. Hursty, I see you. Our email conversation about this wasn't just bogus (Hurst thinks US soccer is still dunzo), but we are doing great to get back on the scene. Spain is the number one team in the world, and team USA...beat them? 2-0? Unprecedented. And, I know one thing. Jozy Altidore (19 years) is one the come-up. Future star here. Come to Aston Villa, Jozy!

Sorry about the soccer blab. I know you guys aren't huge fans of the most popular sport on earth, but this is coming from a soccer player here. I don't know much about global soccer, but I know a little bit; enough to follow it. Sorry if you're yelling at the computer in outrage. Fight me. Anyways, moving on...

The Cavaliers made a Shaquisition that can only hurt them if Shaq sucks this year, and if he does they're only losing money. Shaq says that his motto is, "A ring for the King." Let's say LeBron DOES win a ring this year with Shaq. All of the Kobe jockriders (I see you, Justin/DP) will say that LeBron can't win one without Shaq. I'm not saying that this is right of them, or I would do it if I liked Kobe, but I just think it's going to happen. Kobe fans are like that. Not you guys, Vontae or Mr. Walsh, but in general. So this is what the Cavaliers will be doing next season:

So many people are getting angry over Rubio skipping out of the NBA right now. I think he's doing it because he doesn't want to play for Minnesota. I think that he's cocky and ignorant because he doesn't know that in the draft, you're chosen by the team--you don't choose your team. That's what he's trying to do. But that's not the point I'm making here. The point is, in two years, he'll still be really young. A lot of people are forgetting that. Rubio probably looks like this a lot now.

You guys don't think I honestly look like him, do I?

Anyways, I saw Year One and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in theaters over the last couple of weeks. Year One was funny but a stupid movie, and Transformers was just sick. My recommendations: Wait until Year One is on DVD or Netflix or something, and go see Transformers. Will be worth it.

Rest in peace to Michael Jackson and Steve McNair. Crazy stuff has been going on lately, and my condolences go out to their respective families. In honor of MJ, let's take a time machine back...


Friday, July 3, 2009

About Me: *?*

By the Long Forgotten Son: Hursty.

It's the NBA 'off-season', and generally anything we as writers and commenters discuss here will be analysed and scrutinised to the umpteenth degree somewhere else in cyberspace. That includes trades, drafts, free agents and other things.
But, there are some things that those other sites don't have information on - ME!
Now, bear with me here, it'll take a few paragraphs to detail everything to you.
I haven't been posting (or commenting!) here for a long-ass time, and for that I apologise. Still, it seems as though Moose and BET in particular have been holding things down just fine.
Blame my lack of presence on the HSC (Higher School Certificate). It's kind of like the SAT's I guess.
So, without further mumblings, some stuff you may, should, will and won't know - but now you do.
1, I'm Australian, I live in Sydney and it's the best country in the world. America only has one thing on us - the bomb. But who says we don't have it eh?
2, I'm the equivalent of a Senior here, and I'm tossing up on my Uni courses. Top 4 are Physiotherapy, Exercise Science (also known as Human Movement), Psychology and Arts.
3, I can trace my lineage back to 100 years after the Battle of Hastings (1066), and I've got around 8 different cultures in me, notably Australian, Japanese, Scottish, Chinese, French and English.
4, I'm Caucasian, but I feel like sometimes I'm part of the urbanised, African hip-hop culture. I like rap, slow jam, that kind of stuff, and I cop a bunch of crap for it at school, but it doesn't matter to me, I brush it off "you are who you are when nobody's lookin" (name the artist in the comment box).
It doesn't matter whether its a white guy like Eminem or Kweli or Nas or Drake or whoever, I appreciate lyrics, and I think thats what a lot of people don't see in 'rap' music, they hear a base beat on loop and can't 'see' past it. To me, that's sad.
Thing is, I love rock music, hardcore, electronica (guys like Deadmau5), folk, pop etc. Does this just make me alternative?
5, Uh, trying to think... hmmm. Oh! I'm travelling to England and France and a bunch of other places in Europe at some stage over the next 2 years. I have no plan and no money, but I'll figure it out. Donations are perfectly acceptable.
6, It's July holidays right now (started today) and in 5 months I'm graduating! I take modern history, ancient history, pe, general maths, advanced english, ext 1 english and ext 2 english (ext 2 is the highest in the country btw)
7, T-Mac used to be my favourite player.. seems like a long time ago since he played a healthy season. I'm an OK baller myself, but I haven't played for around 2 months. I got selected for a private schools representative team that played a few games, did ok ( last game I had 8 pts, 8 boards, 5 blocks, 3 steals, 5 assists and 1 turnover) and I've been studying since then. Of course, I could still come out of semi-retirement and destroy and one of you guys if needs be haha.
8, It's 12:30 am, and if I had a brain that functioned at more than 3.14% right now, I would be thinking of something witty and informative but it isn't, so I'm not and I didn't.
9, There is a comment box, so I'm expecting COMMENTS in it, and some questions too.
10, The generic 'good stuff *insert name here* comments are ok - but feel free to take a risk and deliver something insightful or critical. That way, I can improve, and hopefully provide you (as the reader) something more entertaining or revealing.
Stay safe and well
Peace, Hursty

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

To whom it may concern

Hint 1: He was once known as the answer
Hint 2: No homo
Hint 3/Answer: Its Allen Iverson!!!

I dedicate this to you:

In other news, a giant worm colony was found in sewers at a shopping center in Raleigh (home of the me). If you dont believe me, watch this (you will regret not believing me):

Also since everyone loves when i get political:
Nando De Colo for Prime Minster of America
Nando De Colo for Prime Minster of America
Nando De Colo for Prime Minster of America
Nando De Colo for Prime Minster of America
Nando De Colo for Prime Minster of America
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