Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Hate Duke

I can't believe I'm about to say this but..
... they deserve to win the NCAA Championship this year. Best team still remaining.


Monday, March 29, 2010


Brackets are for suckaz. I'm glad I finally realized this over the past two weeks of my life. That and the fact that ninjas are blowing up my direct line trying to find out when my dues will be paid(Kansas go f&ck yourselves).I would choose this time to bash my "champion" pick, Syracuse, but I won't. Butler came to play and they are looking DAMN good right now. Honestly, I have only seen a little bit of them here and there because their games are always on when I'm chillin at my workplace but from what I've seen, Michigan State better be ready for a war. Gordon "G-time" Hayward and his bulldogs are ready to sink their collective teeths into this championship and they are my pick to lose it all in the championship to West Virginia.

Remember when I said in my tournament preview that I would explain later on why I like West Virginia? I think this is the perfect time to explain these things. West Virginia is the only team that hasn't dissapointed me and I expected them to go the the Final Four from the get go. I informed all of the homeboys and girls that if UK ever played WV, they would lose. West Virginia just reminds me of a better version of Misssissippi State. They are so balanced from the 1 spot all the way to the 5. Everyone knows about Butler and what he can do but the rest of squad shares equal success and they are clicking on all cylinders without their starting PG. Really can't believe Duke is still in this thing because I expected them to choke like they do every single year. I blame Nolan Smith for proving me wrong. This tourney has been one of the most flippiest shits I've ever witnessed. Wouldn't be suprised to see Butler win it all or Michigan State. I just truly believe that the team that comes victorious out of the Duke/West Virginia game will be our new champs. But who knows what will happen with alll the f*ckery that has taken place these last 3 weeks. I just pray to God that Gus Johnson is announcing one of the games.....

Man just wanted to drop by a little quickie(pause) for yall. I'm out....Im in need of some hot wangs..

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Big (Red) Surprise

A Moose Track

Let's get this straight. Twelve seeds aren't supposed to beat five seeds.

Yeah, it happens sometimes. Cinderella stories, the NCAA tournament surprises, yeah, whatever, whoop-de-do, it happens. But they're not supposed to turn around and beat a four seed, right? Twelve seeds are usually all gone by now, even in a crazy tournament year like this, right?

But, there's one thing we're missing here: Ivy League schools aren't supposed to get to the Sweet Sixteen, right? I mean, a school that doesn't even give out athletic scholarships upsetting Temple and Wisconsin? I mean, we know that UCLA, UNC, UConn and Memphis were having NIT seasons, but an Ivy League school taking their place and winning? THAT'S a cinderella team. Especially when nobody in their conference has made it that far since 1979.

Cornell started the tournament 3-63 all-time against top 25 teams, and they beat two of them within three days. They're very efficient, they rarely turn the ball over (and they make the other team turn it over often). They play like, well a team that doesn't give athletic scholarships: unspectacular and technically sound. But they get the job done and they'll take you by surprise.

On Thursday, Ryan Wittman (who became the fifth player in conference history to score 2,000 points on Sunday) and the Big Red will take on John Wall and the Kentucky Wildcats. Yeah, it's a one seed against a twelfth seed. Yeah, Kentucky's favored by nine. Yeah, the talent is overwhelmingly on UK's side.

But everyone loves the underdog, right? Especially one's who have no NBA aspirations, playing for only their pride. But hey, Ivy League grads are probably more valuable to our society than one-and-dones, right?


Friday, March 19, 2010

The NCAA Tournament So Far


I'm going to keep it short & sweet.
This is a run-down of the games so far:
All the no.1 seed's are through to the Round of 32 (doesn't exactly have a ring to it though, does it?)
All the no.2 seeds are through as well, but Villanova had a scare vs. Robert Morris, eventually scratching out a 73-70 win.
The 3 seeds are where things get interesting. Georgetwown went down to Ohio (not Ohio State) by a massive 14 points, disappointing for the Hoyas and Greg Munroe.

New Mexico got a run for their money, in a tight win over Montana 62-57, and this game was a battle, guys giving hard fouls from the opening possession, until N.M pulled it out with FT's.

For me personally, the biggest suprise of the Tourney this year came with AJ Ogilvy's No. 4 seed Vanderbilt going down to Murray State on a buzzer-beater 66 - 65. Vanderbilt never looked dominant, or even in control of the game. Just letting the underdog hang around way too long. I guess that's the danger of a "one and done" competition, a bad game and you're out, no second chances.


Wisconsin & Wofford had the lowest scoring game of the Tournament this year in Wisconsin's 53-49 win.

No-one really expects the seeds 5-10 to go deep in the Tournament this year, but my personal suprise squad will by Texas A&M, led by Dash Harris. They just play well together, very good chemistry.

Peace, I'm out.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Last second ramblings, the story of my lfie

I told you guys about the life of a blogger and how I always fugg around with deadlines. When I say I'm going to drop something tomorrow, what I really mean is that it will be out at least int he next week. I'm the definition of a true procrastinator and I can't help it. I'll have to change this as I go to Mississippi State or Ole Miss next year but for right now I'll enjoy being dubbed the lazy bastard that still gets by at life with ease.

Anyways, I'm on to business. It's March Madness suckaz!!! Just saw on nahright.com where rapper big pooh(member of one of my favorite rap groups, little brother) did a little article for slamonline about march madness and what not. I'll check it out as soon as I'm done with my little analysis of who is going to be rocking the trophy come April. We can all be honest with ourselves and say that this is the year where anyone and I mean ANYONE can win the title. Kansas has been number one most of the year but they are not that dominant in my eyes and they could be bounced by the sweet sixteen. But that goes for all the other teams in the field of 64 as well. Kentucky, Syracuse, Ohio State, West Virginia, Duke, and Villanova all seem like title contenders in their own right but none of them get my full co-sign as champion. My bracket is pretty predictable but I will explain as I go along. First lets hit up my sweet sixteen picks.

Sweet Sixteen


This has to be the deepest team in the tourney right now. With Sherron Collins and Cole Aldrich being one the best inside/outside combos in the nation, it is hard to go against these guys when both of them are on their game. Throw in the Morris brothers with the hustle and grit, morningstar and reed with the 3 balls, and a freshman that I haven't been hearing enough of, Xavier Henry, and you have a team that is ready to make a deep run in the tourney.


That Vasquez guy. That boy good! Honestly, I think Maryland can get by New Mexico State and Michigan State as long as Vasquez keeps his head on straight and leads the team in the right direction. Maryland is my sleeper pick for the sweet sixteen and I love watching them play. They are exciting, they play defense(sometimes), and they just never give up. Watch out for these guys.

Due to the fact that I'm on my homeboys laptop and his parents are ready for me to leave his house, I will just make key words on the rest of the teams that are in the sweet sixteen and out.....on to the rest of the sixteeen!!!!


Chism. Hopson. If they are not playin up to task, UT won't be doing much of anything. Might be a repeat of when they played UK.


They are really dangerous when Monroe plays like a beast.

Ohio State

Mr. Triple Tandem Evan Turner ain't going bruh. POY #fuggyouropinion


Wall. Cousins. Bledsoe. Patterson...nuff said




Isiah 2.0 really plays like THE Isiah Thomas. Look for him, polished senior Quicny Pondexter, and company to make a little noise.

West Virginia

More about these guys later......


They get in by name alone

Texas A and M


Scottie ain't goin


Second most balanced team after Kansas


I know nothing of these dudes except that they have the nations leading scorer.


They are always the team with the most gangsta to me. I don't know why.

Kansas State

Frank Martin told me to put them in or else. What the heck was I supposed to do????

Elite eight

Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Villanove, Texas A and M, Kentucky, West Virginia, Kansas, Ohio State

Final Four

Villanova, Syracuse, West Virginia, Kansas

Championship Round

Syracuse vs. Kansas

For some odd reason I believe it will be raining orange in the championship game. You have the two most well rounded teams in the nation squaring off against each other in what will be a very fair matchup. Kansas has the advantage when it comes to leadership and overall experience in the tourney but Syracuse is soooo athletic and long. If Onawaku(i know I butchered his name) is at 100 percent, this game is the Orange's no doubt. I still believe, however, Cuse can win without him. Wesley Johnson, Scoop Jardine, Andy Rountins, and Rick Jackson can handle the load for them while he is away.

I have to go know seeing that my friends dad just cursed me out. I guess I ate too many honeybuns or something. I will discuss West Virginia in detail the more they win in the tourney. I want you guys to check them out a couple of games first. They really might make me change my mind about who wins the championship. But we will discuss that another time.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Alright, i just wanted to let everybody know that I made a Twitter page and a Facebook fan page for 'Bachi. If we really are serious about expanding, we gotta take advantage of any big-time outlet we have available. Here's the link to the Twitter page and the Facebook fan page. Peace fam!

I'm out...

the song below (which is one of my all-time favorite songs) pretty much explains everything...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Drop that Sh%t Vontae!

Soooooo, my college and final four predictions will be hitting the scene tomorrow. I want to wait until the brackets hit so I can do some of my vontology for the masses. I'm pretty sure you will want to go with my choices so just sit back and wait for that time. It will drop sometime tomorrow.......hopefully. You know how bloggers are with release dates. Forgive me in advance family. Oh yeah my picture pretty much says it all.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Double Pene...........nevermind on to happier thoughts

Daddy's home once again. I know yall didn't miss me but hey it's all good in the neighborhood. Good to see that the site is making a comeback and I must say I am thankful to work with a group of bloggers that share's my same passion for the game of basketball. I haven't really been checkin out that many games lately mainly due to something called Senior Project aka the most useless class that any student could ever have but somehow the principal thinks that it prepares us for college when all it is is busy work that test your patience and makes you sometimes want to drive your car into your garage and let down the door and keep the car running. Yeah it's that pointless. Every night that I have planned to watch some games, Senior Project comes and tells me I have a portfolio due this friday that is 60% of my ENTIRE grade. So, either I plan on spending time with it, or I can just stay at moms house next year and watch all the NBA I want when I'm not able to graduate. Pretty sure most of you guys don't have a senior project and if you do, it's not the f*ckery that I deal with on a daily basis. All I can look foward to everyday is Holly's Post up and even some days at school I'm unable to look at it. No need to worry, however, because I will be through with all things senior project after this friday. Just in time for Selection Sunday too. Expect a nice little spoiler from me about who I belive is going to bring the trophy home (hint: it rhymes with orange juice).

Big shoutout to Matt Barnes. He would have totally made me swallow that gum. Can't really say anything negative because his team came out with the W and my lakers are not looking like the best team in the west. I've said for the longest that Denver is the best bet to make it to the Finals if LA and I'm sticking by that. I wouldn't be suprised if they beat LA in 6 games. We all know Kobe will get his troops back in order and they will be ready come playoff time. But a quick message to Kobe from me, stop with all the bullsh*t and let's win some games. 2 game losing streak almost made me punch my TV. The last loss I had to be tranqulizied by moms. Get it together.

Russel Westbrook, Russel Westbrook, Russel Westbrook, Russel Westbroook. You get the point, homie is straight BALLIN. I love how the PG posistion is going to be held down for years to come. Westbrook, Rose, Reke, BJ, Dwill, and Paul are going to hold it down. and I'm sorry Darren Collison for everything I said.......

Dang, Senior Project is bothering me AGAIN. I'll hit you guys up tomorrow. I'm gone back to workin in the lab.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Welcome to the Plastic Beach

You mad?


Previous to this game, things fell apart on us Chinua Achebe style. We were playing like shit. After what we did last night though, i have faith we will make the playoffs. Combined with the Bulls inexperience, the Bucks failure to be consistent, and the Heat's dependence on Wade, i see us pushing one of them out of the playoffs. It will be hard(**thats what she said**) but i think it will happen.

That's about all i have to say....

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Prioritising Horribly

This was something I found that really made me think.
What are your priorities in life? What matters to you? To our generation? To our future?

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