Thursday, December 11, 2008

THE Fly Society

Moose here. OK, so with DP/Presto's new "Fly Society", he keeps getting members in there, writing stuff about who earned their way in, blah, blah, blah . . . but we found out that we are lacking an initial list (gasp!). So, with a small request from Hursty, here's the initial Fly Society List. I didn't include SLAM dudes or guys that Presto had to "induct" since he brought it up, so here it goes. I mighta missed some guys, here're just my nominations and all that.

1. Dwight Howard: Anyone averaging 21.5 points, 14.5 boards, 4 blocks and 1.5 assists per game deserves a spot up here. And he also got his first triple-double a few weeks ago. In points, rebounds and . . . blocks. Dude's a BEAST. Oh yeah, and he turned 23 the other day.

2. Carmelo Anthony: He's having a good year, really picked up his rebounding. He's averaging 20.9 points, 8.2 boards and 3.6 points per game. The other day he scored 33 points. In the third quarter. Yes, it was a record. And it earned him a spot up here.

3. LeBron James: The Cavs are on an 11 game win streak? Who brought them there? Take a wild guess. Yes, Bron is tearing it up. He's gotta be on the list. And, he could be the G.O.A.T. later. I'm not saying that he WILL be. Just saying he COULD be.

4. Brian Scalabrine: No questions asked. Is there an explanation needed?

5. Jerry Sloan: Gerald Eugene Sloan (tee hee) is a legendary coach, really. He's been coaching the Jazz for a helluva lot longer than I've been alive, so that's insane. AND, he's the first coach to win 1,000 games with one team. AND he's a two-time NBA all-star. What more could you ask for? In the society.

6. Charles Barkley: Some Barkley quotes that proves his worth . . . "I don't care what people think. People are stupid." . . . "Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is a train." . . . "These are my new shoes. They're good shoes. They won't make you rich like me, they won't make you rebound like me, they definitely won't make you handsome like me. They'll only make you have shoes like me. That's it." Nobody quite like Sir Charles. A bit outdated, but who cares? He's on TV now.

7. Rajon Rondo. I'll save you my Rondo jockriding rants for the moment. If you wanna hear me gush about Rajon, head on down to the post entitled "YOU GOT RONDO'D". And the fact is, everyone gets Rondo'd. Any team that lines up against Beantown, in fact. IN the society.

8. Kevin Garnett: The dude is insane. What's all this crazy stuff that he's pulling now? I'm not sure what to make of it, but KG's the man. Dude's a winner. I got a piece on him coming up around New Year's or whatever, but the dude seriously belongs here.

9. Baron Davis: This guy . . . has the best sense of humor in the NBA. Barring Shaq. And maybe barring Sam I Am. And a few other guys. But Baron's got a good deal of humor to bring to the table., all the videos and stuff . . . nice. And sorry to bring political affiliations into this, but the Obama supporting that he did was great. Baron's a beast. And Jenny Craig? Even beastlier.

10. Nene Hilario: Nene is bouncing back in incredible fashion. After the cancer scare, Nene came back to a frontcourt-less Nuggets team and put it back. Now averaging 14.6 points, 7.3 reounds, 1.6 blocks, 1.5 steals and 1.3 assists per game, he's putting it all back in Denver. Chauncey Billups is helping with the team success, too. But Nene coming back from a year off to do this truly puts him in here.

Again, I left off all the other guys that DP has already put in. If you guys have nominations, let us know! But here's a start.



Hursty said...

Yeh... I sorta meant as in, a run down of guys we 'inducted' already. Not just new guys. But I agree with all those choices.

Hursty said...

PS- check your email. And now it is raining in SYD. And its very humid. I say this because I know everyone cares *so* much.

Moose said...

Ohhh . . . yeah . . . my mistake. Thanks for agreeing with the choices anyways, though, haha. And speaking of the weather, it has been raining for a day and will for another in Beantown. Color me a bit pissed that it isn't cold enough for snow. Sigh.

Kid Presto said...

It's snowing in Mississippi! Mississippi! what the heck? still have to head to school tomorrow but hey I had a big snowball fight in the middle of the parking lot when we got dismissed from school early. Chick got some snow on my hibachi's...that kind of pissed me off but I guess it was all fun. Like some of the nominations, Moose. But I'll write down in my future post who is already in there so we won't be adding people that don't need to be added.

Presto in case you didn't know so.

Anonymous said...

Hey, we just got dumped on in terms of snow up in here in the lil ol' town of Sherburne, NY! No afterschool activities, possibly no school tomorrow, haha. Don't ask where Sherburne is though, cuz you couldn't find it on a map even with a magnifying glass

The only player I could think of was Chris Duhon. This season he's averaging 12.1ppg, 8.6apg and just 2.86 turnovers. All this while logging 40.3mpg, second behind Stephen Jackson. Plus, he also had a career-high 22 assists against the Warriors. Duhon has been the leader the Knicks desperately needed; without him, I doubt they'd be doing nearly as good (if you call 10-12 "good"). Other than that, not bad... though still puzzled by the inclusion of the "token white guy" haha

Moose said...

Wish it were snowing in MA . . . again. And baconator, looks like no school for you guys tomorrow. Anyways, I like your Duhon request. But I'll let Presto handle that one.

And baconator, tell me you don't love Scalabrine. he's been my favorite player forever. No love for Scallie? Dude . . . :)

Justin said...

Moose, you need to know Delonte West is as funny if not funnier than Shaq. youtube search "delonte west sock quote", "delonte west uncut (part 2)", "delonte west wire hanger commercial" and "delonte west and paul pierce fashion" Dwest, aka BROTHER RED BUSH is raw.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Moose, we're closed today, for the third time already.

Nah, I'm just joking. I love Scalabrine as well, especially after the news conference following the Celts winning the 'chip. Just the way he answered the question about him not playing in game 6 made me a fan :)

Moose said...

Dope videos, Justin, thanks for those, I'm on the Brother Redbush humor bandwagon now. If they tell us that we gonna play with a sock, we gonna play with a sock, haha. His voice is a bit like Adam Sandler's in The Waterboy in the "West Uncut" video for a coupla minutes there, too.

And baconator, everything Scalabrine says makes me a fan. And we got like four inches of rain in the last two days. Where's the 32 or below???

B. Long said...

@Hursty:Is this picture flattering enough for ya? Whats a guy gotta do to get into the Fly Society?

Moose said...

A B. Long sighting! OK, so for real pictures we have TADOne, Eboy, Co Co, DP and B. Long down.

Moose said...

DP, when you back here, check your email.

Bird Walkin BET said...

Good to see Nene is in the fly soviety. Besides the Lakers, the Celtics, and the Cavs, the Nuggets are the most balanced team in the NBA.

B. Long said...

New ish on W.B.B.Longs!

Hursty said...

Yeh, its pretty nice. Better than the other one haha. Its fly enough. That other one just made your nose loook daymn big. This one is more proportionate.

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