Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dreads and Free Darko

So I'm back at that ass hitting you with another fresh post of what's going on in my world. I mind you that this is my space to shine so I will not always be talking about basketball because there are bigger things happening...tonight that is. But be prepared for my random postings of school, work, and the occasional foreign exchange students that I try to holla at(rosario what up girl!). Anyways, not that many games on tonight, just that suns and mavs and nuggets and spurs. Just got through watching the suns games and let me tell you, they are horrible. H-o-r-r-i-b-l-e. My goodness I thought that Terry Porter was going to teach the boys how to play defense but I guess not seeing that the Mavs put 114 on them. It is really sad to see but we are all witnessing the decline of Steve nash. Yes, these last four years that he has had are probably enough to put him into the elite hall of fame but this year it is just not clicking. STAT is always going to get his and Shaq is playing well but Nash is not the same leader he once was. Assists are down. scoring is down. defense is down. well it was already bad but it just went to worse. It hurts me soul to see Nash trying so hard to keep his team in the game but people like Boris Diaw, Barbosa, and that Drajic dude just fuck things hope. Here's hoping that the suns can get back on track because they have now lost four in a row. mow and meh.

Time for Presto's random musings

  • This game between the Nuggets and Spurs bores me. SA is up by 22 late in the third and they are really in coast control right now. Billups has had a bad game and Carmelo seems a little slowed by the elbow injury. Definitely not the mile high team right now. SA just looks like a team that just wins. Bonner? Really now? the red rocket is hooping over cats heads? what is the world coming to!!! Micheal Finley even looked like he was 22 again early in the game. Slowly but surely, the spurs are getting some ground under them. until the next game of course...

  • I hate Darren Collison. If you didn't know, he is the starting point guard for the UCLA bruins, who are vastly overrated in my opinion, and every analyst in the country rides his jock. His favorite fan? Jay Bilas' bitch ass. I watched the Texas/UCLA game tonight and let me tell you, the dude played like an NBA first round draft pick. This is why I hate this guy. Some reason, the more I hate on him, the better he wants to play. Tonight he was freakin dudes with the crossover, getting his teammates into the flow of the offense, and he was even hitting jumpers with that ugly ass form that he has. it was a damn good performance. but it didn't matter in the end as the bruins lost that game by 4. He can't do it by himself and I know he is somewhere wishing Kevin Love would have got injured and never entered the draft. Also a word to the freshman Jrue Holiday, who looks EXACTLY like my homeboy Damion, step your game up young fella. You were ranked like 3rd in the nation last year right? play like it.

  • Presto's magical performance- Dirk- 39 and 9

Nothing else need be said. He has freaking defenders left and right with the fadeaway post up game tonight and he was looking like vintage Dirk. Every game Jason and him are playing better as a whole. Mavs will be aite when the end of the season hits.

  • So I'm trying to grow dreadlocks right now and let me tell's a bitch. My hair is already super nappy and leaving it in this wopsided afro doesn't help my cause. Ladies like a man well groomed and if I don't get this hair dreaded soon, they will soon start leaving me alone. dammit! I'm trying to go for a lil wayne/t-pain look put I don't want the dookie dreads. Just something that I will be able to shake around and flaunt my swag wit. I'll send pictures on hibachi hopefully by the start of the school year next year. be patient.

  • Just went to Borders and copped the new Free Darko almanac. I've only read the foreword by Gilbert Arenas so far but from what I've seen, it is going to be a life-altering book. I suggest you go buy it wherever there is a book store or you can order it off of or whatever you like. It only cost me 18 and I got the hardback because all the paperbacks where gone so it is probably cheaper than I advertised it to be.

Well, it has been a nice chat but I'm bout to read some more of Free Darko and try to get this foreign chick on my team...Holla!!!

Presto in case you didn't know so.


Moose said...

Dreadies for Presto! Whoah, man! You doing 'em natural? If you don't wanna do that, I know that has some nice products.

Ryne Nelson said...

This freshman class is wildin'. Collison is the man.


Im startin to get restless. And DP listen to the chorus and you will understand why i posted this: Shake dem dreads! And Danny Granger would call you Lil Wayne!

Watch the full thing and you will get it.

But Wave>>>>Dreads.

B. Long said...

My Boi! Nice to see ya back on Bachi, Presto.

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