Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ben the Rat is coming!

Real life shit that is better then anything you will ever see on tv. WATCH THEM IN ORDER

Friday, May 29, 2009

Play wit it wit it...for you wit it....i'm gone....

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dear Editor....

This really isn't a post....yet. I need a little assistance from my crew to help my next post be as fly as possible. I know this is a dumb ass question but I'm still a windows 98 Me edition type guy. How the hell do you get youtube videos on your post? Sometimes I just want to relate my post to a song that I'm really feelin and I want to keep you guys up to date with the flyest ish because I am a music buff as well as a basketball fanatic. Help your bro out and give me some helpful hints and tips. Shout out to Moose on the LeBron stat. Boy is truly amazing...the reason...everybody fired up in Cleveland! exhausted...barely breathing...holding on with series still...okay let me stop my rhyming. I go to far. Shout out to the rest...BET, Justin, Hurst, RV...especially justin for the drake references in his recent post. dude is definitely the fucking best. Oh yeah, BET, gucci new mixtape is (gulp) fire. I'm not being sarcastic either my dude. I kind of like it. Aite I'm out y'all. Fresh prince and fanta strawberry soda beckons me to chill with them. play wit it.

You Guys Aren't Gonna Like This...

...But this man deserves another post. 37, 15 and 12. This is uncanny. That is all.


Friday, May 22, 2009


By Moose

Hedo's wasn't good enough. One second left. Hand in his face. Buzzer. BEATER. 96-95 Cleveland. LeBron is king. Be easy.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

These are my demands.

They say the good die young so I added some
bad ass to my flavor to prolong my life over the drum.

I am the Toronto Raptor GM for the SLAM Mock Draft (didn't even have to start a beef with Ryan Jones to get the spot), and I have some demands. Because I'm an aloof, insufferable white man with an affinity for asking questions, err- demanding answers. My only rule- I will not draft Tyler Hansbrough.

1. Who should I draft, why?
2. What's to stop me from trading Chris Bosh for Chris Quinn of the Heat?
3. Does this mean I can't draft another European like they seem to every year?
4. Is it too Ashton Kutcher-esque to ding-dong-ditch Bill Simmons?
5. Can't I just draft Kareem? I mean, sure he's old, but he's better than any center in this class currently, even with those old ass bones he's rockin' under the skin.
6. Can I pull a Will Farrell "Here to fuck shit up," and draft the rights of Jeremy Tyler, letting him mature for two years in Europe?
7. What about this... pulling a fast one on the NBA? Remember Chappelle's racial draft, the one where the Asian cats drafted... THE WU TANG CLAN?!
8. Can I draft the literal Velociraptor from the Gatorade/Vince Carter commercial?
9. What if I draft Mark Titus, just to spite Sternbot?

I'm picking 9th, so I'm asking 9 questions. How cliche. To leave you, I've assembled one damn good middle of the week playlist. Allow your ears to be swerved.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hey, Jerry West: AMEN

By Moose

Just saw this come across the ESPN wire. The man is speaking the truth. I don't want to spark another Bron-Kobe debate, but this is big for Kobe haters and LBJ lovers right here. Here is an excerpt, via ESPN. You can read the full post here.

"I look at Cleveland [and] say to myself, 'How many games could they win without LeBron James?'" West told Reuters in an interview. "That's how great he is.

"He has a chance to be arguably the greatest player ever to play the game."

West, the NBA's executive of the year with the Lakers in 1995 and the Memphis Grizzlies in 2004, said playing both ends of the floor was what made Jordan so great.

"Michael Jordan was the best defensive player in the league but he was also the best offensive player," said West. "It wasn't a one-year fluke, he proved it over time.

"LeBron James will do the same type of things because he's getting better. He's a much more effective shooter. When's he's making his shots from the outside, you can't play him.

"He's just too big, too strong, too quick. And he has incredible body control. But more than that, he's a great teammate. You can see his teammates love him."

And that last part is what sets Kobe and LeBron apart. I agree with every single word coming out of West's mouth right here. Keep preaching to the choir, Jerry.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm Giving In . . .

A Moose Track

. . . To the hype machine. I mean, the media is always searching for that perfect matchup that millions of viewers will tune into, the one with the ratings that they can laugh happily about as they amply watch it, not a care in the world about who's going to win. I mean, why not?

A LeBron-Kobe Finals would be cool. It won't be what people think it would be, I think that it would disappoint, but it would be cool. I mean, ultimately, this is David Stern's dream matchup, and it's no secret to the league, its teams, and its humble bloggers who like to cover it.

Why not root for an LBJ-Black Mamba finish? I mean, obviously, I'm rooting for Boston, but who's going to get past Cleveland in the Eastern Conference? Nobody. LeBron and the supporting cast are too nasty to handle in a seven game series. And, I'm rooting against the Lakers in these playoffs. It's my obligation, isn't it?

Yet, a Lakers-Cavs Finals would be hella cool. I mean, they wouldn't guard eachother, but it would be heated, hyped and fun to watch. If both guys dropped fifty a night, how sick would that be?

I don't want to say that I've given in to the hype machine. But you have to admit, that would be cool. I don't know what kind of response I'm going to get from this post, so I'd love all of your ideas. And just as an afterthought, I'll be posting my take on "Kobe Doin' Work" sometime this week. Be easy.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Random Musings And All That

By Moose

Yes, I am coming out with another random musings post . . . because this blog is in need of some new thoughts under the title. So here it goes.

I'm going to stray off of the playoffs for a minute. Okay, who's seen Mixed Martial Arts? UFC and all of that? I did last week . . . I lasted 30 seconds. And I'm done. That stuff is just way too brutal, in my opinion. Some people say that it's the future of sports, but I think that the stuff is just crazy. It's more advanced WWE . . . just this is real. Weird.

I want to know your top ten favorite players. Rules: This player can't be on your favorite team. They have to be currently playing in the NBA. And that's basically it. Here're my top ten (in order, of course).

1. Derrick Rose
2. Joe Johnson
3. Kevin Durant
4. Al Jefferson
5. Dwyane Wade
6. Chauncey Billups
7. Rudy Gay
8. Andre Iguodala
9. Brandon Roy
10. David Lee

There it is. Now gimme yours.

Anyways, here's my song of the week. I posted this a while ago, but I only got two other commenters, I think . . . so I'm gonna repost it here. It's my favorite variation of "Hustlin'" by Rick Ross that I've ever heard. Say what you want about Rick Ross, but this is the best one there is out there. It uses the beats and the unmistakable "Everyday I'm hustlin" . . . it's by Lil Wayne and DJ Drama, and it's on Dedication 2 . . . aka "A Sick Mixtape". Enjoy.

Give me your feedback on that. Next video up is one of the funniest things ever. Just go to YouTube, put in "Whitest Kids U Know" and watch them all. Trust me on this one.

Anyways, I'm done with the videos. On to some more thoughts about the playoffs and all of that. The Celtics are doing all right against the Magic. All right. But, truthfully, if they lose this series, I won't be mad or disappointed. We're not going to beat Cleveland anyways. I count the first series win as a success. Truly was the greatest playoff series ever.

OK, so most everybody here read Lang Whitaker's The Links post a few days back, but I'm going to post my outrage here right now for this picture and proof that SLAM is the greatest that bigger mags want to take their ideas.

Anyways, that's all for now. Go Celtics tonight.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

R.I.P - Me watching baseball

Dear Major Leauge Baseball,

I have just wrote a 5 paragraph letter to you over the past 20 minutes. Then after reading more into the news that one of my favorite athletes ever is a doper/medication user (if you are really oblivious/dumb enough to think Manny needed woman's fertility treatment) instead of just a general reaction to the news, i decided not to even post it, but instead a simpler, bigger message:


When real numbers come out about which players did what, and who did what, and not some Sogay Canseco tell it all/snitch bs, maybe i will rebuke that claim. Until then, all i got to say is i am pissed at you for allowing such shit to go down in your sport for so long, to the point where every single 'clean' talent is dirtier than a dog that rolled around in some mud puddles.



Saturday, May 2, 2009

!!!Read These Blogs!!!

A Moose Track

OK, I'll get down to the point of this post right now: There are a lot of sports blogs out there. Some of them, people spend a good amount of time writing for. Most of them, however, don't get any readers. Even though they deserve them. So, here is my promo of some great hoops blogs that I read, but nobody else does. This is to get them more readers, really. Click on the name of the blog to visit it.

1. Truly Hoops
This blog is written by Collin and Jamey Burke, two frequent commenters on SLAMonline and HIBACHI. These guys are from Oregon and Boston, and are, as you could guess, Blazers and Celtics fans. They write about current NBA news and occurrences as well as old-school pieces, usually with accompanying pictures or videos straight from the Boston Garden. They must have more followers.

2. Orange Juice
This one is made by the baconator, a guy who shows up on HIBACHI and SLAMonline a lot. The subtitle for the blog is "Offbeat, witty and 100% like nothing you've ever read before" and that isn't so far off. Although it isn't updated all that often, what shows up on it is great. It is titled thusly because of his Syracuse and Knicks fandom, whose colors are . . . orange.

3. Another 48 Minutes
This blog is maintained by Gerard Himself, frequent commenter on SLAMonline, as all of these guys are. And yes, it's Gerard with an R, not an L. He says, "I'm Dutch, I've been following the League for almost two decades now but there are very few people in The Netherlands who share the same passion about the NBA." He has kept the blog since 2007, and it is updated frequently with his NBA thoughts. Needs readers!

4. The Sports Diary Online
This blog is made by Roy Afable, a Filipino Celtics fan who is also a general sports fan. He writes about all parts of the sports world, including hoops, boxing and soccer. This blog is great for general good writing. Please check it out, Roy is a great writer.

These blogs deserve to be read and get commented on. Put on your reading hats!


Friday, May 1, 2009


Exactly. This ain't no blog post but it's more like a breifing. I haven't been in the building for like what, a month? I know y'all missed my me oh so much but I've had a lot on my plate to eat this past month. Between getting ready for my last year of summer ball in high school to trying to past Trig with at least a B, to trying to figure out what I'm going to do for my senior project, life is what you can call stressful. But that is life and I'm glad to be like Busta Buss and Back on my bullshit. Sorry for the delay but you can blame it on my lazy ass just not wanting to type for long periods of time. Seems like the site is still jumping even without my presence or Hursty's....hopefully he will be back soon as well. Shout outs to Moose, Justin, RV, and BET for holding the site down in my absence. Oh crap...I forgot, this ain't no blog post....just have a couple of things I have to get off my chest...

Fly Society!!!!!

1. Ray Allen-Jesus is walking on water again!!!! Let's hope he can turn the water into wine during game 7.

2.Brad Miller-You are in dog just for having the swag to calmly knock down all 5 of your free throws after you became Chicago's public enemy number 1 after game 5. Nice way to bounce back, B-Mills. That must be where Spencer gets his swag from.....

3.Ben Gordon-Hey, give me your workout routine dude. You are in fly society strictly because you are built like a mini truck at 6-3. Get that defense right though young man or you will be out of this society in a heartbeat.

4. Rajon Rondo- 24, 10, 11....As one of Jay-Z songs said, "What more can I say?"

5. Kendrick Perkins- No you are not in the society so you can keep your damn frown. I just wanted to mention you because I was you ever smile guy? You look like you wake up in the morning pissed. Wonder what your kids act like...

okay, let me stop..I'm getting to ahead of myself....This series just has me excited as a punk in a weeny factory. oscar meyer to be exact.

Not really worried about the Lakers right now...They will beat Hou in at least 6 games.

I will leave you guys with some of my own music selections for the month since BET is always putting out his gucci gucci la flare.

I think you understand the title of the blog post now...or the inspiration behind it at least...

play wit it
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