Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving . . .

Just wanted to say happy thanksgiving to everyone out there in the blogosphere. Have a good time hanging with the fam, and be sure to give thanks for all that we have. And, don't forget to enjoy Lupe's new mixtape. Have a great Turkey Day everyone. I'll leave that with a track...


PS: dp this is for you and me: Charles Hamilton is back!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Leap Of Faith

Return to what you know.
For some, that's routine, for others it's the knowledge that a textbook can provide.
For me, it's sport.
Sports are easy to write about, but hard to write well about. It doesn't matter whether it's about Golf, Ice Hockey, Petanque or Fly-Fishing. If it's poorly written, it doesn't matter how good the subject might be - there won't be readers.
But here's the thing - the style of the author changes depending on the comfort and knowledge they have of their material. Obvious right? Well, maybe so - but why hasn't it been written about prior? Maybe it has. Can you prove it?
For a writer, it's not about being 'average' with their content. It's getting the best stories, most impressive leads, and crucial quotes - they make and break the text.
For an athlete, being 'average' isn't acceptable either. It just isn't. They come up with the best strategies, most impressive performances and crucial plays. And if they don't - they become fodder for the media.
You've seen what pressure can do to athletes. See it in their eyes, their shaking hands, the unecessary movements. Big moments create big characters. When you see Kobe Bryant calling for the ball on the wing, you know he's not afraid of the moment. He won't slide to the corner, shying away from the ball, gesturing "No, no - you take the final shot Lamar Odom. You make the last gasp play."
Even when Brett Favre or Peyton Manning misfires on a touchdown pass during the 2 minute drill in the 4th Quarter, you know that despite the failure, they've learnt something from the experience. That's what makes a champion. In failure, and adversity one can learn and strive forwards and become better. The desire and willpower to improve oneself is what makes a champion.
Manu Ginobli was never the fastest guy on the court, or the most athletic - sure he was above average, but never exceptional - but his effort and desire set him apart from his peers. We've seen the images of him iced from ankles to knees. During the pre-season.
It takes heart to train yourself to the brink of collapse, to push that extra lap around the football field. That final benchpress that burns so much you need two spotters. The last dumbell curl that leaves your bicep screaming for hours afterwards.
And why do they do it? Why, perhaps do you do that? It's minimal gain for a whole lot of pain. Ali, The Greatest said that he could only truly know his limits and abilities once he was past pain and the psychological restraints of his mind.
That burning desire for success lies within all of us. Dormant.
It's up to you to awaken it, nobody can make you work so hard you're ready to crumple to the floor. There can be inspirations, quotes, family, role-models, the list goes on.
But at the end of all things, there is only you and your desire. You must jump to be successful, you cannot be pushed.
Take the Leap of Faith.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Most of my thinking is complex, but most of you think that it's nonsense...

A Moose Track

So we're two weeks into the NBA season (I think?) and I haven't checked in here for a substantial post in a while, so I'm gonna give it a go here.

I say Jay-Z in Rhode Island a week ago, and I gotta Was the greatest concert I've ever been to (which doesn't imply much but the show was sick). I had decent seats, the sound wasn't bad, Hov put on a great show. He did pretty much everything....really. Name it, he did it. Big Pimpin', Dirt Off Your Shoulder, 99 Problems....everything. You can see the whole show that I saw in pretty good quality right here.

N*E*R*D, J. Cole and Wale opened for him, and they all performed well. J. Cole only did three songs, but they were the essentials (Grown Simba, Lights Please, I Get Up). He came back to do "A Star Is Born" anyways. Wale did about a half an hour, and he did some good joints--W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E., Nike Boots, Pretty Girls, Mirrors, Chillin, World Tour...that's about all I can remember, but he was sick. Had great energy, frequently talked shit about the radio (both while spittin and while talking to the whole crowd). NERD was on for a while and it was tough to hear them; the rock band behind them was kinda ruining it. They were solid, but Pharrell needs to get some dance lessons. Man...

On to the current NBA season. I'll start with the normal things...

The Celtics are dominating. We all know it, and we shouldn't be afraid to admit it by now. You know I'm a big fan, but I'm realistic and I don't take sides while blogging, so I can say that. Rondo is owning while barely taking any field goal attempts, PSquared is playing out of his head, and for those of you who aren't paying attention, Kendrick Perkins has improved immensely. Swatting shots left and right. The C's are the deepest team in the league, and if we don't get injured, then nobody will stop this team.

Miami, Denver, Atlanta, Orlando, Phoenix and LA are all playing outstanding so far among many. Other teams (San Antonio, Cleveland, Dallas) will pick up slack in the next couple of weeks and it'll all even out. And what do you guys think about Washington, Toronto and Philadelphia? I can't make up my mind on any of these teams. So much talent, but...

There haven't been many big surprises this year SO FAR in the league, HOWEVA! we all know that it's too early to call that stuff. J.J. Redick has been playing way too well. Somebody put a lid on that dude, he shouldn't be playing this well. Making me think that the NBA could be some big joke that ends with JJ Redick in the top 10 scoring and rebounding. But on the real, he's doing things other than shooting, and I hope that it's not here to stay.

Maybe it's just me, but I don't see Steve Nash playing the way he's been playing for 82+ games. He's got 19.6 points, 10.8 dimes and 3 boards per game. These numbers look great for Nashty, looks like him circa 2004. But, he's very fallible because of his percentage line--.529 FG%, .923 FT%, and--ready?--.545 3PT%. This will not continue. But, maybe Nash can lead the Suns to a good season. I don't see that out of the picture.

Pick up Brandon Jennings in your fantasy league. He's my rookie of the year pick, and the dude is wreckin. 22, 5 and 4 with 1.7 steals per game is sweet from a rook, even with 34 minutes a game. Jennings is the man. There aren't many point guards who can match up to his quickness, Derrick Rose and Rondo are probably his counterparts in that area.

Not much else I can say here. Keep your eyes on Michael Beasley, just as someone interesting to watch right about now. Happy birthday to our dude DP. Put on some Curren$y and go around saying "play wit it" to everyone after a conversation in honor of his 18th. Be easy.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I got 18 years of this!!!!!

I just wanted to make it known that by the time you guys read this, yo boy will be 18. It's been a fun ride so far and I thank you guys for being my blog mates for almost 2 years now? I not good with times so please remind but I feel like you fellas are family and I've never met you. I have a feeling that once the years go on we will have a chance to link up and do some crazy shit together. Maybe even see young Moose play a D1 college game. Who knows? But I thank God for giving me these 18 years and I hope he gives me 18 more years of happiness and straight up excellence. Just a lil mini vent from ya boy. and since I can now buy black and milds now I plan on buying some just to show the old lady at the corner store by kroger's that I can buy what the hell I want. She was bugging the last time so showing her my ID will make me feel accomplished. That and the act of voting who the fugg I want for office. As always I leave you guys with a beautiful song because November 4th, 1991 was my moms beautiful day and November 4th, 2009 is another beautiful day for me.

"when you fly as a bitch, and you ain't bothered a bit.....this is my beautiful day."
play wit it.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Basically I'm blowing up overnight.....BOOM!!! Nice to be back in the house while these other dudes out here decorating. I just wanted to take the time out to inform you guys on my fantasy team and why I will go undefeated this year. Moose's team seems unreal to me because there is no way you can have both Carmelo and Bron unless the people in your league are brain dead. Either that or they listened to reggie miller but either way it's a big F#ck up on their part. My team is looking crispy so far seeing that I just beat my first opponent by over 400 points. Gangsta. Here is the run down of my squad.

PG-Monta Ellis. Great choice for me because he is the only true guard on the team and he can get to the rack with ease. and by the looks of it, he will get assists on demand with Ex Cap Jack and Curry in the corner for threes.

SG-Brandon Roy-Kind of on and off guy for me. One day he will score 40, the next he will get 13. But more than likely the 40 comes on regular basis than the 13 so I will take my chances.

SF-LeBron James-Yeah.

PF- Andrea Bargmoney-this motherlover is going to give me some action this year! Pause. Really though he is young dirkin the competition in the first couple of games so I expect nothing but good results from this guy.

C-Bynum-took a big gamble with this one because he is one dead leg away from being out for another year.

Other notable guys- Russel Westbrook, Joe Johnson, Noah, Oden...will be replace soon, Brandon Jennings, Mareese Speights and Gerald Wallace.

When my guys are on, I don't think no one in my League can stop me. I hope you guys are REALLY paying attention to guys like Speights and Jennings though. Especially Jennings. He will win ROY and I have been saying this since last year. The boy is the closest thing to an Iverson I have ever seen. With better passing ability and 100X athletic. It's Paranormal Activity scary. I haven't seen the flick yet but I heard it will make you shit yourself. Anybody want to tell me different?

Basketball season for me starts Saturday and I'm coolin with it. I'm so stressed out by other things in my life right now that I'm not even nervous about the season. I'm ready but looks like this year I might be looking at the nickname of young Ryne Nelson, DNP-CD. lmao don't ask why it just is what it is. After being off the team for two years and finally being "graciously" let back on as a senior, I'm just glad to be on a team and to experience the game I love so damn much. I really wouldn't care if I played a minute because my love surpasses any stats that I could muster up in a high school game. Spalding still has love for me and I'll be damn if I stop loving that chick either. Alright I'm done venting for the moment. I'm off to eat this banana pudding that my mom blessed me with for my birthday. I'm finally going to be 18 so how about you fuckers give me a shout out on twitter or facebook on November 4, 2009 and wish ya boy a good birthday! Thats Wednesday for those who didn't know. Now I leave you with the soulful sounds of my dude, J.Cole. This boy is a problem.

"And it's happening fast........."
play wit it.
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