Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sorry Robbie Hummel, I meant to say that Michigan State is way overrated!

How do you describe anal rape? I won't let you answer that question as I tell what it is. It is North Carolina busting the brakes off of Michigan State, 96-61 as I currently watch it. It is 10:20 pm down here in the dirty Mississippi and it's kind of early for one of my posts but I need, want, and yearn for sleep so I'm trying to go on and get this out of the way. Tom Izzo...did you bribe the coaches to vote for your team to get in the top 25 this year? I mean let us see, you started off the year at the number 5 spot! Way too high for you guys as you got beat by...uh, damn I have short term memory now but you lost to a team that you were supposed to beat!! Now you get raped on your on floor by a North Carolina team that doesn't even have a healthy Tyler Hansborough. freakin scary. Looking at Michigan State as a whole, they are garbage. I throw them in the trash. Their best player is Raymar Morgan, who if he is not putting up Big ten player of the year numbers every night, they stand the chance to lose. Kalin Lucas at the point is aite but those two are not cutting it for T to the Izzo and just looking at him on the big screen I can tell that Izzo is just like, "What the hell...". where is Goran Sutton when you need him? I didn't even watch the game as I just had a league pass 11ven-some with that many games on tonight. If I had that many girls with me....

All this college basketball thinking comes from the fact that yesterday I made a false assumption about my man Robbie Hummel. I was on the weed, you have to mind me but I compared Hummel to David Mclure, who is like a 7th year senior that gives duke some hustle every now and again. I was wrong Hummel. I'm not wrong about you being overrated because you are. I was wrong about you being wayyy overrated and not realizing that you are a good player. Looking at your stats and some of the games that I have watched of you, I was tripping. You have a nice J, you get your teammates involved, you hit the boards with aggression every play, and you are a leader of a team and you are just a sophomore. I'm sorry I didn't see that dude and I'm sorry for bashing you into pieces. Now, don't think that I love you or have a man crush on are still freakin overrated. But you can ball and I respect that. Bet is still on that you don't win player of the year though...Cub, want to take me on that offer?

Just some random thoughts before I log off and read the new Slam

  • Baron and the clips lost again. again. yes, again. I'm wondering if Baron is still thinking did he sacrifice a good life with the Warriors for all the fame and flashing lights with the underachieving clips. If you get the Kanye reference I just threw in there then you are pimpin.

  • How can League pass not show Hornets/Suns and Hawks/Grizz? Now I have to wait in the morning for hopefully some game notes from lang and agrrey.

  • Sam Mitchell being fired was just a bitch move by raptors front office. I mean, how can you blame the man for the team sucking ass and not sticking to the game plan. He just won coach of the year two years ago and because he gets an butt whopping of 39 points you want to fire him? Dude was one of the classiest and best dressed coaches in the League. He reminds me of Dr. Lee off of Drumline, just a smooth operator like Sade says. I just know bosh better have a meeting with his team and tell them that this is not a game and they look horrible. Jose, Andrea, AP, and's time to get wit it or get lost ya dig!

  • Deron williams is not exploding like he usually does. I say it's from the injury because he just got back so I hope Deron starts playin back to his old self so this new Slam cover won't look so stupid. Bad loss for the Jazz at home too. Losing to the Heat isn't a good way to start your home stand and haven't they already lost like three games at home? How many did they lose last year? Was it even double digits?

  • Dwight howard is officially a member of the Fly Society: 21.8 ppg, 14.4 rebounds, 3.8 blocks. Yeah, he is a problem that can't be solved. Shout out to moose for pointing this out to me early in the day.

  • Would you be surprised if I told you Andre Miller should be getting pain more than Iggy?

  • Can we all agree that Rodney Stuckey looks better at the point than at the 2 and vice versa for AI? Just something to think about.

My player of the night-Kobe bryant- 32, 4, and 6.

I know what you are thinking, favoritism. Kind of yes and kind of no. Kobe actually showed up for the fourth quarter in this one and nailed some ice cold jumpers on Iggy and company. Lakers bounced back and it is good to see the mamba back in venom rotation. killing these defenders slowly...

aite I'm bout to bounce before my moms comes in trippin about a bedtime.

Presto in case you didnt' know so.


Hursty said...

That Sam Mitchell vs. Dr Lee comparison was totally on point DP.
Kobe seems to like playing back in Philly huh? Nice stuff.

Hursty said...

Also memo to everyone: I sent bet another (!) invite email for the site. If he does not recieve it then something is wrong.
I have full administration priveleges (the same as D.P) IF he does not get it then DP will (hopefully) send him another confirmation- although I hope that it will not come to that stage.

Hursty said...

DP, RV and I (and PP) have admin privilges.
Moose, Money Bill and now BET will all have author privileges.
The only difference I can tell of is that authors do not have the ability to invite people into blogs or change the site layout (although that might be possible to a certain degree).
They can do everything else though.
Just clearing that up.
Peace fellas.

Moose said...

Thanks for the heads up on that Hursty. Hopefully we'll have something outta him by tonight. DP, you on a roll, man! Or should I say, Kid Presto?

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