Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Look up to the Jets

It's been a while since my last post but trust me it wasn't because I didn't want to be posting my fucking realness but it was mother nature. Last night, as I went to the cpu to type my new fly society post(yes, I know, the pic is fly right?) a huge thunderstorm hit Mississippi and it was thundering so bad I screamed a little bit when my lights went out for a while. Now it looks like according to the weather peeps, we are excepting snow. Like RV, I haven't seen snow in Mississippi since around 2000 when your boy was like 9 years old. I doubt anything happens and I don't need it to snow right now. I have finals next week and I want to go on and get them over with!!! Chemistry is killing a brother and if I read another page of AP Language and Composition I will put the gun to my mouth. But that was just a brief of what is happening in my life. The nba is going bonkers right now. J-rich to PHX? wow. another scorer for PHX who plays dismal defense. yeah, just what they needed. I will let my homey BET(congrats on joining the fam) assess what the cats are receiving in Bell and um...I forgot other dude's name. Right now I am viewing the LAL-PHX game and let me tell you, my Lakers cannot play any D. It is making me want to watch Family Matters right now and they have been laying eggs the past 5 games. As in the words of Napoleon Dynamite, Geez...
-New members!!!!!! Fly society time!!! They look up to the jets!!1
  • -Stephen Curry
This dude should have made the club since that game where they put two defenders on him the whole time just to make sure he didn't score. and that team still got waxed by like 30. That shows his moxie and gangster. Last night kid took the game from West V., scoring more than their whole team in the last 5 minutes. Whether it is the three, driving to the lane, or just dishing it out, Curry has become the real deal. or like we learned in U.S. history yesterday, the New deal. I hate the comparisons to J.J. because he never really was a complete player in college. Sure his handles got a little better every year but when you even look at his senior year, dude still wasn't putting the ball on the floor unless it was a one or two dribble pull up. Curry can handle the ball and he has freaked so many defenders early in the season that it is just a beautiful thing to watch. I can't say how he will be in the L, but I know now that while in college, he is the baddest motha shut it like shaft. welcome to curry.
  • -Luke Walton
No, he is not in. Hell no. But I wanted to give that man props because for some reason Phil is playing him and he is actually playing good. Giving out assists out assits. yeah. God this game is so horrid on defense that I think I'm about to sign off.
  • -Tim Tebow
yes, football players are allowed in the lounge as well. the champagne is especially chilled for this man. Heisman last year. Heisman this year in my opinion. All that Sam Bradford shit can go to the gutter, dude isn't that hot. Look at the games with bradford. His players make him not vice versa. They need to show more recognition to OKA's wide outs and running backs which make Sam look so goody to shoe. Tebow is an all out hustler. an abuser. he will run over anybody and he can throw any type of pass, even a jumpshot pass. check your youtube for that one. Tebow will NEVER run over anyone like that in the NFL but right now he is the cream of the crop and the Gators will be chomping that sooner ass in January. any bets?
  • -Nancy Lieberman
Get the fuck of the court.
  • -I never realized this but Jamal Crawford has one of the illiest crossovers I've ever seen.
  • -"eat you alive" is becoming my favorite song to listen to before a big game. no homo.
  • -Iggy, you are getting there. keep pushing and I just might root for you again.
aite, I'm getting tired and my foreign exchange student girl is calling me. You know how them girls from chile get.
Presto in case you didn't know so.
Jets n***a, where haven't we been yet, fuck boys wonderin if they bitch next.


Hursty said...

Hold up, hold up, hold UP. Presto I LOVE that list esp. Nancy LiberMAN. but to NOT have 'Melo on the list? After today? My goodness. A 33(!) point quarter to help them get the lead and a win. 45 points total as well.
Have we included LeBron on the list? What about Dwyane Wade. We really should have a list. Yep. Moose- do a list. You like writing. Lets have a run down haha. But Im sorta serious.
PS- for BET when he reads this, Im doing a Julius Hodge story as we/I talk. And not since you mentioned it on slamonline, I was already writing it. Dude is on fire here. Again.

Moose said...

I'm on it, Hursty. You'll have it by Friday night. But almost expect it to be up tonight (in the morning for you). I got ya :).

Anonymous said...

Presto, J-Creezy has some of the sickest handles I've ever seen. Youtube "Jamal Crawford Kirk Hinrich" to see what I mean

Kid presto at school blogging said...

I could of sworn I said ps. Melo you are in. I guess I didn't but yeah Melo is in the society. cannot deny that kind of play with nothing.



Justin said...

KP quoted for truth- Sam Bradford is some playground bullshit. And yesterday USA today said he is the native americans BARACK OBAMA. I WAS LIKE BITCH HES BARELY NATIVE, HE DOESN'T LIVE ON A RESERVATION, HES A FOOTBALL PLAYER NOT A PRESIDENT ELECT. UGH. OVERHYPE. You didn't know JCRAW's cross was filthy like chicken dinner at lubys cafeteria? welcome to the goodlife

Ryne Nelson said...

Nancy Lieberman's crossover >>>> Crawfish's crossover

Hursty said...

lol Ryne. Any luck with getting a video camera into the game?

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