Saturday, December 6, 2008


There was a monster jam in the Nets-Timberwolves game last night. Somebody got posterized. He got a facial. He got owned, pwnd, or whatever other reference you want to make that involves somebody embarrassing another. It involved the greatest dunker ever, Vince Carter.

The other man involved was Kevin Love, a 20 year old 6'10" rookie power forward out of UCLA. Not known for his athleticism and known really for his full-court swishes and outlet passes, he's just developing. Isn't great yet. Who do you think got posterized? Sounds like a no-brainer, right? I mean, Carter dunks on a lot of guys.

Last night Kevin Love threw down on Vince like Vince could on him. After receiving a pass on the block from the perimeter, Love made a power move towards the basket, leaped, and posterized. Vince had been in great position to embarrass Love with a thrilling block, leaping up to Love's level, but that went against him. One-handed jam with an arm in his face. Literally.

OK, Minnesota is NO force to be reckoned with. The L-Wolves DO suck. Al Jefferson is a big fish in a small pond in Minny, they certainly got SOMETHING for their best player of all time. They are incredibly young, might be good in a few years (if you guys haven't read my article on hear entitled "The Future", read it now). But maybe they got something good when they traded third overall pick OJ Mayo to the Memphis Grizzlies.

I don't agree with the trade call. They traded a player who had obvious talent who was coveted as a middle-school standout (sigh), for a dude who plays the same position as their best player and a guy who'll be way past his prime when Minny will start to poke it's young head out into the realm of relevancy. They had made a mistake in my opinion, and they were ripped.

But, maybe Love can turn out to be the man in years to come. I'm not just talking about the dunk last night, although that WAS sweet (Video here: I mean that it looks like Love might be underrated. I'm just saying that he might be. I think that his athleticism is underrated as well, although weight is somewhat an issue.

I am not a Kevin Love fan by any means. I just know that 8.3 points and six boards while playing just 23.6 minutes in only 12 games is pretty good for a rookie. ESPECIALLY a 20 year old rookie. Love will develop, and maybe he'll turn out to be what the Wolves wanted. I don't think it will happen nor do I not think it will happen. I'm just saying, I think he has the potential. If he's given the opportunity. He's been overshadowed a bit by the outstanding play of Derrick Rose and OJ Mayo (coughtheguyhegottradedforcough), but I think that he might be able to be a great player. MIGHT.

Sorry if this post might've been a little contradicting and/or sloppy, but I just wanted to post about the sweet jam last night and about Love as well . . .

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