Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fly Society and Robbie Hummel

Okay, so I'm back again to hit my fans and friends with another edition of the Fly Society club. As I was watching all the games on League pass and checking out a few college games(more on that later) I was thinking, if I let dudes get into Fly Society just off one performance, what would that be saying about my society. I mean anyone can go off and have one good night like David Lee did and score 37 and 21. But David Lee can also lay an egg time to time so eventually I would have to revoke his membership. get it? Basically what I am trying to say is that I will not inducting new members into the society all willy nilly. There are some requirements that come with the membership and let me lay them down for you.

1. You must show for at least three to four games in a row that you are a fucking beast whether it be by points, assits, rebounds, blocks, steals, hustle, swag...etc.

2. No losers allowed. I will give props to peeps that do their thing, but if they are not helping their team to victory, then I can't have you in the club. More than anything, I hate to be a loser. Sorry Kevin Durant, you might never make it, son. You neither, soulja boy.

3. Score 50 or more and you are in without interview.

4. Dunk on two or more people and you are in.

5. Have a game-winning shot! Yay Troy Murphy!! sike...you beat my lakers. I am highly pissed right now...

But I think y'all get the deal on what it takes to make the Fly Society and what I expect of our members. Tonight was a very hectic night for me because with league pass on I can never find a game that I just want to sit and watch the whole way through before changing the channel. One game that did keep me on was the Bulls-Sixers matchup as Derrick Rose and the guy he left standing on the ground to wipe his shoes, Andre miller went head to head again. Miller got the W but Rose is starting to put up some Fly society type shit. Rose...I got my eye on you man. Pretty soon you will be in but let me see what you got against the bucks tomorrow and we will talk. Enough with the jibber jabber, let's get down to business. The main way I'm going to do these posts is I am going to shout out love to who is ballin and shit on who is digging themselves a hole. You will know when a new member of Fly society is announced by the head title.


  • Indiana Pacers- they beat my team that was recently 14-1 and the best in the damn business. They have to be ballin considering we were waxing that ass from late third to early fourth quarter. Also shout out to Danny Granger and Troyyyyy Murphyyyy. That hairdo has got to change though, Murph. you look like a freakin tall puffed out gremlin.

Derrick Rose- one game away from fly society status

Duke Blue Devils- I used to love this team. now I am starting to get the hate from everyone else and now I despise this team. But they defeated a A OVERRATED Purdue at their own house so Duke knows how to get the wins even if they will never get past the second round of the tournament for years to come.

Ariza-I didn't show this man love in my last post but his hustle, scrappiness, athleticism, and all around game have him at the brink of fly society status. My favorite laker off the bench by far.

Brandon Roy- 23, 6, 5, and 3. FANTASY!

Digging themselves a hole

  • Robbie Hummel- Sorry dude, but Dick Vitale brought this one on you. I hate these college analysts who overrated every single player but never realize the real talent until they are killing in the NBA and the guy's jock they have been riding since they were DIAPER DANDIES is now begging for work in the D-league or just some dude on the bench.(JJ holla!) But this is a dude that Dickie just pissed me off with tonight. I already knew about Hummel from previous games and just let me tell you, I don't see where all the hype is coming from. Pre-season Big ten Player of the Year? Seriously? This dude is nothing more than a slightly better version of Duke's main glue guy, David Mclure. Every time I see Hummel play, his ass is just in the right place at the right time. All of his points come off of broken plays and shit like that. I know I may be wrong but the only guy on Purdue that is worth anything is E'twan Moore. That is why I have just made a bet with my buddy that if Robbie Hummel makes it to the all big ten team and wins player of the year, I will write a full piece on him and how I was wrong and ignorant for doubting the man's awesomeness. I hope you are listening, Hummel. Yeah, you put up 15 and 8 tonight against duke but the player of the year is going to have to put up better numbers than that. Get on your grind. Anybody want to bet against me?

Lil Wayne- never was on you like that but dedication 3 just cemented it...you are through. Drought is over 6 was decent but a comeback is improbable.

Toronto Raptors- Bosh, didn't I just tell you that you can't get into the society even if you put up MVP numbers. Why CB? because your team is still getting raped night in and night out with your stellar production. meh and mow.

Spencer Hawes- conservative bastard.

and I will also find Robbie Hummel's jersey and rock it to school and send pictures on hibachi if he does the following which I pointed out at the top.


Moose said...

So DP, are you the only person allowed to get dudes into the Fly Society? And by the way, Dwight Howard fit a lot of those credentials.

Moose said...
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Moose said...

Here's a nice look at the sweet Pacers-Lakers game last night. The part at forty five seconds was a beast. TJ Ford owning everybody . . . http://www.nba.com/video/games/pacers/2008/12/02/nba_lal_ind_0020800255_recap.nba/

Ryne Nelson said...

What about my man Juice in Memphis? He belongs in this society, but stays on the wait list until he's traded/gets help?

Kid Presto said...

Moose, if they fit those credentials...then any author on hibachi can get dude into the socitey. Dwight Howard should be there. I'll put a word in for him in my next post.

Moose said...

Thanks, DP. I'll make sure I get some guys in there.

Justin said...

You are so fucking right about Lil wayne being through. Fucker's Dedication 3 "mixtape" is BS. It barely has Weezy on it, it's those bunk ass artists that he signed for his underlabel, youngmoney. Dedication 1 and 2 were the BOMBdiggity, and he follows that with a sequel worse than the phantom menace. I officially stopped nutriding Weezy's verses the second I heard that asinine garbage.

Anonymous said...


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