Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cocaine Music Homie Dont You Confuse It

Hello family, i have been buisy, so i havent been on in a while.
I wont say much but i will say this:


Let me sum up my emotions with this:


Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Beantown Pitch

A Kind Of Moose Track

This post is going to be short and sweet, because all I really want to do is show a photo.

Yes, I took that. This Red Auerbach statue (and Larry's shoes to the right) can be found at Faneuil Hall, next to Quincy Market. Five minute walk from the Garden. So, there it is. Everyone should come to Boston. Oh yeah, this statue isn't new or anything, I just wanted to post it. Moose out.


Monday, March 23, 2009

Some Moosetacular Musings

A Moose Track

Hursty asks for a post. Moose says maybe. Moose acts. So here's a post with my random thoughts concerning basketball, not basketball, and other things. You never been on a ride like this befo'. With a producer who can rap and control the mic stroke . . . how about with a teenaga who can write and control mouse stroke? No? Well, I tried. Anyways.

The new SLAM issue came. And it made me happier than all other SLAM issues ever, ever made. First of all, I was in it, and that was pretty cool. And, Ben's little Ed. reply made me really happy. I'm not gonna spill it for everyone who hasn't seen it yet, but it made me real happy and appreciative.

But there was something else that made me even happier in this newest SLAM ish. In PUNKS, there's a feature (yes, with pictures!) on Alex Oriakhi and Jamaal Coombs-McDaniel of Tilton School. Yeah, those guys that I wrote the article on that nobody commented on got some SLAM action. I met both of 'em. They're both going to UCONN. But the thing is, when I asked Coombs-McDaniel where he was going to school, he said that he didn't know (it was a good conversation starter, haha). So, I don't know what to think. But, he scored 42 an hour later. So, I'll forgive him.

Another thing about me before I turn to things that are insanely more interesting. I got the Damani shoes, with the box autographed, which was a surprise. It says, "Congratulations Playa, Inglewood City behind me." And the shoes are sick, just sick. Yeah, they're a size too small and I can't wear 'em, but they're staying on my shelf. And the XL shirt doesn't fit this 5-9.5, 160 pound man-child, but that's dope too. I also got two Damani mixtapes, which are great too. Thanks, Ryne and Susan! If you guys were here I'd buy you a sandwich.

NCAA is having a good tournament right now. Pitt almost lost a couple times, but DeJuan Blair is great. Sam Young is tearing it up. Everybody's just performing. There were a few upsets so far. My bracket is doing well, but I lost Arizona State, my upset Final Four team, which hurt me. My West bracket is perfect so far, but I need the Zags to find a way to beat UNC next week. I need that real bad. Otherwise, my ten bucks is going out the window.

Shaquille O'Neal is amazing and hilarious. And this is why.. Gotta love the big guy. Who is 36! Man, that guy is getting old. But he was the fantasy surprise of the year. Speaking of fantasy!

Al Jefferson killed a lot of teams, including mine. Dwyane Wade was just amazing. Playoff time there, and he's gotta do his thing. Because it's near the end of the season, and this piece is more cluttered than Barkley's actual jail time, I'm just gonna give out a few of my vital end-of-season awards.

LeBron James is the MVP. This guy has done so much for his squad, and for himself as well. He's got more triple-doubles than it seems humanly possible, and he's just tearing it up. Dwyane Wade is close second in my opinion (yes Eboy, I see you), just because the Heat wouldn't be anything without him, seriously. And, Kobe hasn't done better than any of them. And, the Lakers minus Kobe would kill the Heat minus Wade or the Cavs minus LeBron.

Rookie Of The Year goes to O.J. Mayo. Maybe I'm biased here, but Mayo has scored a ton this year, totally unprecedented for any rookie, really. Yes, Rose might give him a run for his money, but both teams stink. Russell Westbrook has played outstanding, but he hasn't gotten the consistent minutes and opportunity that Mayo or Rose have. And, Anthony Morrow still has to be reckoned with. Yeah, Morrow!

Thank goodness for KG. The Ceatles are so unhealthy right now, it's scary. Hopefully, once we get the guy playing bigger minutes and we get the rest of the team healthy, we'll be fine again. But the other day Leon got 31, 11 and 5 blocks. That made me really happy. I Love Leon! That should be a new black-and-white sitcom. I like that.

MIP goes to Rajon Rondo. Yeah, I need to do it. No explanation needed. Anyways, Hursty, there it is. A new Hibachi post! There you go.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cold Chillin

I thought I might as well hit you guys up with a post seeing that I am in a complete state of eternal boredom. I know, I know...I SHOULD BE WATCHING SELECTION SUNDAY RIGHT NOW. But for odd and fucking peculiar reason, we are watching a bootleg version of Street Fighter. Does anyone know that they even made this a movie? Me neither. Personally, I would rather play the game and whoop up on some cats but I digress. Since I am clueless to what is going on in the realm of college hoops, I want you guys to fill me in with some comments on who's who in each division. All I know for right now is that the four number one seeds are L-Ville, UConn, Pitt(who is going to be the first number to fall of IMO), and NC. The way L-Ville's bracket is looking, I want to go on and pencil them in for the Final Four. The other's I don't know yet but as of right now, my team of the NCAA is 'Cuse. Devendorf and Flynn make one of the best one-two punches as far as guards go in the whole nation. Seeing those guys just do their thing constantly during those 6 overtimes made me a fan all over again. I haven't watched that much hoops this year but I was so glad I neglected my economics test to watch THAT game. Greatest college game I've ever seen. Cuse is my darkhorse in the tourney and I have them in my sweet sixteen. As long as Flynn and Devendorf are on their pimp shit, they might even make it to the elite eight. Who knows? Only thing I know for certain is that this is the most unpredictable tourney that we will see for ages. I really cannot give you guys a definte winner because all of these teams can lose with ease. I guess will we have to see how it all unravels.

Other random musings

1. Shouts out to Mississippi State who won the SEC tourney! I couldn't believe what I saw as I watched the game as State won four games as in as many days. They probably won't get out of the first round but to even do what they did is a major accomplishment. Kudos to my home state.

2. Jarvis Varnado...If you don't know who he is...look up some youtube on him and you will see why he erased Shaq in the books as the all time leader of blocked shots in the SEC.

3.Flynn is Nate robinson 2.0

4. Charles Hamilton is nice...check dude's mixtapes. I don't know, I always listen to him when I watch a game.

5. I'm finally using my jumpsoles! Shout out to Tariq who hooked me up with the pair like almost a year ago. congrats on your book success my man.

Finally, I would like to request that the whole bachi team get twitter. Don't ask any questions just fucking do it. and if you already have one, hit a dude up with the IP address.

Till next time...peace, love, and Crooks and castles apparel. all ready.

Friday, March 13, 2009


With much love,

Rockets fans everywhere

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

NEPSAC Tournament . . . A Player Report

A Moose Track

Yes, I know that picture is lame. It was the only NEPSAC logo I could find. Speaking of NEPSAC, it stands for New England Preparatory School Athletic Council, a prep sports division for, well, New England. As you've probably figured out. Anyways . . . this past week there was a tournament there, and some guys with pretty big names were present. Some of them were postgrad, some of the schools had a lot of PG guys there.

Well, you guys know me, I'm gonna go to as many games as I can. And, I want to take all of the opportunities possible. I walk up to all of the players that I can and I meet them, tell them that they played great, ask them where they're going to play college ball. Anyways, I'm not going to go into a big summary about the tournament, but I do want to give a report on all of the players that I talked to. Here are the guys that I saw play and met in order by ranking on NERR (New England Recruiting Report). These are only the guys who really stuck out to me.

Alex Oriakhi - C - Tilton Prep - NE Rank: 1 - College: UCONN
This guy is a beast. Huge. 6'9", 230, with muscles bigger than a monster truck. OK, not really. But he's got some big guns. Anyways, he's ranked number one in New England, and he's in the top 20 for national high school rankings. He's just a dominant post player, and he grabs rebounds like nobodies business. He was nice to me, he stopped in the middle of one of his conversations because he noticed me lingering. He's a bit small to play the 5 at UCONN, so he'll be a power forward there most likely. He's been committed to UCONN since 2006.

Thomas Robinson - PF/SF - Brewster Academy - NE Rank: 4 - College: Kansas
This guy is bigger than their center and can jump flat over him. Thomas Robinson is a big guy, 6'8", 210. His tenacity on the boards is phenomenal, his rebounds are up the roof because of it. He knows how to grab them, and with a combination of that, size, and hops, this guy is tough to beat when there's a loose ball. Very athletic. Will dunk on anyone and everyone, as I saw in the tournament. Can dominate at times. Is going to Kansas next year, but also got offers from Memphis, USC, Miami University and Texas. I didn't know who he was when I asked him where he'll be playing college ball, but when he said Kansas the word, "Sweet" popped out of my mouth. He laughed.

Andrew Fitzgerald - C/F - Brewster Academy - NE Rank: 6 - College: Oklahoma
This dude is a flat-out beast. 6'9", 245 pounds and will dunk on you, pick up the foul and hit the free throw. Seriously, that's what he does. He got five three-point-plays in one of the tournament games. And I only saw him miss two free throws in three games. And he shoots a lot of them. Conditioning is a slight problem, but he has a very good midrange jumper that falls in more often than not. Pretty quick in the paint and scores there easily. He's going to Oklahoma, but got offers from--are you ready for it?-- Pittsburgh, Seton Hall, St. Johns, Xavier, Tennessee, California, Kentucky, Louisville, Marquette and Minnesota. Wow. He was nice to me as well, I told him I'd be watching for him in college and such and he was like, "Great!" or something like that. Nice guy anyways. Very animated on the court as well.

Kevin Parrom - SF - South Kent Prep - NE Rank: 8 - College: Xavier
Parrom can just ball. He can do a little bit of everything on the court, he does everything pretty well but isn't spectacular in one category. He is a great scorer, a good shooter, a good defender. From what I saw and the games I watched, he needed to get the ball a lot more; he was clearly on another level than most of the other guys. Some nasty high-flying blocks were performed by Parrom in the tournament, and he has clear athleticism that is just crazy. 6'6", 200 pounds, he will be attending Xavier, but he also got offers from Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Rhode Island, Clemson, South Carolina, and St. Johns. He was kind of into his music when I met him, but I got eye contact and a handshake.

Omari Lawrence - G - South Kent Prep - NE Rank: 9 - College: St. John's
Omari Lawrence was probably my favorite player from the tournament. He was funny on the court, he interacted with other players well, he was just a good-natured player. He was most likely the nicest one that talked to me, and he's not a bad player either. The 6'4", 185 pound lefty threw down two alley oops in the three games that I saw him, he can get off. He is stocky, with a Barkley butt that helps him penetrate more effectively. He's quick. Good in transition. Pretty good shooter. Again, just a cool guy. He's going to St. John's, but he got offers from Georgetown, Memphis, Clemson, Auburn, Xavier, Arizona, Pittsburgh. Again, he was nice to me he looked me in the eye, thanked me and all of that.

Givon Crump - SF - Brewster Academy - NE Rank: 15 - College: Baylor
When Givon Crump gets hot, he gets really, really hot. I'm not suggesting anything here. He has great athleticism, he's very explosive. He does a good deal of damage on his jump shot, which falls through a ton (there's a YouTube video of him hitting 25/28 in practice, pretty funny). Good size, high release point on his jumper makes it unblockable. Textbook release and form on it. He's going to Baylor but also got offers from Iowa State, South Florida, Nebraska, Oregon State, Providence and Rutgers. He was fun to watch, although he didn't play a ton in two of the three games. I wondered why. He was nice to me, he was a little tired though, you could tell.

Malik Stith - PG - Bridgton Academy - NE Rank: 22 - College: Kentucky
This is another one of those guys who I liked a lot by watching him play and meeting him. He's a little guy, 5-10, 170, but he can ball better than he looks like he can. He's got a nasty ankle-breaking crossover, lights-out jumpshot and quickness that would make Chris Paul jealous. Not really on the last one. But he's fast. He's really fast. He's so fast he makes fast people look, well, not fast (if you get the reference, I'm happy). He's intense, he's tough, a complete team leader. In one of the tournament's championship games, he pretty much single-handedly won it for Bridgton, just nailing jumper after jumper. He can move around the court at will with the ball. He had committed to St. John's, but I guess he backed outta that because he told me Kentucky. He was really nice, one of the few guys who said something more intelligent than "Thanks" when I told them their play was good. Nice guy, seems a bit small for the League, but he was great to watch.

So, there are the big-name guys that I met. There was one other worth noting, Majok Majok, from, whaddya know, Australia! I had talked to Hursty about him beforehand, so during one of the other tournament games I went up to him and asked him about our favorite Aussie (and you too, MBW). And, sure 'nuff, he knew who he was. Small world, no? Another big name guy that I saw (3rd in NE), Jamal Coombs-McDaniel, dropped 42 in one of the games. That will get you to UCONN on a full ride, everybody. I didn't get to meet him, though I wish I did. It was great stuff.


Monday, March 9, 2009



That was just because i felt like it.

Even though this is gonna get rolled over in about 5 minutes by Moose or Justin, let me drop some words for yall really quick.

A one, a two, a squigly diggly doo.

Here are some things for you to read, i dont feel like making anything:

1. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=10560878 lulz

2. http://nfl.fanhouse.com/2009/03/09/eagles-fire-employee-after-he-calls-team-retarded-on-facebook/ Remind me never to bash yall in my facebook in case you guys secretly monitor it.

3. http://slamonline.com/online/nba/2009/03/almost-famous/ Shout out

4. http://blogs.usatoday.com/onpolitics/2009/03/meghan-mccain-c.html The Republican party...

5. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/columnists/chi-trice-09-mar09,0,1999545.column ...is...


7.http://news.aol.com/political-machine/2009/03/08/f/ .....DYING!!!!!!

8. http://www.nba.com/2009/news/features/03/09/okafor.20090309/ Hells yeah! PLAYOFF TIME

9. http://www.forbes.com/2009/03/09/scarbi-klatten-bmw-markets-faces-celebrity-blackmail.html You might need to press the skip add button (top right side) but this is hilarious!Not giving anything away, but it is called "The Unlikely Gigolo"


That is all.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Who You Got?:Updated

I'm just going to go right out and say it.
UCONN are going to win the NCAA Championship.

I say that without qualification. They match up well with pretty much almost every team in the nation and they're deep across the board.

AJ Price holding down the point, he does everything the team wants and needs him to do and Walker is a great combo back-up.

Thabeet is just a monster and should be able to hold down guys like TH down low as well as contribute enough offensively to be a difference maker. Their bench is strong and their team is long and athletic.

I like Louisville as well, but UCONN's depth is just better. Kansas will be great in a year or two, but not right now.

Louisville and UCONN as well as UNC annnnnd Gonzaga? In the Final 4. Wait up. Is that even physically possible? I'm not much good with seedings and area positionings and the like.
PITT for the 'underdog' label this year, even though they've been very good this year.

Yep, that's what I'm thinking right now.

What do you fellas reckon?
PS- Moose- if you even dare mention your relationship to Boston on this...lol jks.
...This has nothing to do with Ater btw :) Happy bracket hunting :) :D
West Coast Conference Championship Final- Patty Mills and the Gaels vs. the world, ok, so it's Gonzaga, but STILL! Mills is back and he played well last night (injuries considered) and it should be a hell of a match. I know, I know, I sound like a homer here, but I love that kid! Having seen him play live when he had a career game against New Zealand was an awesome moment. So, again I ask- Who you got?
St. Mary's by 8 me thinks.
Although, from an unbiased view, I take Gonzaga....weird huh?
Peace fellas-
PPS-Thanks to all the new commenters who somehow found this niche in cyberspace, hope to have you around more often.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kevin Durant/Greg Oden

**NOTE TO HIBACHI BLOGGERS- I know it's not time for me to write anything, so you guys can post something above this whenever you guys like, even if that's 5 minutes after I post this. I just wanted to see what the 'Bachi readers and you guys felt about this situation. Go check out the BET piece below, and I apologize if any of the 'Bachi cats are irked by me posting this outside of my two posts per month range. **

A lot has been said this year about Durant and Oden and which player the Blazers should have chosen. Oden defenders talk about the Blazers choosing Oden to be a role player- that's categorically untrue. I am going to cite opinions facts and dates about the situation, and you can see why my opinion is what it is.

First, Bill Simmons of ESPN answers a question from a reader in his mailbag-

Q: At what point does Sam Bowie hug Greg Oden and tell him it's not his fault over and over again?
-- Andrew, Seattle

SG: Would he put on a Robin Williams sanctioned beard and cardigan? I feel like he'd have to. By the way, Oden-Durant remains one of those rare stories that isn't getting enough attention -- not just the offensive leap that Durant made this season, but just how lousy Oden's "rookie" season has been compared to what our expectations were in 2007. Forget about his durability issues, his knee injury that cost him last season, even all his nagging little injuries this season. Just in the games that he has played -- and again, we're talking about 49 of a possible 125 -- he has been absolutely underwhelming compared to our original expectations. Here's what Chad Ford wrote in his 2007 Draft Tracker scouting report on Oden, and remember, this was the consensus opinion at the time.

"The consensus No. 1 pick in the draft despite Kevin Durant's amazing season. Draws comparisons to Tim Duncan, Patrick Ewing and David Robinson. He may not be spectacular, but most NBA GMs believe he'll immediately be one of the top two centers in the league. His strong performance in the NCAA title game gave us a glimmer of what he's capable of, going for 25 points, 12 boards and four blocks."

I didn't agree with that assessment (especially the "immediately one of the top two centers part) and thought Durant was the only sure thing in that draft. Regardless, a good chunk of people DID agree with Chad's take, and since that's the case, how can anyone argue Oden's NBA career has been anything other than a disaster so far? You don't think it's a red flag that he averaged a 15-9 with three blocks in his only college season, and his typical NBA stat line was "nine points, seven rebounds, one blocks and a 50 percent chance of foul trouble in 20-23 minutes?" What have we seen from him that tells us, "Greg Oden can consistently dominate a basketball game?" I'm still waiting. Hell, even Sam Bowie did better in his rookie season: 10.0 PPG, 8.6 RPG, 2.8 APG and 2.8 BPG in 76 games. I'm not saying Oden can't turn it around and become a valuable starting center, but his ceiling has lowered to the degree that only an insane person would argue Portland did the right thing two summers ago. The Blazers drafted LaRue Martin over Bob McAdoo in 1972; they gave away young Moses Malone for a measly first-round pick in 1976 (even though he was two years removed from being the most ballyhooed high school prospect since Kareem); they passed on the greatest player of all-time in 1984 (and took a 23-year-old center coming off two years of leg surgeries); they traded out of the third spot in the 2005 draft when Chris Paul and Deron Williams were the next two picks; and they passed on the evolutionary cross between Tracy McGrady, George Gervin and Plastic Man in 2007. Has any sports franchise botched five "sure-thing" decisions on that level in the span of just 35 years? Has to be a record.

You realize a few things.

1. Sam Bowie had a better rookie year with less games missed than Greg Oden. Better stats, better durability.

2. People were NOT thinking of Oden as a serviceable center, but a LEGENDARY once every 30 years one. Chad Ford is no slouch, even though I completely disagreed with his assessment- he is well connected and knows what the NBA scouts, GM's and coaches thought Oden was. A franchise savior. They thought he would be one of the TOP 2 CENTERS FROM DAY ONE. DAY ONE. Not later on, DAY ONE. I think people need to remember that and really consider the facts.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am not a Greg Oden hater. I just think he hasn't lived up yet, and even if he comes back fully, he won't be Tim Duncan, Patrick Ewing, Kareem, Moses Malone... He wont even be Al Jefferson when Greg is at his peak. Let's just face it. The Blazers chose the wrong player. This doesn't mean I'm a blazer hater either. Overall with this current roster, they have made MAN good basketball decisions & have one of the best YOUNG teams in the league. That is all.

Friday, March 6, 2009

March showers bring BETCATS flowers

call up your local fire chief, because Mr. Arsonist aka BETCATS is in the building once again here to light the flame!

So why the fuck am i so pumped?

Well i got some things on my mind right now, and best believe i am ready to take yall down to funky town with me as a break them down, uno by uno! And everything will be ly, you will get it, just READ.

First i would like to apologize, for i am fearing i have breached my Hibachi contract, as i have joined two fan forum websites to speak my thoughts. I hope yall aint mad, but Bobcats Planet and OKC Thunder Fan Forums have been BET-IFIED, and best belive that i am somewhat shamelessy self promoting our site.

Secondly, going into our 'big' game against the Hawks, the Bobcats are 1.5 games out of the playoffs. We'll see if we make it or not, time will tell, but I am extremely happy we are this close to getting in. Although my 82-0 prediction didnt come true, this would be just as good. I hope we make it, but if we dont, we get to draft James Harden. Either way i would be happy, one way just happens to make me more happy.

Thirdly, this site is going down a music-themed direction, i guess i need to dethrown Lil Mamma as the voice of the young people. A DJ Pretty Kitty track listing is on the way, i promise!

Fourthly, i am on a boat.

Fifthly, it is poetry time!!!! I am just gonna take up the next few lines with ramblings i will create as i type with a no backspace policy. Although yall wont know if i am really not deleting stuff, just trust me!

BETCATS is the best
than the rest
Oh how creative the man be
with the name that starts with D

BETCATS is a unstoppable train
chug chug choo chooing all through your brain
sure people hate my shit
but at least they read it
which is more than what i do for their shit

BETCATS is a winner
winner winner chicken dinner
Dont hate dont front dont fret
Fucking with BET is your end
I am your biggest threat

Sure you know who you are
tell me how my ass taste
this aint prison
but if it was
i would send out goons
and have you ass raped

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Yao doesn't like floppers

I'm sure many of you have seen the clip of Shaq flopping against Dwight last night:

Also last night, Houston faced the Utah Floppers and Yao was upset at how many offensive fouls he was called for, which seems to be a growing trend for him.
Here's what he said:

Yes, the Rockets face Phoenix next, which is why Yao mentions he's glad shaq isn't that type (flopper) of player. How ironic is that? I can't help but think Yao had seen the shaq play by then....

Moose's Top Ten Albums . . . Sort Of

By Moose

Music is most definitely the soundtrack to our lives. And, putting the cliche aside, it is wholly true in the literal sense as well. After much pondering, x-ing out and CD searching, I have chosen a list of my Top Ten CD's, however constantly changing, all of them classics from my point of view. Here's how I chose them.

I got all of the genres that I am fond of together, and I searched my collection for my favorites out of each type of music. Some genres lack as many mentions as others, but the cause of that is that my preferences overlapped and I had to make some hard choices between them (a full list of artists that I like can be found when you look at my profile.).

Anyways, as something that shows up a lot in my pieces, please don't judge me by the type of music I listen to, whatever kind of affect that sentence might have on you. The CD's are in no particular order as to how they are put together on this list, so without further ado, here goes the top 10 . . .

1. Legend - Bob Marley And The Wailers

Bob Marley is one of my all-time favorite artists, and a spot on this list is a given as soon as I think about my top ten albums right from the get-go. The question was, which BMW album? It was between Legend, a compilation of absolute classics, and Rastaman Vibration, a slightly overlooked effort (because none of the songs from that CD showed up on Legend). But, I had to go with the classics, and Legend it is. Timeless tracks play throughout the CD, giving you the up-beat chill-out tone that reggae has seemed to patent over the years, along with the sad tracks that leave you close to tears that Marley is such a master at. There are no filler tracks, but the best showings on this album include the quick beats of Exodus, the gripping I Shot The Sheriff and the slower Satisfy My Soul. A must-have? Goes without saying. Essential.

2. American Beauty - The Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead, the cornerstone of hippie rock/bluegrass/rock and roll/blues/country combined. Which isn't that far-reaching as a n=musical genre. But the Dead, fronted by the influential Jerry Garcia for those many years, have dropped countless wonderful albums during their span at the top of the hippie circuit, but none rivals this. It has the upbeat tracks that are ideal to listen to while in a good mood, such as Sugar Magnolia, Box Of Rain and Truckin', while also sporting the slower, more somber classics, among them Attics Of My Life and Brokedown Palace. Every song is great, and it's hard to miss for any musical taste on this one.

3. The Ultimate Experience - Jimi Hendrix

It's no secret that Jimi Hendrix was a good guitarist. The best ever? I'd make a case for it. But the point is, Hendrix put out some great material in his diminutive 27 years in existence, and never before has it been captured so well in The Ultimate Experience. Containing classics that everyone from all age groups is familiar with, such as his own version of Bob Dylan's All Along The Watchtower and the famous originals Purple Haze, and Hey Joe, this compilation is everything but just the tracks played on classic rock radio stations. Jimi also had hidden gems such as the guitar-lick-rich Castles Made Of Sand, and the heart-wrenching Angel and Little Wing, in my opinion the best two songs on the 20 track album. Great compilation highlights a great artist.

4. It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back - Public Enemy

Switching gears slightly from the blues rock/hippie rock/reggae to the old school hip hop and rap, another CD in my top 10 belongs to the highly influential Public Enemy. Consisting of a group that highlights emcees Chuck D and Flava Flav, this 80's hip hop group was known for their upbeat rhythms, drifting away slightly from the regular gangsta rap that was recorded often in those days. Public Enemy was known for their music giving a message, their songs had lyrical meaning, often in protest or for civil rights for African-Americans. All in all, it's a great album, featuring PE in their prime, with such tracks as the bouncy Bring The Noise and the slightly comical Cold Lampin' With Flavor. A break from the arbitrarily agressive and explicit g-funk that has controlled the airwaves in the past and present.

5. Illmatic - Nas

Some albums take up hours on end of your valuable time, leaving you searching for the shining moments amongst a load of, well, garbage. Illmatic by Nas is a vast exception in all categories of the above sentence. In a seemingly condensed form of just under 40 minutes, Nasir Johnson dropped this '92 record at the peak of the g-rap/g-funk explosion, and he flourished after he released this, his debut, album. OK, yes, explicit content, there is some talk of gang-bangers . . . but it is all done with feeling, Nas isn't spewing diss tracks or nonsense threats. Great all around, featuring classics such as New York State Of Mind, Life's a B*tch and Halftime. A must-have for anybody who ventures around the realm of rap/hip hop.

6. Greatest Hits Vols. I and II - Queen

Queen is one of the best bands ever. I don't care what anybody says against that thesis, because it's wrong. Everybody knows that Queen is one of the greatest bands ever in existence, featuring an unpredictable vocalist (Freddie Mercury) and a unique guitarist (Brian May), with an all-around incredible band. Sometimes humorous, sometimes somber, but always chock full of musical value, this compilation album has the best Queen out there, from Bohemian Rhapsody to Bicycle Race, from Killer Queen to Somebody To Love, from I Want It All to . . . you get the picture. This 34-track two-disc set has it all.

7. Metallica - Metallica

Many hardcore Metallica fans, or any hardcore thrash metal/hair metal fan will tell you that Master Of Puppets or Ride The Lightning is superior, but I make this call for a simple reason: I am not a hardcore thrash metal fan, I'm a casual listener. But I'm a listener nonetheless. This album is chock full of big riffs, boasted to perfection on tracks such as Enter Sandman and Wherever I May Roam. It is full of slow, seeming ballads that either explode into a harder song or continue it's somber tone, such as Nothing Else Matters and The Unforgiven as well. This album is a complete selection from a highly distinguished group.

8. Stevie Wonder: The Definitive Collection - Stevie Wonder

Who doesn't love Stevie Wonder? I mean, really, I would like to know, this is a serious question. Stevie is an icon; a legend in his industry and has forever left his mark on not only his genre but music as a whole; he has no doubt carved out his niche in the musical world. He plays all of the instruments that are on his albums. And he does it all without the gift of sight. This is a great compilation of Stevie's best, from the slower, crooning tracks to the upbeat funky tunes. Top tracks on this "definitive collection" (wait, that's the title? Really?!) include the upbeat Sir Duke and the iconic tracks Superstition and Higher Ground. Some of the best from one of the best.

9. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles

The Beatles' mention. You knew it was coming, but you couldn't stop it. Yes, The Beatles are one of the greatest bands of all time, as everyone knows; holder of perhaps the greatest number of household songs in the world. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is, in my opinion, the best Beatles that is available, featuring a great array of musical genres in one album, from rock and roll to softer bluesy type songs to just plain weirdness. Everybody knows this album and has memorized most of the songs from it. Need I say more? Top tracks on the album include A Day In The Life, She's Leaving Home and With A Little Help From My Friends. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds was good for a while as well, but that song gets a bit annoying after a little while. A great effort from one of the greatest groups.

10. The Ultimate O'Jay's - The O'Jays

I went to add this compilation album to the list, but something stopped me. There were plenty of other bands that I liked a lot more than The O'Jays, but I decided that it was definitely worth putting this album on there, because overall, it's just so damn good. One of the best 60s/70s soul/funk/motown groups that never got the kind of coverage tha Aretha Franklin or The Temptations did has a great album that features many of the band's hits over the years in The Ultimate O'Jays. With jazzy tunes that make you want to get up and dance on the spot, their smooth and harmonic voices drift over the tracks as easily as the waves lap at the seashore. Top tracks include the former hits 992 Arguments, Backstabbers and For The Love Of Money.

So, there are the highlights from a person with a very expansive musical taste. As I said earlier, please check out my profile to see a complete list of the many bands that I listen to. I had to leave out many great albums that I love, among them efforts by Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, 2Pac, Dr. Dre, Nirvana . . . the list goes on.

This was in no way a concrete list; it's pretty much changing all the time. They are but 10 classics that I don't go a month without listening to at least one song on each of them. Please check them out if you haven't heard them, and thanks for reading, that was one of my longer pieces. Thanks again!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

DP's music for the week

This segment is all about music guys. Every week from now on I will be hittin you with my music selection of the week. This means that you all should go download it or listen to it asap. This fire music I'm putting out here, no garbage and no bullshit. I don't stand for that. This week's fire? The homeboy Drake with his mixtape, So Far Gone. I guess some people call the kid wayne's protege but I don't like that. Drake, IMO, is WAY colder than weezy and it might be a chance that drake writes some of the dudes raps. Drake is kind of a mixture of r and b and rap so if you like either one of the genres, listen to this mixtape. I wouldn't even consider it a mixtape but more of a album that is not an album. I will give yall the website to download the tape. have fun. play wit it


Monday, March 2, 2009

Sunshine, Senor LD with the PSA

By Justin Walsh

Start of the week Ladies and Gentlemen!

It's your host, Mister Senor Love Daddy,

The Cavs squeek by, The Lakers drop a dandy

and Kanye West is nailin' a bald blonde...

That's the truth, Ruth.

Wait, so you're telling me STAT ANNND Nash are hurt for the suns?


Shaq, you are old as balls, you know that, right?

SHAQ: I twitter more often than you've been alive. I'm the SHAQTASM.

Alright Shaqtus, just try and keep up.

SHAQ: Keep up? I'm Kazzaam, I'm a beast. I'm going beast mode.

Okay, I know what you're all thinking. Complete bull. Yeah, I thought the Suns were DONE. No Nash, no Amare, Jared Dudley and Goran Dragic get good minutes...I thought they were the Alternate Universe Suns- you know, like in DC comics where Batman is dead in one reality, alive in another, and in the third all the superheros are old - THAT kind of alternate ish. But anyway, somehow to the complete and utter awe to Me, Holly MacKenzie & Steve Nash's alien face, The Suns ran a better run&gun offense than the old suns the past few games.

Ladies 'n Gents, Berries and Cream, let's try and get some semblance of sanity here. I thought LBJ was a lock for the MVP but the past few games, he's played like shit in a bag with airballed jumpers galore. Interestingly enough, I still think he's miles ahead- even though Kobe is going bananas, his team lost to a STATless NASHless Suns team. Here's some analysis I think the whole world can agree on. The Cavs are ALWAYS best when LBJ drives into the cup. Whether he takes the shot, or dishes it out, the Cavs offense gels most effectively when driving to the hoop. So here's the question- why does LBJ shoot so many damn jumpers that ruin the offense? Yeah, he does make a few, but goodness flava-flav greatness they don't help that often. Holly and I spoke over the weekend about LBJ and his team's offense, we both figured in this stretch of the season King James needs to dominate the game by driving in every chance he gets. No more of this jumpshot business, no sir.

This brings me to point number two in what possibly could be the worst transition ever (well, besides when Chris Quinn runs the point, eh Eboy?), Reggie Miller makes my ears bleed. No seriously, sometimes I think we need to borrow some lyrics from eminem and just get him "shot in a trashcan wit' more holes than an afghan." Now I may not agree with the afghan part, let's get this done. He ruined All Star Weekend. Why would we have a 3 point shooter host a Dunk Theater event? Why would we allow the man with the 4th weirdest release on his jumpshot to talk shit about the shooting technique of Rashard Lewis or D. Cook? Last time I checked, when Reggie released, somehow god threw a big ass wrench into his elbows and put griptape on his guide hand so he'd have to make a weird shooting motion to get it in... Yeah, it went it all the time, but let's be real- he has no business breaking down shot form. 3 things should never happen- Shawn Marion can't teach shooting fundamentals, Reggie Miller can't critique shooting fundamentals, AAAAND-

Walter Hermann should never be able to have a stretch where he goes 4-4 against the defending champs. I'm sorry folks, but the lost Hansen brother needs to be shut down defensively. Besides, we all know this is the only reason young man is in the league-

Palming the ball with only your thumb and index finger is swell, but get your ass back to the bench. You wanna know what else Walty Walt has done to get in the league? In a dunk contest, he didn't lose the shirt, he lost the whole outfit. Check it. Seriously, apparently going all Risky Business in dunk contests then dunking it calmly is apparently big business.

Alright, I'm done taking potshots- he's in the league, I'm not. End of story. On to other news, I'm going to talk about the R.O.Y. award nominees. Shit is real, son. Derrick Rose has been solid for about 90% of the season thus far, and will probably win this award, but let's not forget that OJ Mayo is the truth and will be the next Kobe Bryant in our league. I'm not making comparisons, just watch these cats play. Also, two rookies who have totally said F U pay me to anybody else not named Ovinton and Derrick are Russell Westbrook and Brooke Lopez. Yep, that Nets big man. He's playing better ball in the past few months than MOST of the rookies, if not all. And I have a feeling Russell Westbrook could be a better Joe Johnson. Start the talks people!

Last, I think it's time for some choice "These players don't get their due" discussion. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you DWADE. Young man averages more points, more assists, the same FG%, around the same FT%, more steals, within .4 blocks, same turnover rate of LBJ. People always say just HOW MUCH MORE VERSATILE James is than anybody else, but Wade has just about every stat neck and neck. And he's not nearly as physically imposing. Folks, I'm not a Wade lover by any means, but this information is just ridiculous like the back uh' yo head (MADTV yall?). Second, I lead you into the services of Josh Smith. He gets no love individually, but what sucks more is that he gets no love as a team on the Hawks- does anybody know they are currently the 4th playoff seed & only lost by one to the Cavs last night because of shitty refs? They also only get national TV play like, what, once in a monkey-fuck? Unacceptable. We must rectify this. Alright, A J-SMOOOOOVE mix to lead us out of the segment.

Alright folks, start of the week...I think we need some ridiculously hard, high, far pulled dunks. Here's HAWK. Disgusting dunks. No explanation needed my gingerbread men. Let's do this.

Alright guys, I'm gonna get you men on another level for a minute. I listen to music all the time when I'm watchin' ball. For the past week, I've made sure during every game I watch I have music on. So to leave you cats, I'm hittin' you guys up with my top 3 played ish through the games. One of these songs were on one of the AND1 DVD's. And the last one is the song I had on repeat for an entire Celtics game. Made Scalabrine HOOD.



...And we out sucka.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I hate making drafts...

Okay, real quick post for you all. Read BET's article. straight fire as usual. Right beneath his is my new post which was supposed to be up last night but I had to settle for the draft. read both of the posts to start your monday right because I promise you they will have you in an excellent mood. Well I'm off to finish reading watchmen....can't watch the movie till I finish the book!!!
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