Tuesday, December 9, 2008

BET In The House . . .

*******Here we go, kiddies. While adding BETCATS to the Hibachi 2.0 blog squad is on hold at the moment, BET and I communicated about me posting a piece for him, so here's what I got from BET himself. For those of you who don't know the Cat, he's a young, unedited, serious 'n silly (just like the sweet and sour), Bobcats fan and NC native who is (and I quote) "Ready to write his words for blogs". We're excited to get him on here once it works out. Here's his intro to us. Hopefully the problems will stop soon. Anyways, BETCATS, take it away.*******

Whats good fam?
The Cat popped out the hat is in the building
I am gonna be the newest member of the hottest site about the L on this world wide web.
Please excuse me,
Let me introduce myself.

Born in the woods
Raised by the wolves
The alpha dog of the pack
Turned on the TV
Got stung by a Hornet
Saw Orange Jerseys
Became a BETCAT

Big ups to the Bachi family,
I am gonna represent this place to the fullest.
Because i know this aint no Wu-Tang clan. Not everybody can get in.

Its a honor for me to be here, and the readers eyes will be honored to have me. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, but sexy is a given. My shit is sexy. Enjoy it.

Here at the Bachi, i plan on doing me. I understand this group blog is just that, a group blog. We are a team, and i am gonna respect that and work with that. If you got a problem with it, please address me personally. All my haters hit me up at cowcluper@aol.com, this blog aint the place, it deserves better than our flame wars, but just for the record, if you want a flame war with me be prepared to melt.

So what will change about the cat?
Nada Senor, nada
I am still gonna keep it real, trill, or whatever the fuck you fucking kids are sayin these days. As the former Broham in Cheif of the Cats Meow, i think i have established myself as a blogger, this place is just gonna help me get better at blogging (because even the best get better, ask my boy Jordan).

And to all that dont understand why i write in Stanzas and not Paragraphs, their is a reason. I think of myself as a poet. I want to make art, not literature. Paragraphs are for literature, poetry is art. I am a artists, words are my paint, this blog is my canvas.

I will paint it black.
Until next time,



BETCATS 2 Lazy 2 sign in said...

hells yeah

Hursty said...

Woop Woop!! Man DP sent you another invite today, I saw his message on slamonline.... nice stuff.

B. Long said...

Your an artists? Just fu(king with you, BET. Good to see the CAT back on his grizzy. You guys are looking like the Blazers of the blogosphere right now.

Hursty said...

Except that this 'blazer's team can take it to the veteran teams- and win occassionally. But BET's spelling is pretty funny.

Moose said...

YEAH, BET. Nice work, as always . . . we hope to have you up again soon, aight? We hope it all works out . . .

Justin said...

BACK on his grizzy,
yep, back on his grind
got 'is mouth lookin fizzy
'Cats got rabies in they mind.

Real talk, I am excited for BETCATS to join the 'BACHI 2. Bachi 2...Sounds like some epic WWII movie. Okay back on message, I am excited because he is a fan of an underdog squad. He can be your blog's SCREAMIN' A SMITH! (BETCATS, that's definitely a compliment).

Ryne Nelson said...

BET and Dr. Seuss FTW.

Eboy said...

I love BET!!!!! No Homo? Nah, he'd get it with a peeled cucumber and a jar of Turtle Wax!!

B. Long said...

^......(speech less)

B. Long said...

I even spelled speechless BET style!

Moose said...

Mr. Long, is that a picture of you???

Hursty said...

Not a real flattering pic of you B.

Roy said...

Yo Betcats. Congrats on being part of Bachi. You're writing style is fresh and I can't wait to read some more stuff from you here. Kudos dude. :D

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