Sunday, January 25, 2009

The NBA At Mid-Season In Haikus

A Moose Track

**********I'm going to get my Russ Bengtson on and do a mid-season report in one haiku for each time. Enjoy. 'Bachi Boys, I would like this to stay up through Monday. On Tuesday, have at it all you want.**********

LeBron and the Cavs
Looking good as advertised
Bron is MVP

Rajon Rondo looks
Like a great Celtics point guard
Better than last year?

Magic surprising
Howard wins DPOY?
Shooting threes all day

Joe Johnson all-star
Or at least he better be
Hawks are improving

Allen Iverson
Doing his stuff for Detroit
Rip isn't happy

Dwyane Wade is sick
All there is to it, really
Cook's underrated

Elton's been injured
Dalembert's killed fantasy
Sixers get a "meh"

Redd out for the year
It won't hurt them anyways
They won't make playoffs

Yi gets all-star votes
Devin Harris MIP?
He might deserve it

DJ Augustin
Is a poised rookie point guard
Who deserves to start

David Lee is great
And everyone sees it now
Nate Rob's doin' it

Rose needs ROY
Lifting the Windy City
Still not playoff, though

What's wrong with Raptors?
Bosh is doing his stuff, though
Legit superstar

Granger for all-stars!
Popularity contest
Good coaches vote bench

The Wiz are hurtin'
Like everyone expected
When's Gil gonna play?

LA has talent
Serious talent
And it's festering

Spurs are always there
Old? No, just experienced
Lil' Roger Mason!

Chauncey revived them!
Three cheers for some good defense!
Billups for all-stars!

Paul for MVP?
If NOLA can pick it up
Where are you, Tyson?

Get past the first round
With a semi-healthy team
Then we'll talk, Houston

Young 'n talented!
Rudy Fernandez!
Brandon Roy is sick

Nowitzki can play
Just like his MVP years
Will he ever stop?

The Mini-Mailman
Making people forget the
Betrayal Skull Dude

Shaq is playing great!
Even with some extra weight
All of Barnes' tattoos

Just 10th in the West!
Big Al just scores profusely
Lil' Bassy Telfair

Andris Biedrins
And J-Creezy in GS
Doesn't grow wins

Rudy frickin' Gay
And Orange Juice Mayonnaise
Kid brother Gasol

LA Clippers tied
With cross-state rival, SacTown
They are neck-and-neck!

The Kings are tryin'
To beat them Clippers!

OKC Thunder
It's really so sad
Clay Bennett should leave

I hope that did the league so far this year justice.



BET said...

"DJ Augustin
Is a poised rookie point guard
Who deserves to start"

To answer that in poem form, this is all in Raymond Felton's NAME

Raw and nasty
Angry for the conception of DJ
Young and on the rise
More respect necessary
Original gangsta
No need to explain
D on lock shut down other PG brains

Flippin out of control
Energy that brings wins
Lollygagger from UNC
Too legit to quit
On point three point shot
Nothing more to say

Yardbird said...

haha, I love the Rockets haiku.

Good shit, Moose

BET said...

also, the OKC Thunder are NOT the worst team in the NBA. I would take them over the Kings or the Clippers or the Warriors or the Wizards in a minute. They are a young team. I never have seen 2 2nd year players step up the way Jeff Green and Kevin Durant have. Already the faces of a franchise. Impressive. It will be a part of my next piece which i am cookin up on MS Word. Beware and be scared because a big ass announcement will be comming with it!

Hursty said...

Yeh thats cool Moose. I never really understood Haiku's...they're kinda annoying. I know they have 3 lines- thats about it.

B. Long said...

Hmmm...I'm not sure how I feel about this. Does "festering" mean beating ever other serious contender convincingly?

Moose said...

B. Long, to answer your question: Yes.

BET, for what I can see, DJ deserves some starting burn a little later. I guess I don't have the best perspective because I'm not a Bobcats fan, so you have your view, I guess.

Thanks, Hursty. Haikus are three lines, and the first line has five syllables, the second line has seven, and the third line has five. Just short little poem things.

Thanks, Yardbird. Hursty and RV don't.

BET said...

Moose, he is not their YET. My man DJ needs a little more maturing before he can start all 82 games.

jameyburke said...

Good stuff-I think the Thunder are better than the Kings as well. Devin definitely MIP. Lebron MVP-he carries his team like no other. Knew DWade was serious since the Olympics-thing is, will he stay healthy..? Speaking of health-the seriousness of TysonChandler's injury will dictate how far N.O. goes. But the truth is, we all know it's coming down to 2 teams again..LA and Boston baby......

Moose said...

Jamey, I hate to rain on your/our Celtics fandom, but it won't just come down to Lakers/Celtics. Cavaliers, Spurs, Orlando, NOLA, and a lotta other teams will get in the way. We just don't know.

Justin Walsh said...

he's been through it all
the pride, the fall
the trade to the pistons
the whine, the call
he might get shipped
again, amidst the shit, he's pissed
He's been the answer,
ever since the day I was born
but I got this question, is he
damaged goods chipped, ripped or torn
the answer got a look in his eye,
he's out for fuckin blood, he's scorn.

That's my midseason little ditty.

Moose Track for the win

Hursty said...

Yeh nice Justin. Do you always go stealing lines from Lil Wayne though?
Still, my swagger is so mean it might insult ya.
Love me or Hate me, chicks still wanna date me ;) :P

Moose said...

Thanks, Justin. Great little poem there.
Hursty: I got your brains for a bargain like I bought it at Target, LOL

Justin Walsh said...

hursty, i only took the first two lines of a mixtape song. And I gave credit to him. I did the poem to the beat of that song so it's obvious

Hursty said...

Yeh...I was trying to be sorta funny. It failed obviously. I should have had a paragraph mark or something Walsh haha.

jameyburke said...

Moose-I'm with ya', but Orlando just hasn't shown me they can win the big ones yet. I agree Cleveland's tough as well, but if LBJ goes down, are Z and Mo' Williams gonna lead them to the conference As far as the West, N.O. is strong, but when the Spurs are all healthy, forget it. And as hard as it is for me to say it, LakeShow might take out the Spurs in conference finals...

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