Friday, January 2, 2009

News as i see it

So their is a hell of a lot going on in the world, and after educational diolouge on SKO (which is all that site is for), i decided i will break down news stories as i see them. Lets get shit cracking:

1. Muslim Family Kicked off Trans Air plane, for 'sespecisous tarroist like talkin'

This is nothing to joke about. Every day religious people of the Islamic faith are discriminated against. I have several muslim friends. All of which are good people. When i heard about this story i was disgusted. This was just your average family talking about where the safest place on the plane is to sit. Lots of people are scared of flying, its a common phobia. But it appears in America, more people are scared of Muslims, because these people were all taken off the plane, interogated by THE FBI (who for the record, the people said were very very nice to them) and then cleared for flying. It was all unnessary, but then what really shocked me is that this company REFUSED TO RE-BOOK THEM. That is just digusting.

I find it ironic that the FBI was the nicest of all the people they met, because usally you would expect the people who have to 'protect' us to be the mean hard asses that dropped out of high-school. But instead they were the ones with with common sence. This changed my views on them, but it also showed me that even waaaaaaaay after 9/11, idiots are scared to have people who only share a common faith as the hijackers in the air. America needs to get educated.

2. The Israeli - Gaza Strip incident.

That is the latest thing to come up about this whole mess. We got into this yesterday. I still keep my views that Israel should not be bombing, but it appears that they actually killed something that they were suppose to kill. This is a rare occurance in any bombing campiagn, to kill a enemy leader.

However my views have not changed that bombing areas that have more civillians than Hamas millitants is a terrible idea.

Hamas decided it wants to shoot more rockets in responce to this, but they clearly fail to understand that for every rocket they fire, Israel will just respond with more bombs being dropped on their peoples heads, while Hamas hides underground and waits for the planes to go away, innocent people in Gaza die. Its a shame, and somebody should tell the Israelis to readjust their stratgey or just stop via a cease fire.

3. Some war i never even knew exsisted ended today

WTF? I didnt even know this shit was going on. More reading is needed before i judge this.

4. Obama talking to Cuba

The news wouldnt shut up about this yesterday, so i did my research.
I decided that even though Cuba royally fucked us, and constantly stood up to us in the past, we should talk to them and make life easier on them. They arent a threat to anyone anymore. They are like a person with no fingers that owns a gun. Sure they have it, but they cant use it, and would be no challenge to defeat in anything. I hope America changes its plans with how to deal with Cuba in a positive way.

5. Kathy Griffin said the D-Word on tv.

DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT. Oooooooooh im tellin mama

6. The Aspen Bomber,0,7257375.story

This guy is a little bizarre. Basically he wanted to get money from the banks without robbing them, so he leaves 2 bombs in 2 banks with notes. Did he really think they would give him money? The dumbass shot himself in the end. What a silly silly goose. If you want money, do it the old fashion way and point a gun to the teller. Idiot.

7. Blagojevich is a attention whore who enjoys picking controversial figures to fill Senate seat!

Basically, for all yall that dont know, this guy tried to sell Obama's old Senate seat. Then he failed, got caught, hired a INSANE lawyer, and said "the truth is on my side". Now he decides that he will choose somebody to fill the seat. Even though its clear this guy he picked isnt involved with the coruption in any possible way, it still doesnt change the fact that he was picked by Blago the Great. His name is Roland Burris for all yall that care.

I think that this guy SHOULD be a Senator, but SHOULD NOT get the seat because of who he was picked by. Fair is fair. You cant say 'i think what Blagojevich did is wrong' and still say 'but i want the seat he gave me too'. So Roland Burris just stay home. Dont start all this drama THAT WILL occur.

That is all.




B. Long said...

BETcats is the new Wolf Blitzer.

-Gerard Himself- said...

Wolf Blitzer.... also could've been a name for a character in the new movie Valkyrie.

BET said...

well i need food. READ MY WORDS.

Hursty said...

thats pretty funny dude.
Don't you want to be a Senator also though?

BET said...

i dont want to be one Hursty, I WILL BE ONE

BET said...

seeing how people treated this, i have decided NO MORE SERIOUS WORK

Hursty said...

How do you expect people to take you seriously if you are the one instigating the humour? The way you type, your spelling/punctation and the words you use in comments are conductive to a jovial form of reply from others...

B. Long said...

In other news, New sh!t on W.B.B.L.!

AR said...

"I find it ironic that the FBI was the nicest of all the people they met, because usally you would expect the people who have to 'protect' us to be the mean hard asses that dropped out of high-school. But instead they were the ones with with common sence"

We're supposed to take this seriously?

Maybe a pair of red skinny jeans and a cravat would help?

BET said...

somewhat seriously is a better phrase i suppose

BET said...

but for the record, i didnt mean the way people were reacting was my problem. I didnt like the lack of people reacting, which means people arent intrested.

Hursty said...

Thats not true mate. You posted this very close to NY's, so people were away on holidays.
I also had my other post going on, so that drew away attention.
Don't be discouraged broham.

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