Thursday, January 22, 2009


Hello everybody, and I'm walking on air.

I sent the story that I wrote, "An Open Letter To The NBA" to Ben Osborne, SLAM editor. He said that I'd have to crack the 2,200 word essay down to about 700 words, so here's what I plan to do if all goes well and Mr. Osborne is OK with it. As you see, I'm trying to get Hibachi in there, if it's all right. Here's what I plan on. If anybody wants to bring to the table a certain paragraph that they would like to see in there or one that should be cut out, please say so.

I am a 13 year old who has hopes of becoming a sports journalist when I get older, and, hopefully to be found in this magazine in the future. I recently wrote a piece for my blog entitled, "An Open Letter To The NBA" and I'd love to share this excerpt from the essay (it can be found in it's entirety here:

To the storied National Basketball Association,

I have been an avid basketball and NBA fan since before I could remember, and I have supported the league and it's players during the good days and the bad ones. You could undoubtedly call me a diehard fan, and I have followed and will follow this fabled Association for years to come.

And for the joy in competition and loyalty that I have gotten out of the National Basketball Association, I would like to say thank you.

Thank you for Earvin "Magic" Johnson, a player who was never short on excitement in his 5-championship career. At 6'9", Magic had the skill to play every position on the basketball court, as he showed in his rookie season of 1980 in the NBA Finals: When teammate Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was down with an injury, Magic stood in his place at center--and throughout the match, he played every position--posting 42 points, 15 rebounds, 7 assists and 3 steals. I hope, among many, that Johnson's HIV experience will not further.

Thank you for Larry Joe Bird, the greatest shooter to ever put on an NBA uniform. Bird could shoot the lights out from every place on the court, living proof that if you practiced enough, you'd be able to play better than every other man on the floor, even if you couldn't jump higher than them, run faster than them or move quicker than them. As his three championships say for themselves, his Celtics, led by him along with mainstays Robert Parish and Kevin Mchale, were a constant force during the Celtics-Lakers rivalry of the 80's.

Thank you for Michael Jordan, the greatest player of all time in the National Basketball Association. The hardest working player in the league during the late 80's and 90's dominated early, winning Rookie of the Year honors in 1985 for the struggling Chicago Bulls. His Airness was named aptly; the smooth slam dunks that were delivered in-game and in dunk contests were constant acts of wonder to fans (although 'Nique should've won in '88). The six championships explain Money's legacy, with such a great player as Scottie Pippen to act as sidekick, 'chips rained in like his turnaround J.

Thank you for Kevin Garnett, a madman in the sense that everything he does is competitive, and he WILL win. Garnett brings an air to the game that there's somebody who needs a victory on that court, and he will show it--by way of scream, chest-thump or taunt.

Thank you for Allen Iverson, a man who, whether you like it or not, brought the street basketball culture to the before slightly sheltered Association along with a devastating game. Iverson brought freezers full of ice to the press conferences, but his game overshadowed the frowned-upon culture that was imminent in this popular establishment.

Thank you for players like Nate Robinson and Spudd Webb, men at least five inches shorter than the next who will dunk on (or block) any 7 foot plus big men. Thank you for players like Ron Artest and Rasheed Wallace, men who run their mouths without care, leaving us puzzled, laughing or crying. Often all at the same time.

Thank you for players like Ray Allen and Reggie Miller, three point assassins who you can't figure out how to stop once they get hot. Thank you for players like Rodney Stuckey and Leon Powe, scrappy men who give it their all every time they step on the court, earning minutes and respect. Thank you for players like Kwame Brown and Sam Bowie, hyped-up guys who are drafted high and don't live up to it. And, especially, thank you for the ones who do.

Thank you for the thrilling past years and for the presumably great ones to come.

So that's what you'll be seeing in the magazine from me, most likely.



yardbird said...

you get a gold star for this one, moosey ol' boy.

Oh, and by the way, I'm sixteen..and a half.

anyway, congrats man!

Moose said...

Thanks a lot, Yardbird. You don't know how excited I am.

Yardbird said...

Man, I'm excited for you!

Can't wait to get slam outta my mailbox, flip it open, and see you sitting inside.

Moose said...

You have two for that one, YB. Thanks a million, again. I'll have to wait a while, but I'll be on the edge of my seat!

Hursty said...

Happy for you mate. It's a good piece. Well done. Props.

B. Long said...

Congrats Moose. Is this going in Trashtalk?

BET said...

he is letting us get some promotion!!

This is for you Moose:

jameyburke said...

Nice work Moose. Your only 13..? I'm glad they'll print it. Besides this one, most blogs have just become glorified chat rooms anyway. There are only a few worth reading like you guys', Ball Don't Lie and Red'sArmy. Keep up the great writing-all of you...

Hursty said...

Wow bet. What a random ass video. Where do you come up with that shit?

Ok cool. Yes it is free promotion.

I should pretend to be 7 and write to slam and say 'i love the lakers with Kobe Bryant. all my friends in chicago say mj is better. But i dont think so. thanks slam. i love the pics and ones about kobe because he is a good dunker and very good at shooting. keep up the good work. 'lil johnny. chicago.
(poor grammar included).
yeh, maybe not, but whatever. Worth a shot lol.

jameyburke said...

That's not sad enough Hursty. A better one would be: "Dear Slam, please publish my letter. Ever since the freak pop-a-shot accident, my step-daddy lost his left arm. He currently plays in the Guatamelan league for 2 pesos a day. It's hard for him to post up with one arm, but the gang-green smell keeps most defenders away. Please publish my letter so that I may give hope to other sons of Guatamelan league amputees everywhere. Thanks-Pedro.

Hursty said...

Thats disgusting, but mildly funny anyways.

DP said...

good job young moose. I knew having you on the team was a superb idea. Good to see someone from hibachi break the slam ink. but he is not the first....check out slam 108 I believe with the suns on the cover and look in that trash talk section. You might find a young mississippian saying how he feels about monta and al in there. i forgot his name though. congrats moose! hibachi!

Moose said...

Thanks, guys. I can't wait and all of that. Yeh, it's going in Trash Talk.

Moose said...

Oh and guys. We don't know if I'll actually be able to promote the blog, but I'll keep you posted on it.

-Gerard Himself- said...

what's up Moose? I see you posting on, and never knew you are so young. You wrote a very cool piece, great that it will be in SLAM, awesome!

Eboy said...

I'd like to say that my E-dorsement helped a little, too.

Told ya Ben's the man. :)

Moose said...

@ Gerard: yeah, I am. Don't take that as a hoops knowledge thing, though! Thanks for dropping by.

Eboy, thanks a lot, man. Can't wait.

-Gerard Himself- said...

Moose, age doesn't matter at all. You either know your shit or you don't, and you clearly do. Really enjoyed the piece.

Hembergler said...

Moosealicious, just because it bothers me:

it's = contraction of 'it is'
its = possessive pronoun

In the first two instances you use its in the letter itself, you need to remove the apostrophe. :D

That aside, great article, me likey.

Oh, also, you have a Celtics bias in the players listed: KG, Bird, Ray, Powe. The former three seem to fit in well, maybe change Powe to Turiaf or someone equally energetic? On second thought... nah.

Moose said...

Thanks a lot for the feedback, Hemberger. If I get the opportunity to change it, I definitely will. I might not be able to, though. Thanks anyways, man.

And Gerard, Thanks, dude. Thanks again for dropping by.

Roy said...

Hey Moose congrats on making it in the pages of SLAM. I'm reppin' only from an internet cafe here. My internet service is down at the moment that's why I haven't been blogging online for a few days now. Anyways, hope to you see that issue drop here in the Philippines. Again, congrats and I'm happy for you, buddy. :D

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