Friday, January 30, 2009

An Extended Leave of Absence

I apologise for having to write this. I really do.
After a long, long time of deliberating, I've decided to leave Hibachi for an extended period of time.
Let me explain.
I WILL be frequenting the site regularly and leaving comments in the process, but my extnded blog posts will cease to exist for the next several months as I turn my attention to the final year of High School here in Sydney.
This is not an easy option for me, as I know that it will mean that other blogmates will have to (unfortunately) write more to maintain the standards of the site- which are already very high.
Rest assured that I will be back when school finishes (mid to late November depending on HSC Exam scheduling) with a vengeance.
I hope to maintain a presense of the site with short posts on interesting articles, but unfortunately, school has become more intense and pressure packed over the last week and has forced my hand. You may have noticed that my comments on slamonline have diminished significantly over the last two or three weeks- this is the reason why.
Eventually, I imagine that DP, then BET will undergo the same pressure that I am experiencing right now- as RV and Money Bill Williams already have.
I wish you all the best in whatever pieces you do and however you choose to produce them.
Until November... When I'll come back from the wilderness and return to you all. I'll be Aragorn- And it'll be called the Return of the King.
Peace, Hursty.
PS- I will still moderate BET's spelling/grammar before he publishes- you would NOT want to see the punctuation that young man uses if it weren't for me ;)


Moose said...

Well, sorry to see you leave for a bit, Hursty. But it's good that you'll still be commenting and all.

Eboy said...

Australia should hold a "Hursty Day Of Mourning" for this. Little wallaby lovin' fucker.

For real though...kill that school shit so we can hear good things when you're back on the regular.

BET said...

"I will still moderate BET's spelling/grammar before he publishes- you would NOT want to see the punctuation that young man uses if it weren't for me ;)"

What type of terrible joke is this?

Taking credit for something you dont do?

I should do something about that statement. Maybe the world wont see the punctuation i use for a while.

AR said...

I feel your pain....

Ryne Nelson said...

Good luck on finishing those classes, Hursty. Of course, I'll be looking forward to when you're back and commenting on the regular.

Hursty said...

Moose- thx
Eboy- They had Australia Day in my honour on the 26th of January :)
BET- I leave some stuff out, but the last 2 pieces you put up I've done a little bit of eiditing.
AR- haha, you finished a couple of years ago right?
Ryne- thanks for the love, props on the work @ slam. Love the Deron piece too! :) :)

DP said...

Just know that we got the site on lock while you gone bro. Fly society and the planes will hold it down.

Hursty said...

Yeh- just don't get grounded haha.

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