Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fly society Public Service Announcement????

Collin(good buddy of mine): "Hey dude, I saw your blog the other day while I was surfing the net."

Me: "Oh for real?" That's what's up, um, did you like it?

Collin: Yeah man it was pretty gucci(brief pause, like he is wondering if he should have said that) yeah it was all gravy it's just that I don't see enough of you.

Me: What you mean man? I'm always on hibachi! Haven't you seen Fly society and everything I rep.

Collin: Yeah, like two months ago. Some dude named moose is taking your shine bro. and hursty. and even some dude with the name BET. I hope he is not trying to represent the network or the team, both are slaw.

Me: Dang homie, I didn't know you felt like that. I would post more often, it's just that I've been bogged down with homework, basketball, act stuff for college, and me tryin to get ole girl from chile.

Collin: (interrupts) Oh, you talking about Judy jetson?(I don't use real names, google is a motha)

Me: Yeah, haha, judy. But like I was saying...

Collin:(not caring about my views) Yeah dude, she is fine as hell! Wow, I'm glad see doesn't see the garbage you put on your blog or she would probably come to me!

Me: Alright, you are getting a little too happy bro. My blog...I mean my team's blog is doing just fine and I will be posting on there pretty soon.

Collin: yeah, yeah, yeah. You guys don't have anything on SKO!

Me: Do you like stalk my comments on Slamonline or something? How do you know anything about SKO?

Collin: I hear things.

Me: You are creeping me out dude. You don't even have a computer. How have you been reading my blog?

Collin: Don't worry about that bro. Just know that those old timers over there got things on lock like Barack does my parents taxes. just know that bro.

Me: Okay, that's cool but let me ask you this, what does hibachi need to make the site more enjoyable for you.

Collin: Get that dude BET to tell the news. I swear he is the next Peter Jennings.

Me: Okay what else?

Collin: Get that moose kid to keep putting posts on the regular, he is a good read. And he is only thirteen? Geez that dude is ballin.

Me: Anything else dog?

Collin: Yeah, tell hursty to blog more about his sport teams out in Aussie. I'm talking to this girl from there and see says she likes hursty more than me!

Me: What?

Collin: She gets on facebook a lot dog...don't ask me.

Me: Okay....

Collin: Oh yeah, tell RV keep putting heat out about the rockets and how T-mac will always struggle to succeed in anything basketball.

Me: Well, you got all my crew but what about me?

Collin: Oh, yeah, you....haha. fly society I guess...

Me: You don't sound excited as you did for everyone else..

Collin: That's because you post once a lunar eclipse dog. People want to know who is in the Fly society and you are never around to drop that knowledge. I'm not going to lie man, I want to see more Fly society! I want it! I need it! I crave! I love it!!!!! I love you man!

Me: What the hell?

Collin: No homo, vontae, I swear. Just do one thing and hibachi 2.0 will be on point.

Me: Yeah?

Collin: Put out a Fly society post at least once a week!!!! I'm feein like jodeci over here!

Me: Aite bro, I'm going to type the conversation we just had right now and make it into a post about how this is sort of a fly society pubic service announcement.

Collin: You do that man. I'm proud of you. Fly society is back! So you going to give out some new names for it?

Me: yeah, I'm on it right now. Thinking of the possibilities.

Collin: Aite vontae, I'm glad you are back blogging, but I got to go. I see my girlfriend over here constantly looking at hursty's pictures!!! Hey, ask that dude if he is trying to take my girl okay? I like him and all but I don't know dude like that.

Me: Um, I don't think Hursty knows who you...

Collin: (interuppts) Just ask him vontae!

Me: Haha, whatever dude. you are paranoid. I'll holla at you later.

Collin: Yeah man, peace. and remember, SKO is y'all daddies!!!!

Me: Haha of course.

You can believe what you want, but that was a conversation between me and one of my good friends.. I just wanted to get back into the mix since everyone is doing there thing and hit you guys with my Fly society selections for the week. these will be coming every week from now on, so hold on to your seatbelts.

-Rodney Stuckey
-Danny Granger( I swear he is in here but I'm not sure)
-Jameer Nelson
-Andrew Bynum

Only a couple of nominations a week, so y'all fill me in and let me know who you have for consideration into this most prestigious of all clubs.

and special shout outs to judy jetson....haha.


Collin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Moose said...

haha, nice conversation with him. He's got a point, we all love the Fly Society, roll with it . . . and glad I'm getting conversational attention in Mississippi . . . tell him I'll do more features and such. Also ask him what players he wants bios on or pieces he wants done. That goes for all of you.

Hursty said...

HAHAHA!! LMAO! That shit is gold mate.
This Collin kid is a true blue legend!
DP please, please, please don't tell me that this is fake in a month or something. I don't think I could forgive you lol.
Eboy is going to have a damn field day with this when he waked up lol.

moose- wth are you doing up in the am...@ 3:44!!

Whats the deleted comment?

Yo, I gotta know who this girl in Aus is that he's talking about, do some detective work or some shit. HAHA.

This is probably one of my top 5 all time favourite Hibachi2.0 pieces...moose's one below getting into trash talk, the first ever pieces we did for the blog as a group, the dream 'online' team, this one right here... man.

This in a few years time is going to be so sugary to look at...thx for tha memories fellas.

Hursty said...

Wow I sound sooo token bloody Australian in that first paragraph and it should say 'wakes' up. Sorry for the punctuation lapse.

DP, if you're afraid that this will come out into google, then shoot me an email...

Can we include Roger Federer into Fly Society? Collin can be an honourary member.
Which reminds me, If Morgan Freeman is not in F.S then it's a travesty (sp?- when I say sp? I actually want to be told whether that is the correct spelling or not).

Money Bill Williams said...

Getting kicked in the nuts hurts!

But not nearly as much as getting forgotten as a team member on a read like this! I feel like Tayshaun in Beijing

I mean I ain't alway's here but I'm always looking from afar. Damm

Collin is cold as ice!

Haha jks good read DP you had me laughing

Eboy said...

Your boy Collin is a really smart cat.

Oh....and co-sign on his idea to have BET do the news.

BET said...

This dude Collin is trippin balls. Peter Jennings? I wish...but maybe.

BET said...

tripping balls = result of hanging out with white people at lunch today and learning all their cool phrases. I never knew any group of people used the term 'Dawg' so much. Randy Jackson must too be white.

BET said...

also Raja Bell/Boris Diaw need to hop on the plane

Moose said...

Hursty, it's on Pacific Time, it was 6:31 eastern. I had school!

Hursty said...

ok man. ok. Bet should do the news though.

AR said...

I like this Collin guy.

jameyburke said...

Moose: how about the 2 T.A.'s : Trevor Ariza and Tony Allen. Even though our T.A. is hurt. They both will probably play an intregal part in each respective teams' run to the 2009 NBA Finals. I'm going to the game again tomorrow vs the Mavs, Should be a good one. How about those poor Rockets..T-Back always hurt, Artest hurt, now Yao hurts his knee tonight. Yikes..

Moose said...

BET, don't bring race and all into this.

BET said...

Moose dont bring me bringing race into all of this

Hursty said...

Touche salesman!

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