Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm tired of these motherf*cking babies on this motherf*cking plane!

By Money Bill

Note: Half of the following was written on a plane home from Honolulu to Sydney. The other half was written just after watching Denver v Miami @ Denver.

What’s good movers & shakers?

I’ve been a member of this site for a minute or two but this is my first piece that I've posted. Reason’s for this delayed reaction include University exams, stress at work, dead computer and too much time spent at the gym or playing hoops. But enough about me for a second.

The following are random notes and thoughts that I currently have. Completely biased so I am prepared for an NBK sized bashing from the masses:

Lebron hands down will win the MVP award this year. At the time of writing this the Cav’s record is 28-6. It can be assumed that this is not down to the play of Ben Wallace or Delonte West. By improving his previously criticised defensive abilities to near epic proportions while maintaining his usual stats should make it clear cut that the King will bring home the hardware this year. And to Russ or AllenP ( i forget who wrote the comment) I am not a LBJ dickhugger.

Mamba just doesn’t deserve this award this season, but I feel he would come in second. His dimished role might put him out of contention for MVP in my books, but he can still light it up when necessary. But I still hate him. Not to Eboy sized proportions, but the dislike rages within.

How do flight attendants call flight attending a real job. They don’t own the airline, all they have to do is give out bags of mixed nuts and top your drink up for a couple of hours then have a three day holiday at the other end. I’m sorry to anybody who is a steward or stewardess, but your all bludgers!

Why do parents with newborn babies think that going on an overseas trip that includes a 10 hour plane ride is a good idea? Once they hit 12 or 13, they’re not going to remember the trip anyway. I keep getting strange looks from the air hostess every time one of the baby’s behind me leaves a 'duty free souvenir' the whole plane can smell. But what the attendant know, she’s a bludger anyway. Parents with newborn’s should be made to ride in cargo, or better yet a boat!

Dick Vitale is commenting on his first NBA game since 1984. Let’s pray that it’s an even greater time between drinks for good old Dick. All he seems spit get out is how good he was in projecting college talent that made it to the top in the NBA. Sorry Dick, but Wade & Melo's promising career’s are not solely based on your predictions five years ago.

I liked Melo a lot more with his braids. I liked Nene’ a lot more without his braids.

I refuse to believe that JR Smith has a consistent jump shot. Dude just throws it up and hopes for the best. My hypothesis is he just got lucky vs Miami

My mate Dave is a casual NBA fan and when Chris Anderson checks in Dave turns to me and says “ Does he have the Crusty Demons tour bus waiting outside for him so they can get to the next show”.

In evaluating Daves comment, I think that Birdman is one of the most non NBA looking NBA players in the history of the game. What do you guys think?


Hursty said...

I reckon Chris Anderson and Robert Swift should have a pow-wow. Kinda like Bonner and Scalabrine.
I like this post!
Samuel L. Jackson. He's cool too.

Hursty said...

Oh, and do u wanna come c the Hawks play the Spirit in Sydney saturday night? I got a couple of free tix.
Yes JR is a chucker, but he at least hits some of those shots.

Moose said...

Money Bill! Great to have you back, man. And Hursty! Scallie! Hell yeah! VOTE SCALABRINE TO ARIZONA.

Hursty said...

I'm surprised your last sentence didnt have an ! mark in it moose..

Moose said...

It wasn't enthusiastic, Hursty. It was a statement. A demand of sorts. Must be done.

B. Long said...

John Stockon is probably the most non NBA looking player ever.

BET said...

MBW: GOOD SHIT!This is why Australia is my second favorite country. Australia: Where hilarious used car salesmen and Russel Crowe happen.

RV said...

i think Scotty Brooks is right up there with Stockton..

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