Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hodge: Out of Australia

So.... I didn't see this one coming. At all. Julius he-of-my-last-few-posts has decided to leave the Adelaide 36'ers on a contract dispute.
Eveything is shady right now, as a press conference only took place a few hours ago local Sydney time....which was very uninforming I must say!
It appears as though it's been a long-running spat with management since he arrived in December though. He wanted his money as soon as he arrived (I imagine it was because he was afraid that the 36'ers would collapse, similair to 2 other clubs have this season) so he got paid upfront for the whole season (which is very unusual obviously).
As I said, things are very shady, but obviously in the next few days, things will come out in the media. His agent is in the USA, so he was unavailable for comment. I'l do a longer, more 'professional' post when the dusts settles, so keep an eye out.

PS- He isn't a cookie or a biscuit, he's VON Waffffeerrrrr!! Yeh I doubted my boys last night, but they got it done against Boston, which I'm very happy about. Hopefully Wafer remembers the make and not the airball 3 a few possessions earlier ;) Maybe things can turn around from here? Boston has lost 6 of its last 8, this was only their second loss at HOME all season too and the Rockets are 14-1 when Yao Ming scores 20+points.

Peace, Hursty.


Moose said...

Great Ming stat. Do you think that Hodge will be coming to the NBA?

Money Bill Williams said...

Even without Hodge the 36ers managed to beat my Hawks so they get no sympathy from me

Hursty said...

Well, the Hawks do suck pretty bad Money. ALso, think of doing a piece on Hawai'i? That'd be sweet.
Moose, I think so. He was the last man cut from the Nets this year, if he'd made it, he would have had a $2million dollar 2 year contract...I think we'll see him around. Kinda like Von Wafer.

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