Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Hursty here:

Just giving everyone a heads up for the next week or so.

Moose has something in the works.

RV has a potential post on a potential MIP this year.

And you know BET has something floating around in that wild-ass head of his (holla Chuck Hayes!)

And I've got Youth Olympics coverage coming up. Youth Olympics is for athletes ages 16 and under.
I've got media accreditation for the majority of men's games and (hopefully) some women's coverage too since it's all in the same venue.
Teams include: Australia, New Zealand, Japan and China. I know China has at least one 7footer on the roster-and he's 15. There's a couple of 6'9 and 6'10 guys as well for China.
China destroyed Japan by around 40 today in the Men's, and the Australian women got a win too.

Now, y'all might not think it matters, because the USA isn't playing, but if the next Yao, Bogut or Patty Mills or even Sean Marks (!) is in attendance-you can say you knew about it first on hibachi. I also promise that the notes won't be so long as my Spirit vs. Hawks ones :)

In other news, Kobe pissed me off today with his 13 4th Q points...and Yao took a silly shot at the end of it all to destroy any hope of tying the game. 105-100 Lakers.
Oh! And Raymond Felton came up clutch, hitting a jumper with 0.7 left to win the game vs. the Pistons.


Justin Walsh said...

I'm excited for your Youth Olympic notes! Also glad for you using the baby from the wonderful "GET TO THA CHOPPA" picture haha

Hursty said...

Thanks man. I dunno whether you got my facebook message or whatever, but I'm going to be sending you stuff tomorrow some time. Do what you want with it lo-it'll be good quality though. Same email as facebook? or something else??

Justin Walsh said...

hursty, how do you not have my email? its justinwalshBIL@gmail.com

Hursty said...

We've never exchanged email addresses. Only talked on facebook remember?
ta mate.
btw, I mentioned your sister on te other post by RV lol hehe.

Justin Walsh said...

I am so tired. In the middle of the night, I did 5 features for SLAM as well as 3 blurbs for SLAM stuff last night. That shit takes time and I did it all in a night. My brain is dead. DEAD, Hursty! hahah

BET said...

who kniws if i will post anything until Febuary. I got midterms son!

Hursty said...

yeh, I got half-yearlies in 2 months or so...revision is always horrible haha.
So when (after you wake up) can I expect to see the new stuff Justin? Nice work btw haha.

jameyburke said...

Hurst..that is a scary lookin' baby man.

B. Long said...

Mamba...that is all.

Hursty said...

I told them trying to clone the agression of Arnie and Rambo into one child would have terrible repercussions.

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