Wednesday, January 7, 2009

MORE Random Musings! (Hurrah!)

Moose is back with some more non-serious writing. I've been messing around with Hibachi posts for my last couple, and sorry if you're a bit sick of them by now, I just thought I'd drop another one before going to snow-delayed school.

Aight, first thing's first, my Celtics. We are in a slump. Yes, it's true a loss to the Knicks and an overtime loss to the Bobcats (sit down BET, we know what you wanna say) really say that. But, I'm not worried. As I damn shouldn't be. If they have to slump, now would be the time. No doubt we'll be there in the end.

Anyways, their schedule. Tonight Boston takes on Houston at home, so RV and Hursty, it's on. Perk's gonna shut Yao down like Artest will shut down Pierce. Not quite sure if that'll happen, though . . . let's just say Perk's gonna do what he did to Ming last time he saw him. If Artest plays, that is. He didn't last night. Anyways . . .

Rondo, Rondo Rondo . . . slumping. Last night he had a career high in turnovers last night with NINE. Ouch. He did score 16, grab 4 and dish out 6, which is nice, but we can't have these TOs. These last four or five games has convinced me that Rondo isn't quite at an all-star level. In future years, believe me, he'll be there, but for the moment, not quite. I won't complain if he doesn't make it.

Which brings me to my next point, all-stars. Of course I've been voting every single day, for the guys who I believe should be in. Here's my ballot:

G: Dwyane Wade
G: Joe Johnson
F: Danny Granger
F: LeBron James
C: Dwight Howard

G: Chauncey Billups
G: Chris Paul
F: Amar'e Stoudemire
F: Tim Duncan
C: Al Jefferson

Some of it is personal preference, some of it isn't. Kobe didn't get my vote, Dirk truly deserves it but he didn't get my vote. Yes, Big Al's team sucks, but he is putting up gaudy numbers, and the centers in the West aren't on par with the rest of the league (barring Yao and Shaq) and he's one of my favorites.

CAN WE PLEASE VOTE CHAUNCEY BILLUPS!!!????!!!!???? This guy really needs to get voted. Look what happened! Denver is 24-12, Billups is doing great, and he deserves the spot. Any other questioning of my votes need to be brought to me personally, I will defend them. Wow, isn't the dunk contest awesome? What a great bridge to my next point!

Everybody vote Rudy Fernandez into the dunk contest. Every day, pass up Westbrook and Alexander, and vote Fernandez. We will truly get our money's worth if we vote Rudy. Sorry if that was a bit forceful, I just think that Fernandez will bring us the best show and competition to Nate Rob/Howard/Gay.

Another point of frustration. "Notorious", the new movie coming out about Biggie is rated R. That sucks. I am not 17. I can't go to that movie. Meh. And, to pile on, the Patriots didn't even make the playoffs. Fly Eagles, fly! I'm going for Philly there. Anyways . . . I forgot to mention, Celtics-Cavs on Friday, mark your calendars. In Cleveland. We better wake up for that one.

Eric Gordon dropped 32 last night. The Year of the Rookie. This class is looking legit. Pick it up, B-Easy! He's the only one slackin'. Rose, Mayo, Westbrook, Augustin, Gordon, even LOPEZ . . . and Beasley's got 13 and 5. Not turrible. But not living up to the hype. Not good enough for ROY. Pick it up, Mike. Anyways . . . (I've been saying that too much, huh?)

Marbury in Boston? Meh. Feels like a cancer to me. I don't really want Steph over here, it'd just be too nerve wracking. We have guys off the bench who can play, and Starbury needs the ball for a while to be successful. One of the last thing's we need is a shoot-first point guard off the bench we can spread the ball around because our bench can score. Marbury might rip us apart. But I have faith that Ainge will do what's best for the team, so it shouldn't be a problem (no matter what happens).

I'm out, everyone, sorry if this post was somewhat nagging and annoying . . . but I said what I wanted to say.



BET said...


BET said...

and this is no 'slup' or 'fluke'. We beat yall last year by 12 in boston.

BET said...

telling somebody who has nut hairs older/taller than you to 'sit down' is a terrible idea.

RV said...

Moose, Tmac isn't playing, Battier isn't playing, Ron should play, but with Boston losing to a crappy team last night, they're going to come in looking for a kill, i don't see how houston has a chance.

Yardbird said...

Nice all star ballot, but beating a (right now) weak Houston team isn't that wonderful. too bad my Warriors can only dream about beating them...

But as for the Biggie movie, how about a parent buying a ticket, eh? That's waht I typically have to deal with lol. Or you could always go the fake id approach..;)

Be easy,

Moose said...

BETCATS, come over to Boston and we can take it to the streets. In ten years. Anyways, what was the boo for? You guys can kinda tell what kind of mood I was in when I wrote this, huh . . . and YB, I was more pointing out the Cleveland game on Friday. That would be a big win.

Yardbird said...

Yeah I agree, especially because these teams only match up one more time all year, it's probably going to be used by alot of people as a reference game when arguing whether the C's or the Cavs are better in the east.

Hursty said...

I dont see the Rockets having a chance. co-sign RV. Even with a fully healthy team, the chemistry is sorely lacking.

RV said...

So i think the rest of the team got together and decided to win this one to prove they don't need, it almost looked like tmac wasn't happy they won without him, he finally half-ass smiled with like 2 seconds left. Landry has that pivot spin down cold, Brooks is gonna blow up in 2 years....KG can't do it all, it takes 5...

Hursty said...

Chuck Hayes was amazing in the 2nd quarter btw.

Hursty said...

Rondo couldn't stay with him tonight, Chris Paul can't stay with him properly, Williams can't stay with him on ball.
Can TJ Ford? Barbossa is quick, but a *different* sort of quick imo.
Problem is, even though they can't guard AB- he can't guard them either :)
Westbrook vs. Brooks will be a good match-up though. So will Nate Robinson a few nights later.

Moose said...

The problem for us was Yao. We just couldn't contain him! Aside from that three, Yao had all of the clutch play.

Hursty said...

Perk is going to lead the league in fouls this year I reckon. Again.

Eboy said...

Don't be so cocky, Moose, the Celts have the look of a certain team from Motown from a few years ago that won a title, sat on top of the world for a long while, then fell short of their next goal,and to a lesser degree the team that followed the title year in Miami had that same shitty attitude (plus a multitude of injuries). They need to get their swagger back with the quickness because the Cavs aren't waiting on them to rediscover their magic.

Moose said...

Eboy, I'm just saying that they'll get it together soon and that they won't keep losing so much to these sub-par teams. I'm being optimistic as well.

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