Friday, January 30, 2009

Time for battle! Thunder stealing good words by BETCATS!!!!

"Eventually, I imagine that DP, then BET will undergo the same pressure that I am experiencing right now- as RV and Money Bill Williams already have."
-My main man Hursty

As i speak, Ms Piggy is unbuttoning her blouse, i am about to pluck that pork so lets make this quick. I too will have to make that announcement of a Hursty like sensation, but not for a long long long B.Long ass time.

Until then i have my own announcement to make: BETCATS would like to introduce you to his newest altered ego- Ultra BETCAT!!! UBCS as she will be called, will break the news in place of BETCATS.

To make some sence out of all that bullshit, i will now start writting news stories on the regular. Hooray! Big ups to Collin for telling me it would be a good idea. Whoever the hell he is, i like his ideas.

Also, since we are on the subject of ideas and the issue of liking them, i would like to take one Hursty to task. "I will still moderate BET's spelling/grammar before he publishes- you would NOT want to see the punctuation that young man uses if it weren't for me ;) "

Well wasnt that cute? A day that will live in infamy just occured to my ego. If yall couldnt tell, i have been trying my best to keep the words in a logical order/well spelled as of late. When people come in here and say they do it for me, its like slapping my face and calling me 'Nana Sue' or some shit. Disrespectful.

So Hursty, retract your claim and i will retract mine.

What is my claim?

HURSTY HAD SEX WITH A SHEMALE AT THE HIBACHI FAMILY PARTY!!!! It was his date, he was pretty drunk before he came. Me and Moose were all like 'Damm thats a man, look at that fuckin full beard its sporting' but Hursty wouldnt listen.


Ms. Piggy is getting fiesty, i need to go handle that now.



Hursty's Shemale said...

Oh my stars. I am just as feminine as Beyonce. This beard is a Earth Blanket. Hursty liked it anyway.

BET said...

THE SHEMALE SPEAKS!! Hursty i will delete the comment too if you take away your lies.

BET said...

Oh and i have a photobucket with my crazy ideas all documented!

Moose said...

We want a real picture of you, BETCATS.

Bobston said...

If your going to write news stories, maintain the comedy and bullshit aspect you got going on. Nothing worse than reading the same tired shit by a stack of different cats..keep it up kid!

BET said...

also, great job replacing my 1st piece in about 4 weeks with your 7th piece in a week moose!!

Moose said...

Pretty sure that isn't a picture, BET. And I'm sorry, I was just really excited to get this one out there.

BET said...

a picture? All i got is 1 camera phone with no USB cord that is findable. You should see my myspace. I have to edit out other people for my solo shots in my albums. But like i already said, the people who see me every day are the only ones lookin at me. I dont want to get some rapist masterbating to my picture or something.

Moose said...

Well sorry for posting a picture of me, then . . . you should write a wikipedia entry on Hibachi 2.0. Just when you mention me, don't talk about my personal info (i.e., real name, email address . . .)

Hursty said...

BAHAHA! You're such a gronk lol.
The word order is great- much improved.
I'm talking about the 'they're, there, their' type stuff and apostrophes and commas lol.
ps- I retract BUT you have to stop stealing my 'peace' line.
Keep up the news BET haha.

RV said...

What's an Okafor? Sorry, just seemed appropriate...

DP said...

yeah we the best.

Anonymous said...

BET, in the nicest way possible...

You're absolutely batshit crazy

Keep it up, haha

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