Friday, September 4, 2009

Not the final piece of the puzzle, but it's nice....


Moose said...

Now we need to get a frickin backup point guard.

Hursty said...

That guy even looks like Mikki Moore + number 7.

Collin said...

@ moose; they do definitely a solid guard to backup rondo, but the C's first priority this postseason was getting a wingman to back up pierce and allen, and they definitely got the job done with marquis. he is a good player.

I can't wait for the season to start.

when does school start for you Moose? I don't start til the 11th.

Moose said...

@ Collin: Yeah, I know. But once we get something down, we gotta get to the other priority. The wingman that we got in Daniels is good if he doesn't decide to take many jumpshots. As for backup PGs, doesn't look like we'll actually get one as of now....Eddie House is in NO way a backup point guard. We need to work on that, but other than that I think we're almost set.

As for school.....I'm back in. Meh.

Blinguo said...

Good signing. Didn't see many Pacer games just like everyone else, but he isn't going to be fumbling the ball out there, as he shared ballhandling duties with with Jarret Jack right?

No big obvious and also cheap PG to just grab right now.

- HOUSTON - News,
Earlier we read about T-Mac changing his # to 3 to support Darfur initiatives, now his documentary(1 hour) hit the other day.


More Info:

Cool reading comments on people saying they didn't know who Tracy even was before watching the movie and they still donated some right after watching it. Or another just saying they'll watch his games now. Someone trying to knock him for bling and sunglasses(orly?), and someone disputes that handily.

T-Mac has on TV interviews before with like ESPN Outside the Lines, toned down a ton from when he was young and paid with extravagant spending, changing to invest better-sell off the fluff saying when he retires he wants to have all the money he made in his career left and works toward that.

Roy said...

I agree Moose. A solid backup point guard is what the C's need. I'm just hoping they enough cap room to sign one...

Roy said...

I agree Moose. A solid backup point guard is what the C's need. I'm just hoping they have enough cap room to sign one...

Anonymous said...


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