Wednesday, September 16, 2009

NFL Week One...and everything else from the past week

A Moose Track

Can Adrian Peterson win a whole fantasy football league? Uhm, I think that he just might. Three touchdowns, 100+ yards, and that 67-yard run was incredible. Let's take another look...

How good is AP really? This guy is just insane. And, he's going up against the Lions' defense next weekend. On to other good performances from this past weekend...

Drew Brees: 348 yards, 6 touchdown passes. Six. Touchdown. Passes. That won't happen against any other team than Detroit, who he obviously picked apart. Man, I feel bad for the Detroit Lions. I mean, there are some bad teams in sports, and we all get that: they're worse than everyone, don't win many games...but they all win a couple. The Lions need at least one win this year; it's just sad if they repeat last year.

Tony Romo and Joe Flacco both threw for three touchdowns, but the most interesting quarterback situation was in New York, where they were starting the rookie, Mark Sanchez. The former USC Trojan threw for 272 yards with a touchdown. Not bad for a rook who's thrown into a starting spot with a mediocre team.

Anyways, on to the last one, and of course the most interesting--New England Patriots. Everyone had their eyes on Brady's leg, and we all know that he didn't look very comfortable on it at the beginning, but he did improve as the game went along. Started off shaky, ended well. Even if we had to take it to the last two minutes to beat the Buffalo Bills. Pains me to think about it. Our offense looked nice. They established the run game well, and the passing game looked fine. But, the Pats' defense sucks. Plain as that. SUCKS. And it really doesn't help that we lost our second-best defender in the first half for almost the whole season.

Off of football now and on to pop culture. Kanye....Kanye....Kanye. Man. I was thinking about why Yeezy did this the other day, and I thought "He probably thought it was a good idea at the time". But I thought a little more about it, and I had no idea how Kanye thought that any good would come from that. And to all people, Taylor Swift?? Jeez. How could you be so hea-art-less? And, he looked like a fool anyways because Beyonce won best overall video. For him, this is frickin' embarrassing.

I know DP's opinion on the Blueprint 3; what did you guys think? Overall, I liked it. Some of the songs were painfully bad, but other than that most of it was pretty slick...I got the tickets and it cost a lot of hard-earned money so it better be good...

So I want to talk about the SLAMonline Top 50. Where's the energy? None of the regulars are showing up, nobody's commenting that much; it just doesn't have the fire that it had last year. You guys know what I'm talking about. And, where have all the SKO guys been? Not just on SKO, but on SLAM as well. If any of you are reading this, where are you guys?? Which is a perfect segue to my next topic...

Has HIBACHI lost readers instead of gaining them? Commenting has gone significantly down; I'm just a little bit worried and kind of interested about this. Anyways, to our faithful readers/commenters, thank you.

With that, I'll leave you something from Deltron 3030...



Collin said...

yo Moose, I'm really happy for you, and imma let you finish.....but DP had on of the best posts of all time!!!

that was me commenting Kanye West style.haha.

about the fact that commenters on Slam, hibachi, and even truly hoops are down is because most basketball websites viewers go down during the offseason. once the Basketball season starts up again, readers will be back.

Im not a big footbal fan, but peterson is a BEAST. and im happy i watched the patriot game, that last 5 minutes was crazy. im happy the pats won.

nice post by the way...

Hursty said...

HSC is kicking my ass.
I reckon it might be worth a few posts of "read my blog!" and "click my name" to get some more readers + always possible to make a wikipedia account lol.
BTW, New England was f*cking lucky to win that game.
Saw Oakland vs. someone else (I forget, but will remember as soon as someone says it) and that was an ok game.

Moose said...

Oakland against San Diego, Hursty. Oakland sucks. As for advertising the blog, I guess we all have a duty now. Let's go!

And Collin, when I say readers have gone down I mean since like January/February. We've lost a lot of commenting since last year/beginning of last year. Go back in the archives to check it out.

BET said...

1) AP is a beast, but that touchdown run was verse the Clevland Browns.......i will leave it at that.

2) We lost readers? DONT TELL! Seriously though, nobody wants to pet a dying dog. Yeah we are going through a little rough patch here, but telling the whole world is just going to send people away thinking that we are 'yesterdays hottest thing'.

I WILL NOT let hibachi become some 80s hairband-type thing where we are all fat and dont remember the lyrics to our songs anymore. Have no fear Moose and co, if dramatic action is needed, i will take it. Just let it be known we got a long way to go before its needed, we arent that desperate YET.

3) The Raiders dont suck. They might actually improve this year. Give them 1 more season to get it all together and allow Heward-Bey to mature some, and the Raiders will be in the playoffs again. If you would like to know a team that DOES suck, just look at my Carolina Panthers. In the last 7 quarters of football that Jake Deljustgohomme has played, he has thrown 11 picks. That is right, 11. And he just got a fat contract extension, and i am talking high cholesteral and clogged artires fat, plus the only alternates are Matt Moore and Josh McGowan. WE ARE SCREWED.

Moose said...

Darren McFadden looks like the real deal as well...but I'm still skeptical through the roof about JaMarcus Russell.

And thanks for explaining the whole bachi "rough spot" as you called it, which were two good words for it. We're still the ish, not to toot our own horn, because we're all still putting out good stuff, and we will be for years to come. But where the readers at?? Thanks, BET.

Blinguo said...

Too much approving Jay-Z moves.
Which he steals from DBZ(Dragon Ball), check the Familia Roc signs, that triangle? HOOOV!
And that "Run this Town," needs a lot better production! Sorry DP.

Forgot who Kanye was after reading one of his blogs where he wrote in all CAPS about some stage, being late to the performance and called the people in charge "SQUID BRAINS!" that's the most gangsta diss ever. Heartbreaking to the 8 hundred 8.

EBOY came back for the MJ stuff to oppose Myles hating the speech. Calling the top 50, "Top 50 to be voted MVP next year" might work better, so they can forget about the semi makes sense rules and outside of the top 10, it can be anybody.

Deltron 3030 is the album with Dan the Automator, spaceships, plasma unibeam thru the spleen. Old Oakland Del is in the line of "the Tradition of Excellence" but crusty Al Davis needs to long have been gone. Losing on the last drive, same old same old. Patriots guy didn't even want to show, reported 5 days late on the trade.

Hursty said...

Yeh that was the team... Russell played well. He has a real strong arm ( or so it appeared).

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

)))))))))) I to you cannot believe :)

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