Monday, September 7, 2009

The End of the Rainbow

A Moose Track

Usually there's a pot of gold right about now. But that doesn't have anything to do with anything, I just randomly put that as the title to this post because it was the first thing to pop into my mind. Lotsa topics to discuss here. So let's get moving....

First, my condolences. This has been a summer of great loss, and this just adds to the list. Rest in peace to Ted Kennedy, an American legend and a Massachusetts staple. He will be missed. My prayers go out to his family. Also, rest in peace to Adam Goldstein, aka DJ AM. My prayers go out to his family as well. We'll be able to say more on this once we get the whole story, but for now we don't know everything about that.

Okay. Richard Seymour was traded to the Oakland Raiders for their 2011 first round draft pick. I was kinda mad when I first heard it; he was a rookie when I first became a Patriots fan in 2001 (when I was seven) and I've been watching his whole career ever since, always been one of my favorite players. I mean, the dude's 6-6, 310 and runs faster than most NBA point guards. Well, not that fast. But wicked fast, anyways.

I realized that there were probably some problems with the Patriots organization and Seymour, and his contract expires after next year, so they realized that they might as well get rid of him now with payoff if they weren't going to be able to pay him anyways. Makes sense to me; but I'm still not happy about it. At least Oakland will give us a nice first-rounder in twenty-ten. And, he helped win three super bowls. Good enough for me. Thanks for the contributions, Richard.

The Blueprint Three kinda came out this week, and I thought that it was pretty good. Not amazing. Pretty good. The beginning of the album was better than the second; the opening two were nice, and of course D.O.A. and Run This Town were niiiiice. The album was good, not incredible. Empire State Of Mind was good; Alicia Keys is sick. I'm going to try to get tickets to the one at UMass-Amherst or Rhode Island....wish me luck.

Allen Iverson to.....Memphis?! The Grizzlies don't care about winning, only putting fans in the seats for a game or two. Memphis owner Michael Heisley: "Obviously I think he’d be a crowd pleaser in Memphis.” Well, obviously Mr. Heisley has no intention of competing at least this year. Well, at least the dude is a realist.

Anyways, that's pretty much all I got for now....I'm out then. I'll leave you with a song from Boston's best....

Be easy.



BET said...

"At least Oakland will give us a nice first-rounder in twenty-ten. "

its for 2011.

Collin said...

nice post moose.

if iverson does come to memphis, the organization should actually look at the roster for once and say "we got mayo, iverson, gay, and randolph, we have a lot of good players, we should actually try that "winning" thing for once"

that probly wont happen though, they are too obsessed with letting rudy gay have a dunkfest in order to attract fans. maybe someday they'll realize that winning games can help draw a crowd too.

the blueprint 3 was definitely nice; but i love trey songz's new album that just came out; and kid cudi's album that comes out soon is gonna be tight too.

Moose said...

@ BET: Riiiiiight. I got it right the first time, though.

@ Collin: "The Perfect Life" might drop sometime in the next three years or so, I'm pretty excited for that. ;)

DP said...

@collin yes sir that trey songz album is niceeeee. didn't know you were an r@b fan lol.
@Moose nice artile youngin. keep it up son.
Vol 2. will be written in pyschology and statistics tomorrow so expect it by tomorrow night or early friday morning. play wit it.

Anonymous said...


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