Tuesday, September 29, 2009

In a world of hypotheticals....

Did you miss me America? Well a lot of shit has happened since i wrote last. I have started school. When my time isnt consumed by writting shit for my AP English class (yup i am taking AP English! Me, the same guy who couldnt even form a comprehensible sentence 2 years ago) i am chilling with my friends. I have been balling, lost some of my bunnies, but i can still dunk two handed on 10 feet.

On here, one of the best pieces ever written was wrote (look at the article directly below this post for proof) by RV and their were so many Moose Tracks everywhere that it appeared some canadians showed up and had a orgy.

I am cutting down on my SLAMONLINE commenting due to 2 overlying problems:

1) I dont have any computer classes this year (thank god i dont gotta deal with ms haynes ever again)

2) It sorta sucks now. Ryne made all these 'rules' that restrict what you can and cannot say. Since i enjoy 'flame wars' and 'off collar comments' which are now outlawed, i cant find any way to have fun. So i guess i will have to resort to new techniques for conjering words together, but until i do, the 'BETCATS domination of the comment box' will not be what it once was....

In global news, well a lot of shit has happened. California is constantly on fire. Speaking of California, i swear they voted to ban gay marriage last year! If that is the case, somebody please explain how the Lamar Odom/Khloe Kardashian marriage got through. (sorry Khloe, i would probably bone you too but the jokes are just waaay too easy).

Other then the goofy state of Cali, Iran has been making nukes, everyone has forgot about North Korea, Israel is still expanding, the British Prime Minister claims that he was chosen to lead the world out of recession, and the entire time Barack Obama has been dilly-dallying concerned about health care. I am in favor of a public option, but right now it is just not do-able. We need to get out of the finacial crisis before we deal with health care. I am not saying dont pass any reforms now, but lets not pass any that would just add to the debt, which is already insurmountable. The civil rights movement wasnt fought and won in a day, or via one bill. Why should health care be any different?

DJ Pretty Kitty recommends you all go to Datpiff.com and download the new Gorrila Zoe mixtape 'GI JOE'. Yeah, its the shit.

I salute you all:

(for some reason i cant embed stuff, if anyone wants to help me, feel free)

Ps- Thanks for reading
Pps- If it was underlined/bold it was a link
Ppps- I like doing this 'ps thing' (it has been a reacurring theme in my last 2 pieces!)
Pppps- get fucked
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and if you are a lazy son of a bitch who wants everything given to them: http://rap-mixtapez.blogspot.com/2009/09/dj-fletch-gorilla-zoe-gi-zoe-true.html here is a link to more about the gorilla zoe mixtape.

Moose said...

Good work BET. "So many Moose Tracks everywhere that it appeared some canadians showed up and had a orgy." haha just trying to keep it alive.

BET said...

i am guessing either nobody read it or nobody liked it? either way, i am dissapointed...

Blinguo said...

I can post like something that looks like 4 comments! Not dope like your Nash interjections though.

My English 2 is off and running also. Essay every week, turn in by 2 weeks, little instruction on what gets that grade up on it. "Where the white women at?" - My class B. nothing but. 2 heavy set brothers and a white dude too, said he was doing 3 essays by the next night. 1 of the big dudes works after the night class.

2nd week, girl editing my rough draft telling me "guys can't usually do English, but I like make up something to like tie it up - Pythagorean theorum in my essays" LOL WUT

"Chickenheads" like Romeo Santana says on the Steve Harvey TBS show from the 90s. Giving me some Asian=math joke slight maybe.

Econ 2 teacher I had before restating that 9 billion trillion isn't going anywhere, and its fine if America owes it to themselves. Scare tactics about China owning it and calling up the tab one day, NO NOT RLY.

I'm uninsured now, I could use some low cost, equal to but cheaper Kasier Permanente BS HMO plans. The FED(Reserve) chief Ben Bernanke said recently the worst of the recession is over, probably receding now - as the Dow/Nasdaq continue to rise daily with no more liar loans on minorities in housing (saying their income was twice what it was to turn in and approve everybody when they couldn't afford the mortgage).

Blinguo said...

Bank workers, approving the loans inflated up to double what the family's actual income was, not the family doing it themselves. Then a variable (as in moving ever upwards) interest rate adding to the monthly mortgage payments, beyond what the initial loans were for. Hence high foreclosure percents.

To clear that part up a bit.
Those giving out loans (for kickbacks) were liar loans, not the families getting taken advantage of.

Hursty said...

I liked it BET.
I was at a theme park for the whole day so I haven't had the interwebs.
That song is nice, but pretty repetitive no?
And what is AP English?

Moose said...

AP English = Advanced Placement Hursty.

Hursty said...

So is that like the top English class in America? The highest level you can take?
That's crazy bet :)

Anonymous said...


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