Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I believe, scratch that, I know...

With the two above pictures, you probably have an idea about what part of this post is about. There is a lot of hype surrounding both of these young hip hop artists. I want to give my opinion on both of them. But you already knew that.

I'll start with Drake. Aubrey Drake Graham . . . has the amount of hype that makes LeBron look underrated (what a coincidence!). In my opinion, Drake is overrated. He has a few tracks that are smooth (Forever, Successful, Best I Ever Had). This guy is good. But they keep saying that he'll be able to change the hip hop game forever. I really don't know if that is possible. But he sure seems to think so (The game needs some change/and I'm the motherfuckin' cashier). We'll have to see about that one.

Asher Roth is a different story. The people who don't listen to all of Asher only hear the "I Love College" Asher Roth and they frown upon him without hearing more of his songs or the more articulate Asher Roth. His music is good; his rhymes are clever and it's different. He's not trying to be something he's not; he's just keeping it real HIS way. Maybe it's the fact that I can relate to it that makes me like it (hip hop that I can relate to is hard to come by; but I love it anyways), but I think it's great. Keep doing what you do, Asher.

This wins t-shirt of the week. It wasn't a giant crater. Take THAT, eighth grade earth science. Just playing, school.

Something funny! Something funnier! Something funnier than that? Wow! And he's from Massachusetts?

SLAMOnline is slacking. Not the site. The site is great; the site is improving all the time, the SLAM guys are up and continuing to raise the bar, up the ante, all that other cliche stuff. But, the comments getting sad. We need to make it better. The absence of key guys is really apparent, and I'm wondering where everybody went. This is the Top 50 specifically. And, about that, where is Rondo??? Seriously messed up. If this whole mediocre commenting scene isn't different by the time the season starts, then...I don't know. I'll follow hockey, then (please god, no!).

NFL week Patriots are not coming out of the gate like we thought they would. Brady is completing 60+ percent of his passes, but his passer rating is low and he has two touchdowns compared to two picks. Not great at all. Our defense is just atrocious so far, but maybe we'll figure it out. Bill Belichick always has a plan. Usually always has a plan. But the Patriots are 1-1 and we could've just as easily been 0-2. The Niners and Falcons are 2-0. I hope this balances itself out. We need to give my man Matt Ryan some problems this Sunday.

And let me add something else onto that--Rex Ryan has proven himself to be a jerk so far. Yeah, his defense is good, but the dude isn't being very sportsmanlike--he said that he didn't want the Jets to beat the Pats, he wanted to "embarrass" them. He sent out three ex-Patriots as captains to the coin flip (among them their third string QB who used to be with NE). Just classless

I'll leave you with the greatest intro in hip hop history IMHO...



Hursty said...

Regarding your irritation at the last guy - ever heard of a psych job? C'mon. Get over it moose. Shit happens all the time. It's a professional league, not under 15's.
Whatever advantage you can get to win - you take it - if it's worth the risks, and in this case, it obviously was.
Drake kicks ass. Don't be a hater if you don't really understand what it is he's saying. BTW, when Eminem puts his mind to it, he'll STILL destroy you. (Look at "Forever" for proof. Pssht to Lil Wayne too. Weak.)

Moose said...

Hursty, he's just an asshole. That's all I'm trying to say.
Drake is good. There's some good ish outta this guy. I said that I liked Drake, but I don't think that he'll change the scene as much as they say he will.
And I agree on the Shady front. Dude still has it; let's see what Relapse 2 has for us. It can't be THAT horrible if the whole thing's produced by Dre. HE is overrated. He has some nice, nice stuff. He's clever and smart with the rhymes, sometimes funny in a non-sequiter kind of way. Dedications 1, 2 and 3 are all good. "I'm Me" is his best studio track IMHO.

Hursty said...

Also, after watching the first 1.30 of the three "funny" links you posted, I am wondering - how the f*ck do I get those 4.5 minutes back?!?
It's juuust not funny.
My whole family thinks I'm gay? Really? If you sing with no pants on and 'act' the way you do, then yes, I'd assume you were gay as well as a viewer. Not that I have a problem with homosexuality, but I do have a problem with stereotyping yourself like that on camera for a worldwide audience.

I get that what he did may be "humorous", but it's not to ME. I'm not trying to insult you with your personal choices either Moose - that is what makes humans unique - our choices.
I just intensely dislike that form of comedy. Especially the part about making puns about what is considered to be African American culture. I would SO punch that guy in the face right now if given the opportunity.

Hursty said...

I don't think Drake will do anything particularly groundbreaking, but not many artists ever HAVE.
I think he'll be the dominant commercialised rapper of my generation though.

Moose said...

I'm not saying that I condone everything that he says in those videos, and I'm sorry that you may have been offended by them. I am not homophobic at all; I just think the guy's clever. Obviously it's not your thing, and I'm sorry.

Hursty said...

Why be sorry?
I don't like it, and that's all there is to it.
(And like I said, it wasn't a personal attack on you).
If the next 5 guys to comment on it say "man, those links were so damn funny, you should really post more" what are you going to do?
You try and reach the greatest audience of course. :)

BET said...

you and i do not see eye to eye about Drake. He makes mixtapes, but he is still main stream. That is groundbreaking. How many artists before him have convinced EVERYONE to go download their mixtapes? Usually, mixtapes are just for the hood. 'So Far Gone' changed that. That is bawseness. More people know Drake then know Roth. Both are great, but Drake is better.

Plus even Roth knows "I Love College" is what got him to where he is/what most people associate him with. That is why he is milking it (allusions to it in a lot of his other songs, 'I heart College' t-shirts with undrcrwn.

Hursty said...

Fair enough points BET.
If I was going on the groundbreaking route though, I'd say it was his mixture of singing AND rapping that sets him apart. The only other "huge" rapper that I know of who sings ok/average in his songs is Eminem.
(IT is early though, so excuse me if there's others).

Moose said...

You're right; he has a lot of versatility. I'm looking forward to seeing what this guy can release in the future.

Teddy-the-Gear said...

I don't want to be obnoxious, but Drake sucks.

Teddy-the-Bear said...

Gear... That was from typing while my feet were on the table. Drake is so-so, but he's a little annoying because all he makes are love songs. He had one good song that I liked (Say What You Feel), but people still say he's saving hip hop. That's bull. These singy-song rappers like him and Kid Cudi think they're making "smart" music because they don't rap about cr!me and money and cars, but all they do is cheesy, tacky, cliched love songs instead! The only good rappers from Toronto EVER to step foot in the hip hop game are the group Main Source, and they were 2 DJ's.

DP said...

Roth's greenhouse effect>>>his first album. Dude has skills but he just kind of fell off with his album and everything. As far as drake goes.........he's good but people just rate him too high. it's like if he says, "i went to store to buy some groceriecs" cats will be like "yo son that's the sickest shit I've ever heard!" that's the only thing that bugs me about drizzy but I like him. and IMHO Kid cudi's album is a straight classic. fuck what anyone else says. his album is up there with the college droupout as the best debut albums i've heard from an artist.

Moose said...

I agree with DP on the Drake issue....that's what I was trying to say, but couldn't quite get it haha. I haven't heard Kid Cudi's album yet, but because of what you said i'll be listening to it this week.

@ Teddy: They DON'T talk about money and cars?? "I want the money/money and the cars/cars and the clothes/the hoes/I suppose/I just wanna be/i just wanna be successful...

Anonymous said...


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