Wednesday, July 1, 2009

To whom it may concern

Hint 1: He was once known as the answer
Hint 2: No homo
Hint 3/Answer: Its Allen Iverson!!!

I dedicate this to you:

In other news, a giant worm colony was found in sewers at a shopping center in Raleigh (home of the me). If you dont believe me, watch this (you will regret not believing me):

Also since everyone loves when i get political:
Nando De Colo for Prime Minster of America
Nando De Colo for Prime Minster of America
Nando De Colo for Prime Minster of America
Nando De Colo for Prime Minster of America
Nando De Colo for Prime Minster of America



oh and the worm shopping center is Cameron Village, which is the elitist fancy-pancy shopping center that i avoid anyway.

Blinguo said...

So is it like the undercover angry uncouth "hoity toity" village people's angry thoughts manifesting into a monster of Ghostbusters pink goop size?!

Saw that Part 2 on TV last month, forgot they had some generic New Jack Swing BGM in that one. Really dates the movie.

We have to call up sexy Alien Hunter slash romantic comedy mainstay Sanaa Lathan to roto rooter that shiz and hope it doesn't pop and alien impregnate her. Glad that didn't happen in the movie. Like the one black female lead in a major (almost) horror movie dying off in the last secs or something before credits.

***NBA NEWS**** and notes of note

Ben Gordon and Charlie Cpt.Caveman V to the Pistons, deal all but done, check yahoo ya'll!

GM's are not wasting any time this year. And Shawn Marion was reported going to get straight up cut for his mad cap room. Last free agent left, he will be.

Jameyb said...

This is becoming HiBetCats 2.0..yeah that was corny I know..It will be interesting to see where A.I. ends up, as it is crystal clear Detroit is heading in a different direction. 'Sheed and Starbury both in Celtic green?! Thought I'd never see the day...

Hursty said...

Jebuz Christ BET! What the *%)# did I just watch? It looked like something straight out of Alien/Predator/Species/A Bug's Life!!
PS This is my first comment here in.. oooh, a good few weeks :)

Moose said...

Jeez that was weird. Unknown Life Form indeed....narsty.

BET said...


Suns GM Steve Kerr called numerous free agents on Wednesday, including big men Antonio McDyess, Channing Frye, Sean May, Joe Smith and Chris Wilcox.

Grant Hill remains the Suns' priority among free agents, though they obviously want to fortify their frontcourt now that Shaquille O'Neal has been traded. McDyess is also being wooed by the Pistons and a handful of championship contenders.


THEY WANT SEAN MAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blinguo said...

Ron Artest, Laker?!
The rich get richer and the Ron get Ronner. And the Ariza gets a non-champ team to play for.

Sean May, shall be known as the big
Sun Ray? Do it Steve Kerr, you wacky GM you.

And Q and Brandy back to the Clippers. D'AntOWN-ied. (Give his Brand Jordan contract to DWade...)

Blinguo said...

And now that "non-champ" team is the Rockets, Wow. Wasn't expecting that nor do I mean to diss the Rockets at all.
Swapping players basically. And the reason, the classic agent line about "not about the money, about being where he felt appreciated and wanted."

Hursty said...

I guess this signing means the Rockets really are blowing it all up, and (at least for this year) are going to run.
*If he signs.
The team is sooo young.
Yao is out indefinitely, and Tracy doesn't come back until just before the All-Star break.
I guess this is Shane and Luis's team now.

Blinguo said...

Nando De Colo is a very good name, NBA or not. Its up there with Obba Babatunde:

James "Flight" White got signed back in March 09?! (click his name since I can't post direct links). He killed it in the D-League last year. Hopefully he (finally) breaks out like Kelenna Azubuike did for the Dubz right out of the D-League. And Houston does look like the Warriors without T-Mac and Yao.

Here's hoping they play with heart and because they don't care or don't know any better that they're not supposed to be good this year and run people out of the building who aren't ready for it. Play with heart and make your home court really have an advantage as the fans embrace that clutch play.

Anonymous said...


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