Monday, July 13, 2009

In Honor of the Number One Overall Pick

A Moose Track

Blake Griffin is a fireworks display.

When you watch a game where number 32 takes the court, you know that for some people there will be excitement. And those who aren't excited can't help but appreciate it, watching a great basketball player. Much is the same with fireworks. They look great, sound great--excitement for all, even if certain people don't like seeing it very much (going with the basketball metaphor, if you're a fan of the opposing team, for example).

Griffin's game is closing in on being a complete one; there is something for every fan of every style to enjoy. Much is the same with fireworks; if you don't feel satisfied with the pyrotechnic visuals, you can't help but love the smooth pop of the explosives. There is always a buzz around Blake Griffin whenever he laces 'em up, much like when the sun sets on the 4th of July.

Explosiveness is a key term when talking about Blake's style of play. He cuts to the hoop, goes up for a stuff shot, drop steps with a combination of speed and strength that is rarely matched at any level of play. Fireworks are exactly the same because, well, they explode.

When driving to the lane, leaping for an alley-oop or popping up for a dunk, Griffin always finishes. He could be covered by one guy, two guys, three guys, whoever--you can count on the ball seeing the bottom of the net, foul or no foul. Fireworks always go out with a bang; finishing with a dazzling array of color and sound coordinations. Both finish spectacularly.

Every time you go to a fireworks display, you have expectations of it being entertaining and special to view--and it never fails to live up to them, being relatively the same every time you see it, albeit spectacular. Consistency is the word when talking about Blake Griffin--he's going to score and rebound on you, usually in a superhuman manner. Fireworks never fail to excite you; always a safe bet for success.

Which is something that Blake Griffin just might be.



BeT 2 the Max said...

or he might be a collasal 'bust' of sorts that will be playing in a offensive set that restricts his creative abillites and depends on skilled big men (like Elton Brand and Zach Randolph before him) who can shoot and not power big men.

Blake could do good in the NBA if the offense worked for him, i dont see that happening for him.

BeTz edit button said...

*happening for him in LA

DP said...

congrats on the BIL job, moose. Griffin will be a solid player in the L. he might get like 3 all star appearances but i think he will be like a less skilled elton brand. does griffin even have a jumper? i mean in college he never needed it because he was hanging on cats.

Moose said...

BET, we'll have to wait and see. You have a few good points. It would do him good to see him off the Clippers, you know they'll find a way to screw it up for everyone.

DP, his baseline jumper and midrange is adequate; it's a part of his game that he's going to be focusing on that from now on. And thanks for the congrats! You gotta friend me on there, man!

BET said...

Moose are you kidding?
The only reason he became so fucking strong/such a post presence is because he has no jump shot whatsoever. He never needed it in high school/college. That playing style can work in the NBA on certain teams, the Clippers are not one of those teams.

DP how can he be anything like Elton Brand, he has nowhere near as much skill as Elton. He is like the anti-Elton. A poor man's Young Amare is more like it, which is still scarey if you know how to use it, the Clippers dont.

Hursty said...

I gotta agree with BET here. Makes perfect sense. Dude has NO offensive capabilities.
See Dwight trying that one dribble spin move and failing? Blake Griffin can do that. That's IT. Show me footage of him hitting any shot outside 5 foot on youtube and I'll reneg.

Moose said...

@ Hursty: Check 1:20.

Hursty said...

I looked at 4 more BG videos and couldnt see him hit one shot outside the key. That was a good shot though. Still not reneging though :D

BET said...

oh get off Blakes' over-ridden dick. Everyone here is very quick to point out that just because Tyler hit a considerable amount of 3s and long range 2s last year, he is not a jump shooter and his jump shot is 'not consistant'.

Now moose is in here banging the 'Blake is the messiah and has a jump shot too' just because he hits ONE fucking shot that Blake hit, that i can honestly say a 3rd grader could make.

Time to face facts: Blake on the Clippers is bound to fail, but due to all the presure the Clippers are under and that they are the Clippers, it WILL fail. He needs to get off LA or have a new offense drawn up for him. Seeing that Mike Dunleavy coached Magic Johnson in the past, it might be possible to speed the offense up. Having a young team suited for running and gunning along with Baron Davis (the god of running and gunning) helps that idea look like reality. If that occurs Blake will flourish. I am pesimistic but realistic. At this point however, judging from what the Clippers played like last year, it most likely seems Blake will either end up playing Clipper ball and turing into a bust OR have the offense revolve around him and flourish.

Point being, its either 1 of 2 situations, very simple, so lets wait for it to play out and stop sucking Blakes' dick til it does.

We did the same thing for Beasley last year, and he is, according to Eboy, 'being shopped' now.

Collin said...

sup hibachi people; i havnt been on here in forever, glad to see the site is still doin good.

Eboy said...

Hi. My name is Eboy. I love you. Hibachi is historic. SKO is in a coma. Blake Griffin will be lucky to average 14 and 8 this year. Mark it.

Teddy-the-Bear said...

Nice piece, Moose! Blake has game, but he needs a jump shot (a Carl Landry-esque 15-footer) and some post moves.

Anonymous said...


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