Sunday, July 5, 2009

Quick, But Thorough Thoughts

A Moose Track

Yes, this article is a Moose Track. Yes, the above picture is of a moose track. To customize to me it's gotta be 13", so that's wrong. 13 by 4, that's how the big feet go. And you know what big feet mean?

That's right. Stretchy socks.

So, first of all, I have found the undercover, intensely less muscular and tall clone of Mr. Dwight Howard.

You guys have probably heard Pleasure P's song, "Boyfriend #2" by now. Gotta say it's a guilty pleasure; nice stuff. But the dude looks like Howard. Anyways, on to the next quick but thorough thought. I gotta trademark that. This post is devoted to thoughts that don't take long to write about, but are actually of great (philosophical?) value.

US Soccer greatly surprised in the Confederation's Cup. Hursty, I see you. Our email conversation about this wasn't just bogus (Hurst thinks US soccer is still dunzo), but we are doing great to get back on the scene. Spain is the number one team in the world, and team USA...beat them? 2-0? Unprecedented. And, I know one thing. Jozy Altidore (19 years) is one the come-up. Future star here. Come to Aston Villa, Jozy!

Sorry about the soccer blab. I know you guys aren't huge fans of the most popular sport on earth, but this is coming from a soccer player here. I don't know much about global soccer, but I know a little bit; enough to follow it. Sorry if you're yelling at the computer in outrage. Fight me. Anyways, moving on...

The Cavaliers made a Shaquisition that can only hurt them if Shaq sucks this year, and if he does they're only losing money. Shaq says that his motto is, "A ring for the King." Let's say LeBron DOES win a ring this year with Shaq. All of the Kobe jockriders (I see you, Justin/DP) will say that LeBron can't win one without Shaq. I'm not saying that this is right of them, or I would do it if I liked Kobe, but I just think it's going to happen. Kobe fans are like that. Not you guys, Vontae or Mr. Walsh, but in general. So this is what the Cavaliers will be doing next season:

So many people are getting angry over Rubio skipping out of the NBA right now. I think he's doing it because he doesn't want to play for Minnesota. I think that he's cocky and ignorant because he doesn't know that in the draft, you're chosen by the team--you don't choose your team. That's what he's trying to do. But that's not the point I'm making here. The point is, in two years, he'll still be really young. A lot of people are forgetting that. Rubio probably looks like this a lot now.

You guys don't think I honestly look like him, do I?

Anyways, I saw Year One and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in theaters over the last couple of weeks. Year One was funny but a stupid movie, and Transformers was just sick. My recommendations: Wait until Year One is on DVD or Netflix or something, and go see Transformers. Will be worth it.

Rest in peace to Michael Jackson and Steve McNair. Crazy stuff has been going on lately, and my condolences go out to their respective families. In honor of MJ, let's take a time machine back...



BET said...

"You guys have probably heard Pleasure P's song, "Boyfriend #2" by now. Gotta say it's a guilty pleasure;"

What was it like when you told your parents you were gay?

also check out this trailer, 9 will be the shit!:
9-9-09 its comming!

BET said...

"I think that he's cocky and ignorant because he doesn't know that in the draft, you're chosen by the team--you don't choose your team."

Yeah, well when you get pampered by the media and are compared to Pistol Pete (while averaging 10 points a game compared to 44), a cocky attitude is sort of a given trait.
You put ideas in someones' head, they will eventually believe it if enough people say it enough times that it can be thought of as 'fact'...

Hursty said...

Hmmm I "lol'd" at BET at the first comment. That was pretty good.
Yay Moose - just remember, US football sucks for a reason. You aren't good at it.
(Compared to England, who can't win isht but its their national game).

Hursty said...
Check this out. It puts BETs preview to shammmmeeee! XD

Moose said...

@ BET's first comment: . . .

@ BET's second comment: Exactly. Dude needs to be put in place/needs to stop being a prima donna.

@ Hursty: We've got some young guns on the come up. But yeah, we're not very good. And dude, England is a powerhouse, but they can't win the titles. Wayne Rooney! Is the man.

Jameyb said...

Pleasure P! wtf!! The Shaq & Artest signings just took 2nd and 3rd fiddle. Sheed in Green baby. And Grant Hill will be inking with us right behind him. Banner18 is so close I can taste it.

Blinguo said...

**LONGASS POST TIME! Wasn't trying to either**
That trailer BET posted looks like that one PS3 game with the "sackboys & girls"
And 9/9/9, 99' Dreamcast style? I was like 13 then, and Janet Jackson had Dreamcast games in her "All for You" subway/ab-workout/music video back then too. MJ had that Moonwalker crazyass Sega Game too and then another one where he was dancing with aliens on Dreamcast. Can't make this stuff up.
And really for Futbol, US players = the pre-teen girls, toddlers, soccer moms and emotional parent coaches, maybe some High School teams. My older bro had a Nike team tourney once. MLS gets no love or good players or when they do its a hollywood Kobe style egotrip and weasel his way out of the contract because he's too good for these scrub teammates back to Madrid/L-pool, b*tches.
I don't play either, but copped some $35 on clearance RonalBlingYo's, Silver stitch quilt strike padding, clear sole. R10 Ronaldinho logo. No grass stains for these guys vs local Spanish speaking soccer skilled gangstas. (Neighborhood has a soccer gear shop and a field). Maybe indoor, but I would get chopped up and slide tackled and broken shins. (Need the Ronaldinho shin gaurds too then...)
Oh and Chris Bosh was getting headbutted in the chest by that one infamous dude last week in NYC Nash's charity game.
I wouldn't have posted soo much had Moose not had like 6 topics to talk about too, + I didn't talk about half of them too!

Blinguo said...

And Moose Tracks is also a very good ice cream flavor, even for a store/Sunnyside farms brand.

Peanut butter cups and fudge striped.

Moose said...

Blinguo, Moose Tracks is the best ice cream there is. PERIOD. In Beantown a lot of stores call it Lobster Tracks and use red peanut butter cups.

Moose said...

And Ronaldinho used to be my favorite player before he started being not that good....but now my faves for US are Charlie Davies and Jozy Altidore, for national stuff Ashley Young, Lionel Messi and Wayne Rooney are my favorites. I'm an Aston Villa supporter when it comes to the English Premier League.

Blinguo said...

That sounds good, better than the only other variation I've seen of it, EXTREME Moose Tracks. All choco ice cream, plus the familiar mixed in toppings.

Coverage of any of the leagues are not good in the US. Sportcenter has a 1 minute ESPN Deportes spot every now and again when they're not over saturating their current stories. And the coverage after Team US wins a huge game, but not much else after that.

So I only know of the few superstar player names. But knew Freddy Adu became not soo good. Didn't know too much about Ronaldinho not being good anymore.
Should pick up a FIFA / Pro Evo Soccer game on clearance somewhere and learn who's who - while avoiding that "FIFA Street" derivative one.


Can Shaq-Ron-Ohio ("Akron on the map" + Shaq = Shaqron, or just RON from BRON) take out KG & Sheed?!

How did you like that signing Moose? That's the equivalent of like 3 Mikki Moore's!

Moose said...

Blinguo, I am really excited about the Sheed signing. It gives us even more intensity, spirit and talent. We still can't match up to LEBRON, but I think that we can compete with every team in the league. At least for this year.

Anonymous said...


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