Tuesday, July 7, 2009

RIP to the realest to ever do it....

I haven't been on here in a minute and I'm sorry for not putting out any quality content this summer but honestly I've just been lazy. Don't worry, I will back on my blog ish the rest of the summer and expect me not to talk that much about basketball because of course it's the offseason. Plus there isn't much for me to say besides the fact that LA is probably going to repeat and the Celtics starting five(besides rondo) might need a walker before preseason even begins. Really though I just wanted to pay my respects to the greastest entertainer that ever lived, Michael Jackson. I didn't want to view his funeral today because I felt that I couldn't take it. But I took a peak anyway and I was right...it was so emotional. From Stevie Wonder to Brooke shields to Al sharpton(yes al sharpton) to Usher to the little shaheem kid from Britian's got talent, it was an amazing memorial. I know I will never see another funeral like this in my life and just looking at Mike's life from my perspective the man was truly a world changer. I went to a conference in San Antonio last week for student leaders and I learned that we must not only change what's inside of us, but change the whole world. Michael was a living testament to that as he was always a giver. He always wanted to provide for those less fortunate and he really believed that the children are the future. I have nothing but love for Mr. Jackson and props to Moose for already giving the man his respect. I will for sure have Michael in heavy rotation in my ipod for the next couple of months, hell years for that matter. Like his brother Marlon put it, "Maybe now they will leave you alone, Michael." I truly hope so. I also learned in San antonio from one of the key speakers that people see the negative in others 7 times more than the good. People need to stop looking for the bad in Mike and see him for what he truly was, a great entertainer, great brother, awesome father, loyal friend, and a cheerful giver to the world. RIP my brother michael. play wit it.


Hursty said...

"To the best who ever did it".

Moose said...

Amen, DP.

Jameyb said...

The man was a pioneer and a legend. It's too bad that his personal demons took center stage for the latter part of his career. I will remember him for the music though, and the way his music makes me feel-good.

Bee Eee Tee said...

Mike's dad is going straight to hell, promoting his new company on CNN? FUCK HIN

Its sort of sad that only Jermanie, Janet, and 2 of the other brothers of Micheal are 'sad' about this while the rest are acting as though it is business as usual and that thie death is a plus not a minus (all that $$$ they will be getting). I am glad the father was left out of the will, hopefully the media will stop bringing that bastard on tv.

For the record i do not belive micheal had a skin disorder, and tend to think he did molest the boy THE FIRST TIME. That being said, his music is fucking amazing, RIP.

Moose said...

I agree with everything you said there, BET.

Blinguo said...

Word BET.

Caught the 1st half of the Michael Jackson True Hollywood story rerun on the E(!) Channel the other day.

Sure their dad had the idea to get them out of the poorhouse and out of Gary - Indiana, but he did it at all costs, and was a controlling, drunk, abusive, cheating father. Mike didn't want to come home and tell his very spiritual mom about their dad, to not break up the family. We all know the story and this isn't the place for it tho.

He might have been less crazy had he had a better childhood, but might not have been as arguably genius in his work without having to live and overcome all that.

Haven't been paying attention to all of it, but that's some BS if their dad is selling his company name shamelessly right now on TV.
Not enough super fans bought his last album right away though and it was truly crazy for Mike to bring in Al Sharpton calling Sony racist due to lack of sales/promotion.

Wiki check right now still says, 10 million though. Didn't know that. Glad I got the Music video collection that came out for his #1's not that long ago.

Blinguo said...


Iverson mentions Jackson as well in passing during an emotional press conference about a scholarship program he's heading.

via HoopsHype Twitter, & Virginia Daily press site.
Another nice perspective to pass on about living your life and continuing to do good despite those who never see it.

Ties into DP's leadership conference knowledge a little too.

Anonymous said...


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