Friday, July 3, 2009

About Me: *?*

By the Long Forgotten Son: Hursty.

It's the NBA 'off-season', and generally anything we as writers and commenters discuss here will be analysed and scrutinised to the umpteenth degree somewhere else in cyberspace. That includes trades, drafts, free agents and other things.
But, there are some things that those other sites don't have information on - ME!
Now, bear with me here, it'll take a few paragraphs to detail everything to you.
I haven't been posting (or commenting!) here for a long-ass time, and for that I apologise. Still, it seems as though Moose and BET in particular have been holding things down just fine.
Blame my lack of presence on the HSC (Higher School Certificate). It's kind of like the SAT's I guess.
So, without further mumblings, some stuff you may, should, will and won't know - but now you do.
1, I'm Australian, I live in Sydney and it's the best country in the world. America only has one thing on us - the bomb. But who says we don't have it eh?
2, I'm the equivalent of a Senior here, and I'm tossing up on my Uni courses. Top 4 are Physiotherapy, Exercise Science (also known as Human Movement), Psychology and Arts.
3, I can trace my lineage back to 100 years after the Battle of Hastings (1066), and I've got around 8 different cultures in me, notably Australian, Japanese, Scottish, Chinese, French and English.
4, I'm Caucasian, but I feel like sometimes I'm part of the urbanised, African hip-hop culture. I like rap, slow jam, that kind of stuff, and I cop a bunch of crap for it at school, but it doesn't matter to me, I brush it off "you are who you are when nobody's lookin" (name the artist in the comment box).
It doesn't matter whether its a white guy like Eminem or Kweli or Nas or Drake or whoever, I appreciate lyrics, and I think thats what a lot of people don't see in 'rap' music, they hear a base beat on loop and can't 'see' past it. To me, that's sad.
Thing is, I love rock music, hardcore, electronica (guys like Deadmau5), folk, pop etc. Does this just make me alternative?
5, Uh, trying to think... hmmm. Oh! I'm travelling to England and France and a bunch of other places in Europe at some stage over the next 2 years. I have no plan and no money, but I'll figure it out. Donations are perfectly acceptable.
6, It's July holidays right now (started today) and in 5 months I'm graduating! I take modern history, ancient history, pe, general maths, advanced english, ext 1 english and ext 2 english (ext 2 is the highest in the country btw)
7, T-Mac used to be my favourite player.. seems like a long time ago since he played a healthy season. I'm an OK baller myself, but I haven't played for around 2 months. I got selected for a private schools representative team that played a few games, did ok ( last game I had 8 pts, 8 boards, 5 blocks, 3 steals, 5 assists and 1 turnover) and I've been studying since then. Of course, I could still come out of semi-retirement and destroy and one of you guys if needs be haha.
8, It's 12:30 am, and if I had a brain that functioned at more than 3.14% right now, I would be thinking of something witty and informative but it isn't, so I'm not and I didn't.
9, There is a comment box, so I'm expecting COMMENTS in it, and some questions too.
10, The generic 'good stuff *insert name here* comments are ok - but feel free to take a risk and deliver something insightful or critical. That way, I can improve, and hopefully provide you (as the reader) something more entertaining or revealing.
Stay safe and well
Peace, Hursty


Moose said...

1. America has the NFL and the NBA on Australia. You forgot that.

2. What would you want to be if you studied arts?

3. Wow. Diverse.

4. I gotcha. But.....psst....Nas, Drake and Talib aren't white.....Drake is half.

5. Good luck getting the money for that....I speak French if you need a translator haha.

6. Oohhh, smart boy!

7. Nice stuff. Now your fav is Ariza.

8. I commented for you. Now I expect a reply to this comment; a reply to EVERY reply that I had. That's right. Go!

AR said...

Something generic:Good stuff.

Something insightful/critical:You're shit.

Hursty said...

1. Didn't forget. Chose not to mention it.
2. Teacher?
3. I got it like that.
4. I know...
5. Nope. I can speak with my fist. That'll do.
6. I'm not a child. :)
7. Nope.
8. Thanks.

AR: Thankyou. You're shit too. Go peel some potatoes.

Jameyb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Blinguo said...

1. We have all played Knifey Spooney before through the Simpsons, so we're all equals, but Croc Dundee is probably the stereotype you don't want associated with your country like most US residents don't want to be known as Larry the Cable Wal-Mart Hamburger guy. Aborigine hate for no reason, could be like Native American ousting here maybe.
2. Art is cool but Psychology saying the greatest minds ever have long bit the dust and nobody will be better and push the envelope forward in any of our lifetimes. Plus those Plato books. Long diatribes and some brown noser eating it up, replying yes to everything! Or maybe it was my professor being a douche to all in the entire school for years so I never got it. Psycho Art. That's a fun major.
3. Awesome. I'm a little mixed but not that much, and you're more diverse than those strictly who say like every country in Europe and call themselves a mutt.
4. Blogs are fun. Check the 1919(!) replies too.
"Old school" line was funny.
My brothers were the first to get into Kweli/Mos Def and Hiero. While I was instead insane thinking Ma$e is both gangsta and a bajillionaire ignoring the most infamous line of his, of maybe all time about where his money stays at. But I now use blogs to get Japanese produced instrumentals/mixes/underground recommendations. I can't necessarily buy them anywhere ( stuff even Amazon would have a 3 month long, triple priced backorder only-plus many are not even on the big stores) but would if I could. Now to start supporting those underground artists because I've certainly bought plenty of bad CD's in my lifetime at full retail price, before I found out about buying used super cheap online. Fun like record store browsing.
5. Jesse Dunn style. Johnny Apple Seed style. Or post college grad loan style? Also fun @ the stuff white people like blog is the travel/one year off entry. $800 backpack, haggle a poverty lv. vendor over a $2 hotdog. make that stipend for the trip last as long as possible.
6. Who's English? The Queen's? Austrian English? Like Gov. Schwarzenegger?! Movie star, in 3 years. Republican budget cutter bastard in 3 more. Independence, fireworks day today.
7. Don't dunk on me B. I was usually the 2nd worst guy on the team. Sorry worst guy. (One dude put backspin on his jumpshot. Cpt.Insane-to the O). I got more fouls than anything, lock'd down.
8. I wrote enough already. 9. Bizzle. 10. Shizzle.

Blinguo said...

Oops. Philosophy was the crap subject I was thinking of, for whatever reason. Psych would have helped me understand exactly why the prof. was a douche. Don't take Philosophy unless you get a good professor! & like record store browsing, without the musty incense.

Blinguo said...

And I meant underhand/underside backspin, or really hard to explain. Marion's shot without the height of the jump/holding it. just as soon as he lifted his arms.

And triple post threat.

BET said...

i am not going to waste time on America day (happy 4th of july!) answering these 1 by 1.


1-8 !!!!!!

Hursty said...

Blinguo- you sure do write a lot haha. But I certainly appreciate your comments, even if they are a bit hard to interpret sometimes :)
Psychology is cool, I'm looking at it from a sports based perspective atm.

BET- I forgot it was the 4th over there today, so uh, try not to get arrested throwing fireworks out the car window yeh?

Have a good one guys.

Moose said...

Yeah, I hope everyone had a good fourth.

BET said...

^fuck you, communist bastard XD (the letter X, followed by D makes everything better, i learned that on IM today!)

Hursty said...

Thanks BET!
Hey, if you REALLY want an insight into how awesome your country really is(!) then read 'the next 100 years' yes it is a book. but its a great mindfuck. Right up your ally. XD (thats how it looks right?)

Anonymous said...


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