Friday, July 24, 2009

Hibachi runs this town

Today as I wake up I go on my favorite hip hop site,, and this is what I find in big bold letters, JAY Z FT. RHIANNA AND KANYE WEST-RUN THIS TOWN. I don't know if you guys dig Jay's music but I fuggin love it and seeing it truly made my day. Me and Justin were chatting about it earlier today and his status on facebook has this song in it so you know this shit is not a game. I got the song right here so please check it out. It is pure dopeness and it inspires me to go run a town right now. But I thought, Hibachi is going to run the blogosphere one day so it inspired me to blog. *Gets a nod of heads from the people reading this right now* Blueprint 3 coming out sept. 11. This album is going to be classic. check the other video out too below sure made me want a girl to go get a sprite for me. hahaha

play wit it..PS:kanye rapes Jay(pause)


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