Friday, May 1, 2009


Exactly. This ain't no blog post but it's more like a breifing. I haven't been in the building for like what, a month? I know y'all missed my me oh so much but I've had a lot on my plate to eat this past month. Between getting ready for my last year of summer ball in high school to trying to past Trig with at least a B, to trying to figure out what I'm going to do for my senior project, life is what you can call stressful. But that is life and I'm glad to be like Busta Buss and Back on my bullshit. Sorry for the delay but you can blame it on my lazy ass just not wanting to type for long periods of time. Seems like the site is still jumping even without my presence or Hursty's....hopefully he will be back soon as well. Shout outs to Moose, Justin, RV, and BET for holding the site down in my absence. Oh crap...I forgot, this ain't no blog post....just have a couple of things I have to get off my chest...

Fly Society!!!!!

1. Ray Allen-Jesus is walking on water again!!!! Let's hope he can turn the water into wine during game 7.

2.Brad Miller-You are in dog just for having the swag to calmly knock down all 5 of your free throws after you became Chicago's public enemy number 1 after game 5. Nice way to bounce back, B-Mills. That must be where Spencer gets his swag from.....

3.Ben Gordon-Hey, give me your workout routine dude. You are in fly society strictly because you are built like a mini truck at 6-3. Get that defense right though young man or you will be out of this society in a heartbeat.

4. Rajon Rondo- 24, 10, 11....As one of Jay-Z songs said, "What more can I say?"

5. Kendrick Perkins- No you are not in the society so you can keep your damn frown. I just wanted to mention you because I was you ever smile guy? You look like you wake up in the morning pissed. Wonder what your kids act like...

okay, let me stop..I'm getting to ahead of myself....This series just has me excited as a punk in a weeny factory. oscar meyer to be exact.

Not really worried about the Lakers right now...They will beat Hou in at least 6 games.

I will leave you guys with some of my own music selections for the month since BET is always putting out his gucci gucci la flare.

I think you understand the title of the blog post now...or the inspiration behind it at least...

play wit it


Collin said...

nice post....wait I mean nice "briefing".

your right about Perk, dont think i have ever seen the dude smile. he looks like he is depressed all the time.

BET said...

your music selection is so bad, the links dont even work.

And not putting the entire Denver Nuggets as well as my boy John Salmons into this 'fly society' makes me question your sobriety

Moose said...


BET said...

Moose, you met them, i really got to ask: WAS RONDO AS UGLY IN PERSON AS I SUSPECT?

I mean, it is a well known fact he is ugly, but is he THAT ugly?

Use the link and see why i think he is hidious.

He is a good player though...

Moose said...

He looked exactly like that. The dude's ugly.

Teddy-the-Bear said...

Yo Moose! Quick question, please:
Do you have an email address I could email Ben Osborne from SLAM with? I know you emailed him some of your stuff before. I'd really appreciate it, thanks man!

Jameyb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jameyb said...

Ray has been so smooth all series (all his career) but the emergence of RR and DRose has been great also. Ease up on Perk-he's actually a really cool, laid back guy off the court. He has a beautiful son that seems pretty happy to me. BTW, see my profile pic for proof he smiles. I used to think he never smiled either...Cool post. Thx.

Moose said...

^Jamey, this ain't no blog post.^

Teddy, thanks for dropping by again. Yeah, sure . . . you can find Ben at . Good luck!

BET said...

i am pissed moose got to delete a spam related comment before i did

Moose said...

No need to be pissed, BET . . . it wasn't me.

Teddy-the-Bear said...

Yo, thanks again Moose!

Hursty said...

It wasn't me either. I didn't even see the spam.
But it means we're moving up in the world if we ARE getting spammed though! :O
Thx DP. Lovin the album- and the cover artwork. Brilliant. This is my house... lol.

DP said...

sorry the links don't work, BET. but saying my music selection is bad is actually a compliment. When I look at your selection I'm glad mine is bad because your is like the shit I had to clean off the wall at kroger today. but hey, gucci gucci is the man so let me stop it. But don't bash my boy curren$y. he is 10000X hotter than so icey boy.

Anonymous said...


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