Thursday, May 7, 2009

R.I.P - Me watching baseball

Dear Major Leauge Baseball,

I have just wrote a 5 paragraph letter to you over the past 20 minutes. Then after reading more into the news that one of my favorite athletes ever is a doper/medication user (if you are really oblivious/dumb enough to think Manny needed woman's fertility treatment) instead of just a general reaction to the news, i decided not to even post it, but instead a simpler, bigger message:


When real numbers come out about which players did what, and who did what, and not some Sogay Canseco tell it all/snitch bs, maybe i will rebuke that claim. Until then, all i got to say is i am pissed at you for allowing such shit to go down in your sport for so long, to the point where every single 'clean' talent is dirtier than a dog that rolled around in some mud puddles.




Moose said...

BET, I said the exact same thing after hearing about it as well. Manny was my fave when on the Sox, and he stayed that way until LA. But now, MLB is pretty much dead to me. When the first thing that you wonder about when you think of a great baseball player is whether he's clean or not, it's just sad. But I will say this: Albert Pujols is clean. But I'm done with the MLB. HCG is serious stuff, after reading about it. I don't know what baseball can do.

BET said...

I mean i still got Kenny Griffey Junior and Ichiro, but besides those 2 their is not a single player in baseball that captivates me anymore after hearing this news.

Moose said...

Hanley Ramirez?

Jameyb said...

I don't like alot of what has happened with some of the players the last few years, but still love the game. Not MLB, mind you, the game of baseball itself. There is really no one to blame. Human nature is to be competitive and also unfortunately to do whatever an individual thinks they need to do to excel. There is just no possible way to police 700 or so millionaire athletes with the best drug dealers, sneaks and freaks money can buy. The bottom line is this: the fans don't suffer, the owners don't suffer and the honest, drug-free players don't suffer. So who suffers? The cheaters that use steroids or other illegal enhancers suffer. They have to look themselves in the mirror and rest their heads on the pillow every night with the sad reality: "I am a cheater and all my stats are tainted." To thine own self be true...

Jameyb said...

Oh btw..good post BET

Collin said...

I don't give a shit about baseball, all I care about is basketball...

Justin Walsh said...

I agree BET, fuck baseball. Most corrupted sport ever. This includes Bicycle racing.

Roy said...

Everything you said BET, I agree with you 100%. Though I'm not really a huge baseball fan, hearing such news like that can be really disappointing.

BET said...

idc about bicycle racing. Suburban White America constantly villianizes France for, among other reasons, having proof that Lance Armstrong is a doper. Along with Floyd Landis, and a shitload of other cyclists.

Track and Field is a crazy bunch too.

Justin Walsh said...

BET, the reason i think baseball is worse than even bike racing is because at least the bike racing is willing to suspend their own riders and admit there's a problem. baseball acts like everything's fine.

RV said...

What's baseball?

BET said...

still, in baseball nobody who uses roids is on idol status. Plenty of people still worship lance armstrong and act like his postive tests never happened.

Eboy said...

I thought baseball was only played in South America now?

Anonymous said...


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