Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm Giving In . . .

A Moose Track

. . . To the hype machine. I mean, the media is always searching for that perfect matchup that millions of viewers will tune into, the one with the ratings that they can laugh happily about as they amply watch it, not a care in the world about who's going to win. I mean, why not?

A LeBron-Kobe Finals would be cool. It won't be what people think it would be, I think that it would disappoint, but it would be cool. I mean, ultimately, this is David Stern's dream matchup, and it's no secret to the league, its teams, and its humble bloggers who like to cover it.

Why not root for an LBJ-Black Mamba finish? I mean, obviously, I'm rooting for Boston, but who's going to get past Cleveland in the Eastern Conference? Nobody. LeBron and the supporting cast are too nasty to handle in a seven game series. And, I'm rooting against the Lakers in these playoffs. It's my obligation, isn't it?

Yet, a Lakers-Cavs Finals would be hella cool. I mean, they wouldn't guard eachother, but it would be heated, hyped and fun to watch. If both guys dropped fifty a night, how sick would that be?

I don't want to say that I've given in to the hype machine. But you have to admit, that would be cool. I don't know what kind of response I'm going to get from this post, so I'd love all of your ideas. And just as an afterthought, I'll be posting my take on "Kobe Doin' Work" sometime this week. Be easy.



Justin Walsh said...

trust me Moose, I want this finals more than anything. However, I wouldn't mind a Nuggets/Magic finals either. That shit would be exciting

Hursty said...

if you wanted to have a true bandwagon Finals RIGHT NOW, it would be Lebron vs. 'Melo.
That has way more hype than Kobe v Bron right now.

Jameyb said...
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Jameyb said...

Moose-I question how Green your blood The C's already beat BronBron once w/out Ticket, but I'm not stupid-without homecourt, it'll be uphill to put it lightly. I would prefer any Finals that doesn't include The Rapist, and I think Cavs-Nuggets would be more entertaining anyway. But for now, it's Game 7 C's-Magic. I'll be there rooting on the Green. Looking fwd to watching Fakers-Rockets as well.

Moose said...

@ Justin: I hear you. And a Nuggets Finals is what I'm rooting for.

@ Hursty: I'm talking about what the media wants; what the league wants. They want the two best players going at it. And really, Melo can't come close to guarding LBJ.

@ Jameyb: You know who I'm rooting for. But I'm realistic haha. Go Celtics and Rockets today.

BET said...

this = extremely gaaaaaaaaaaay.

Cavs v Nuggets has been what your boy has been preaching since the begining of the playoffs. It will be going down. Nuggets can play more physical and score with the Lakers, and they can strangle them on defense too. Kobe will be gone fishing soon enough.

Roy said...

Co-sign BET. Cavs-Nuggets in the finals is a far better match-up IMO. A Nuggets-Magic finals would be hella interesting as well. :D

Moose said...

Thanks for the comments guys. I'm going for Cavs-Nugs now, and I want Denver to win.

Anonymous said...


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