Saturday, May 2, 2009

!!!Read These Blogs!!!

A Moose Track

OK, I'll get down to the point of this post right now: There are a lot of sports blogs out there. Some of them, people spend a good amount of time writing for. Most of them, however, don't get any readers. Even though they deserve them. So, here is my promo of some great hoops blogs that I read, but nobody else does. This is to get them more readers, really. Click on the name of the blog to visit it.

1. Truly Hoops
This blog is written by Collin and Jamey Burke, two frequent commenters on SLAMonline and HIBACHI. These guys are from Oregon and Boston, and are, as you could guess, Blazers and Celtics fans. They write about current NBA news and occurrences as well as old-school pieces, usually with accompanying pictures or videos straight from the Boston Garden. They must have more followers.

2. Orange Juice
This one is made by the baconator, a guy who shows up on HIBACHI and SLAMonline a lot. The subtitle for the blog is "Offbeat, witty and 100% like nothing you've ever read before" and that isn't so far off. Although it isn't updated all that often, what shows up on it is great. It is titled thusly because of his Syracuse and Knicks fandom, whose colors are . . . orange.

3. Another 48 Minutes
This blog is maintained by Gerard Himself, frequent commenter on SLAMonline, as all of these guys are. And yes, it's Gerard with an R, not an L. He says, "I'm Dutch, I've been following the League for almost two decades now but there are very few people in The Netherlands who share the same passion about the NBA." He has kept the blog since 2007, and it is updated frequently with his NBA thoughts. Needs readers!

4. The Sports Diary Online
This blog is made by Roy Afable, a Filipino Celtics fan who is also a general sports fan. He writes about all parts of the sports world, including hoops, boxing and soccer. This blog is great for general good writing. Please check it out, Roy is a great writer.

These blogs deserve to be read and get commented on. Put on your reading hats!



Collin said...

Thanks Moose!!! Nice description of TrulyHoops too; that is a great summary of what our site is all about.

BET said...

i am guessing that since we did this, now we can just delete 100% spam related comments no matter what?

Great idea!

the baconator said...

Thank ya Moose. I'm starting to update it more now that basketball's over with

Moose said...

BET: Good idea. Got that, everyome?

Collin: Thanks.

baconator: Great!

Jameyb said...

Thx Moose-good stuff. Had a chance to check out Baconator's blog which I liked. Have you guys considered buying a domain btw?

Hursty said...

JB- I have, I've just never spoken with anyone else about it.

-Gerard Himself- said...

I really, REALLY appreciate this man. Thanks!

Moose said...

Gerard, what is deserving needs to get attention.

Roy said...

Hey, Moose! Thanks for the love. What an honor it is to have my blog mentioned here. I still have yet to post some stuff about basketball there. The other blogs I write for need some updating from me as well. Speaking of basketball, so glad the Rockets won over the Lakers in game 1. The Celtics lost but it's ok. Again, thanks for the mention. Really appreciate it. :D

Anonymous said...


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