Sunday, May 10, 2009

Random Musings And All That

By Moose

Yes, I am coming out with another random musings post . . . because this blog is in need of some new thoughts under the title. So here it goes.

I'm going to stray off of the playoffs for a minute. Okay, who's seen Mixed Martial Arts? UFC and all of that? I did last week . . . I lasted 30 seconds. And I'm done. That stuff is just way too brutal, in my opinion. Some people say that it's the future of sports, but I think that the stuff is just crazy. It's more advanced WWE . . . just this is real. Weird.

I want to know your top ten favorite players. Rules: This player can't be on your favorite team. They have to be currently playing in the NBA. And that's basically it. Here're my top ten (in order, of course).

1. Derrick Rose
2. Joe Johnson
3. Kevin Durant
4. Al Jefferson
5. Dwyane Wade
6. Chauncey Billups
7. Rudy Gay
8. Andre Iguodala
9. Brandon Roy
10. David Lee

There it is. Now gimme yours.

Anyways, here's my song of the week. I posted this a while ago, but I only got two other commenters, I think . . . so I'm gonna repost it here. It's my favorite variation of "Hustlin'" by Rick Ross that I've ever heard. Say what you want about Rick Ross, but this is the best one there is out there. It uses the beats and the unmistakable "Everyday I'm hustlin" . . . it's by Lil Wayne and DJ Drama, and it's on Dedication 2 . . . aka "A Sick Mixtape". Enjoy.

Give me your feedback on that. Next video up is one of the funniest things ever. Just go to YouTube, put in "Whitest Kids U Know" and watch them all. Trust me on this one.

Anyways, I'm done with the videos. On to some more thoughts about the playoffs and all of that. The Celtics are doing all right against the Magic. All right. But, truthfully, if they lose this series, I won't be mad or disappointed. We're not going to beat Cleveland anyways. I count the first series win as a success. Truly was the greatest playoff series ever.

OK, so most everybody here read Lang Whitaker's The Links post a few days back, but I'm going to post my outrage here right now for this picture and proof that SLAM is the greatest that bigger mags want to take their ideas.

Anyways, that's all for now. Go Celtics tonight.



Jameyb said...
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Yardbird said...

Baron Davis (Even if he did betray my Warriors.)
Anthony Randolph
Kevin Durant
Derrick Rose
Wilson Chandler
Brandon Roy
Bron Bron
Josh Smith
Nic Batum
Andre Igoudala

Jameyb said...

I'm not a big fan of ESPN the mag. Just too much information. I've seen the Abe Licoln skit quite a few times, and it's funnier each time. So my favorite players, not on Celtics (my fave team) but they have to be current NBA'ers..

Carl Landry
Acie Law
Allen Iverson
Aaron Brooks
Rudy Gay
OJ Mayo
Al Jefferson
Ben Gordon
Brandon Roy

Hursty said...

Not watching either of the videos. I'll btunnel them at school.
Here we go (no order):
Joe Johnson
Baron Davis
Ray Allen
Al Jefferson
Carmelo Anthony
Tim Duncan
Josh Smith/Amare Stoudemire

Anonymous said...

Can't be on my favorite team? So much for D-Lee...

Kevin Garnett
Courtney Lee
Joel Pryzbilla
Andre Iguodala
Ramon Sessions
Stephon Marbury
Lamar Odom
Gilbert Arenas
Tim Duncan
Mario Chalmers

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Give MMA a chance. Especially over WWE. Nobody's died from a MMA fight, primarily because they're actually very very well referee-ed. In MMA, fighters don't get (as) punch-drunk like boxers do, too, since there's less good old fashioned stand-up squaring off at each others faces.

In the WWE, on the other hand, we've had tragedy after tragedy from ridiculous stunts they pull, like Owen Hart's death, and the string of sad/violent deaths that hint at a really abusive workplace.

And here we go (since I've disowned my favourite team I'll start with...)

Chris Bosh
Tim Duncan
Manu Ginobili
Paul Pierce

Collin said...

great stuff as usual Moose. Brandon Roy, and Nicolas Batum are my two favorite players, but since they play on my favorite team, I can't put them in the list according to the rules. here is my list without them. I have a lot of favorite players, but these are just some of them; in no perticular order....

1.Michael Redd
2.Paul Pierce
3.Ray Allen
4.Gerald Wallace
5.Ben Gordon
6.John Salmons
7.Antoine Wright
8.Corey Maggette
9.Rashard Lewis
10.Jermaine O'Neal

I don't like Rick Ross too much, but my all time favorite Song by him is "Magnificent".

I have known about those "whitest kids you know" videos for a long time; that $hit is hilarious!

BET said...

0 Celtics in your top 10? Written like a true fan. And man up about the UFC, boxing cost money, it is free so i like it.

My top 10 (in order):

Gerald Wallace
Raymond Felton
DJ Augstin
Ramon Sessions
Jason Richardson
Micheal Redd
Rasheed Wallace
Chauncey Billups
Allen Iverson

Moose said...

Good lists everybody.

@ JB: I love ESPN The Mag for the exact reason that you don't: It's really thorough. You don't spend two minutes reading it, it's good for a while, you know what I mean?

@ Joel: I hear you. I was never a boxing or WWE fan in the first place, I just love Muhammad Ali from old fights and stuff.

@ BET: I specified that we couldn't put players from our own team on it.

BET said...

oh, i didnt read that. well then:
Ramon Sessions
Jason Richardson
Micheal Redd
Rasheed Wallace
Chauncey Billups
Allen Iverson
Brandon Roy
Durant (he is on my 2nd favorite team, does that count) said...

in no particular order...

The Truth

...that was fun. =D

Eboy said...

MMA IS the future of hand to hand sporting events Moose. There is no turning back.

As far as favorite dudes on other squads?

Let's see:

Andre Miller
Stack Jax
Ron Ron

BdubbleU said...

If I wasn't a Knicks fan, Nate,DLee, and Wilson Chandler would be on the list but...

Chris "Birdman" Anderson
Eddie House
Kirk Hienrich
Dirk Nowitzki
Jamal Crawford
Sebastian Telfair
Dwyane Wade
Brian Scalabrene
Josh Smith
Deron Williams

Anonymous said...


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