Friday, April 24, 2009

You want the chronic, da cat has the tonic: Words of Wisdom by Bee-Ey-Tee

This site needs a new piece of reading. Since this is the time of year for the gift that never stops giving (until after the finals ) Green = Font Red = Links. So i am just gonna sit down and type whatever comes to mind:

To the un-trained eye, it appears to be NBA playoff time. The aroma of fair weather fans fills the air, all the lottery team fans turn on their television (present!) and stare bitterly at the TV, watching a certain team that resides in Detroit play like they wish they were not playing. All in all, it is the grandest time of the year. Except for a few things:

Huge epidemic of Bitchassness from fans - Yeah you know who you are, Celtics and Spurs fans. I see you all. I know several of you read this site, and you are probolay mad i am calling you out, but somebody has to. Your teams are NOT playing up to expectations, and this is mainly due to injuries of key players. HOWEVER, you still have 3/4 of your star power avaible. Sure you have both won some games in convincing fashion, but guess the fuck what: IF YOU DONT WIN IT ALL, YOU FAIL. I have already explained this idea in detail, but let me do it again. Both teams cleary said their goal was to win a championship THIS YEAR. Both teams clearly stated anything less IS A FAILURE. They used different words but conveyed this message. So why hate the fact that i am judging you based upon your own standards. IF a women comes up to me and says 'i want a husband and a baby by the end of the year' and then when it comes to December 31st and she just broke up with her fiance and aborted her baby, dont you think it would be safe to say she is going through a rough time? That is my point, this is a rough time for these teams, we will see what next year holds, but this year might as well be over.

2.I dont want a Lebron - Kobe Finals: I want a Nuggets - Cavs finals and i will tell you why. A) Kobe doesnt deserve it THIS YEAR. He needs to wait another year, i dont want him to have it yet. I guarntee Shaq will somehow make his way to L.A. (see the epidemic of Kobe ass kissing during ASG weekend, it was hilarious. Shaq showed the media he figured out how Kobe's ass tasted.) Shaq and Kobe need to win another one together. If that happens, and Kobe stops his little petty/dirty tricks he does, i might like him again. B)
I might be the only one who wants this but Carmelo v. Lebron (2 great players that will guard each other/match up against each other) is more intresting to me than Kobe v. Lebron. Because whoever wins that will just have a group of obnoxious teenagers, including me if the Cavs win, using it as 'proof' that one is better than the other which in reallity could not be detirmined by that.

3. Make a team: I have already stated i do not approve of 'fantasy basketball' as you kids call it, but put on your GM hat. If you could have any 12 players on a team (make it real, not Lebron/Wade/Howard type shit) who would it be.

My Lineup
C- Andrew Bynum
PF - Luis Scola
SF- Kevin Durant
SG- Brandon Roy
PG- Raymond Felton
6th man - Gerald Wallace
rest of bench
- Ramon Sessions
- Jeff Green
-Trevor Ariza
- Courtney Lee
- Tha Birdman Anderson

Please post your 'team' in the comment section

4. Is it safe to say Darko Millic might be a better NBA player than Greg Oden: Greg Oden = really disappointing. Beside chronic injury problems, Greg cant keep his hands to himself. How many fouls per 48 minutes? 10.6! Fucking amazing! Sow who would you rather take? A injury prone, foul crazy 7 footer who looks like he is 100 years old (Oden) or somebody who is just crazy (Darko)?

I highly recommed that if you only view 2 links, please make it be the 2 Darko - related ones

5. The Movie Obsessed appears to have the most obvious racial undertone of any movie, ever: Every time i see a commerical, it gets a little bit werider. I remember Hancock, it took me a while to catch on, but eventually i did, after O explained it to me in the comment section of some other review of his. But i caught on to this one real quick. I find it a little disappointing that such a thing was done, but oh well, nothing you can do except not see it. The plot line looks like trash anyway, and Beyonce doesnt even look as attractive as usual, age has not been kind to her. Beside that, the acting looks terrible. My overall view on it: :(

Now in conclusion i must go out in style, making this purple:
To leave you with a song



hell yeah motha fuckas your boy is in here snapin your head back like the adjustment on a trucker hat.

Jameyb said...

Cool piece-one too many F-bombs though.

My Roster:

G Ray Allen
G Rajon Rondo
F Paul Pierce
C Perk
Nate Robinson
Javelle McGee
Stephen Curry
Acie Law
Joe Smith
Stephon Marbury


you have a 7 man bench, that starting lineup is solid as hell though, you would have to be a pretty good GM to pull that off, good luck.

Hursty said...

That was absurdly good BET. I really liked it!
Enough @ss kissing though,
My roster:
G- Chauncey B-B-Billups
G- Ron Ron he-of-many-hairstlyes Artest
F- Richard Jefferson
F- Paul Millsap
C- Camby


Sessions (I've been high on him as long as you BET)
Donyell Marshall
Chuck Hayes
Von 'biscuit/cookie' Wafer
Manu Ginobli
Nick Young
Greg Oden

Moose said...

PG: Derrick Rose
SG: Joe Johnson
SF: Stephen Jackson
PF: David Lee
C: Nene Hilario

Aaron Brooks
Nate Robinson
Flip Murray
Tayshaun Prince
Kevin Love
JaVale Mcgee
Rodney Stuckey

Hursty said...

Moose has one of the smallest teams of all time. Guess they better get like G-State and run. In that case, poor Kevin Love :(
BET- your comment, wheres that from?

RV said...



Justin Walsh said...

I loved this. BET, you're view on Obsessed is PERFECT. Obsessed plot off the top of my head-

Black man married to black woman. Black man works with white she-devil. Black man obviously can't keep his dick faithful. Black man sleeps with White she-devil because obviously white girls are better than black. Black girl walks in on white she-devil wearing a jersey of black man. Black girl, instead of dumping the black man, can't handle her anger and beats up the white she-devil, not for one second thinking "fuck this cheating dope"... Black man and black woman work it out.

Seriously, that's what the movie is trying to say. It's so racist against black people. It basically says a black man will fuck anything that walks even if he's married, and it says a black woman isn't intelligent enough to dump the man and be mature. It's retarded.

BET said...

loving these comments!

Hursty- i made it myself, you know what it is when i am in the zone.

Justin- exactly. And it also portrays whites as the corrupting force which adds to the racist plot. It shows a black couple living a uptopia-like life, which is destroyed by the white women. What you said + the destructive white people factor = one hell of a racist film

BET said...

and to be honest, i think Obsessed is a 'seperate but equal' movie. Basically it shits on interracial relationships and portrays black men as sex crazy, black women as idiots who 'stick by their man and will fight for him', and white women as 'a obsessive bunch that wish to destroy the black family using sex appeal'.

I really think it is wrong and am not sure why their are not both white and black activists against the movie, as it really does just set us back not forward.

It uses 2 people of the same ethnicity fighting off 1 person of a different ethnicity, and that one person represents the entire group, oh yeah and that one person is also dropdeadblueballs insane. Very astounded anyone would be a actor in this movie but a 'out of her prime, slightly round' Beyonce and a bunch of independents looking for a big break are exactly the type that would take this job. They should be ashamed

Justin Walsh said...

yeah. I told Jemele Hill that's what I thought of it. She watched it because of the lead black guy (the one who cheated) and said it was horrible but he was attractive hahahah

DP said...

i need to drop by and see my family more often! good post as always BET aka baby STAT. but I knew I shouldn't have clicked that song.....ugh. But in the words of OJ, "Okay! Okay! Okay! Ay! Ay! Okay! what it is! okay! okay! play wit it.

BET said...

the song is dope DP, you need to let it 2x penerate your ear drums. Listen to it again with a open mind!

Ryne Nelson said...

Of all the rosters, I like Hursty's the most, if not because he hasn't completely gave up on Greg Oden yet and because he sees the value in Richard Jefferson.

Had a great time reading the post, BET!

Hursty said...


Jameyb said...

BET..-gulp-..maybe you were right about the Nuggs......they are up FIFTY. 5-0...this won't make sense to anyone else, but BET knows what I mean...I was wrong. there-I said it.

BET said...

^I win

Anonymous said...


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