Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dikembe Retires?

As you probably already know by now, Mt Mutombo went down in tonight's game 2 against portland. he landed a bit awkwardly and his knee was gone. He laid on the court for several minutes, beating his leg on the court over and over in serious pain. You could hear his deep cries, his head shaking around a bit. The whole team and coaches gathered around him. They all looked on, saddened, worried, and hoping for the best. Finally he was put on a stretcher and rolled out to a standing O. Unfortunately he says he's done with basketball. Very sad to see him go out like this. I hope Houston does something similar to what Uconn did for Nykesha Sales, when she got hurt with like a bucket left to break a school record. Both teams allowed her to come out on the court for one last shot. They should allow Dikembe to dress on more time and come on the court to grab a final board. Well I'd prefer a final block, but setting that up may be too much.

Even after this injury he's showing how great of a man he is by promising to stick with his teammates throughout the playoffs for as long as they keep playing, and yes Tmac, he's got a bum knee too. So what's your excuse?



Moose said...

Sad to see him leave like this, but he had a great and full career. I'm sorry, Dike.

Hursty said...

What a truly great man. He will be missed. But his legacy lies beyond the boxscore. Or the Hall of Fame. It lies in his humanitarian efforts. Thats where he should really be remembered. Ball if life, but through ball he gave life.

Dude was a pretty good player though ;)

the baconator said...

He might not have had HOF stats, but Deke deserves a nomination. Anything less would be a disservice to him. He was not just a geat player, but a great man. It's a pity that his career had to end on such a sad note

Deke, you will be missed. Best of luck!

joeloholic said...

A sad day indeed. Reminds me of the day Charles retired. I honestly cried when I read that Charles' knee gave way back then.

Deke is definitely HOF. It'd be hard to name more than a handful of better defensive big men, ever.

Jameyb said...

I'd say "pretty good player" does him no justice-8 time all-star, 6 time all-defensive team, 4 time Defensive Player of the Year. For as annoying as his finger-wag was, this guy was a great defensive player and good person. Never forgot where he came from unlike alot of the clowns in the L nowadays. Did alot for some of his poor, struggling poeple in Congo. He wa staple on NBA floors and sidelines for almost 20 years! Great post-thanks.

Jameyb said...


Hursty said...

Hence the wink Jamey.

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