Monday, April 6, 2009

The Next Nate Robinson

Sorry to dethrone Moose, but i found something worth writing about and have some time to do it. The font is pink today because it's pimpin, pimping! And the gray font is links, so click the gray stuff.

If you don't know who Peyton Siva is, you are about to find out. Although his profile lists him as 6'0, he is actually 5'10. Part of the dreaded class of 2009 (2011 ftw!), Siva has already signed his letter of intent to play at Louisville, or so saythen this site, but as my favorite site pointed out today, letters of intent are not set in stone, so who really knows where he will end up.

Anyway, i know everybody is probably wondering 'so why the fuck is this guy the next Nate Robinson? I see zero parallels.'

Ladies and Gentlemen, feast your eyes upon these Youtube clips, the place where i drew that conclusion:

Of course has Peyton covered too, although saying he is the 'best' when that means being better than John Wall is a bit silly.

I would really really like to see this guy in SLAM. The world deserves to know! Also, sorry for stepping on your turf Farmer Jonez and Justin 'Biddy Biddy Bop Bop' Walsh.


Moose said...

Don't forget to read/comment on my thing below! Nine hours is not enough.

BET said...

thanks for the comment moose? Disagree with your evaluation of Siva though. WTF you talking about? This guy is waaay better than the gingerbread man! S.M.H

BET said...


Moose said...

I see, BET. My point was, there was only one comment on it. But it's all good, I shouldn't have gone there like that. Anyways, on to my assessment of your article. First of all, I want to point out that Siva did get some love in "Punks" last year. I forget which issue it was, but it was the first time I had heard of him. Second of all, I see your Nate Rob comparison. IMHO, I think that Siva will be able to have a bigger impact on a team than Peyton, all clubhouse chemistry aside, as Robinson obviously adds. I see what you mean, good parallel.

BET said...

"I think that Siva will be able to have a bigger impact on a team than Peyton" What does that mean? But i meant i want him as like the cover story on Punks, not a little tibbit (which he did get)

Moose said...

*Nate, not Peyton. Sorry bout that.

BET said...

DP said...

pretty sure this was a typo or something but peyton is 09 reppin. he was in the mcdonalds game last week.

B. Long said...

He's already been in Slam, BET. Step your reading game up, homie.

BET said...

damm. These internets be lying, i read he was class of 2010. Wooooow. But i want a cover, not a feature.

Ryne Nelson said...

BET, the feature will come. I'll post the photos from the big Punk story as soon as the site comes back online.

BET said...

hoooray for Ryne Nelson

I LOVE YOU said...


Anonymous said...


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