Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Point Guard's Worst Nightmare

A Moose Track

The center takes a swift entrance pass to the post from the off guard positioned on the wing, and he gets position, battling with the opposing big man for position. Realizing that he doesn't have a prayer of getting the ball in the hoop that way, he kicks it back out to the swingman, who scans the court, deciding on his maneuver.

Noticing the shouting shooting guard on the opposite side of the court, a quick two-handed chest pass finds it's way into the waiting shooter's steady hands. Receiving it softly, the shooter takes their time getting into position for the three pointer. The grip on it feels as good as any for the two guard, who let's loose as a defender starts running towards him.

The ball flies into the air, leaving big men and point guards alike clawing and wrestling for position for the awaiting rebound. Unexpectedly, the ball ricochets off the back of the rim, taking it's first bounce at the top of the key beyond the three point line. Players, taken aback, start to react to the surprising outcome of the rebound.

The quickest man on the court, the point guard, runs over and snatches the ball, beating out all other fighting men by at least a step. Taking off towards the hoop on a breakaway, the dribbler accelerates, deciding whether he should take a layup or go for the slam to give his teammates fire and momentum. Or, if there is a man coming up behind him, should he pass it up for the dish? Toss it off the backboard for a highlight reel alley-oop? These are the types of things the dribbler mulls over.

Slowing down towards at the wing of the opposite hoop, all alone, the dribbler decides to go for the jam. Amidst a crowd of cheering fans, encouraging the dunk, the quick point guard brings it back for the tomahawk, eyes close to the rim, anticipating a highlight-reel finish, until . . .

A seemingly inhuman body comes up from behind, bringing superhuman hops and length. Ain't no way the ball's getting in the hole this time.



BET said...

is this innuendo of some form?

Hursty said...

lmfao @ BET- Dude what possible innuendo can you think it is?

I'd be more scared or Bron coming back at me than Josh at this stage, although even last year, I'd never say that purely because James didn't do it consistently enough to be a threat like thaaat.

Smith and Prince both earn they money from those plays though. Especially the later.

Eboy said...

"A seemingly inhuman body comes up from behind"....perhaps that's what BET was referencin.

jameyburke said...

Is that semi auto-biographical...?

Hursty said...

Possibly Eboy. Likely actually.
But I think the pic should be of Smith actually blocking a guard on the break, more spectacular. You cant even tell for SURE that Dirk is getting blocked there.

BET said...

Eboy: "and his hard drives that penetrated the soul" did it for me

Moose said...

@ BET's comments: I don't think that I typed the thing in your last comment . . .

@ Hursty: I am partial to Smith in this category, and I love watching him do these, so when I decided to write it I was inclined to pick J-Smoove.

@ Eboy: Ok, I get it....not purposeful.

@ Jamey: Well, now that you think of it....I've been the blocker, but never the blockee...it doesn't take much to send the Josh Smith character flying. Just do a little hesitation near the rim and lay it up on the other side.

BET said...

of course not moose, it was a joke. J.O.K.E

But what eboy said/the tone of the article made it sound like some werid form of a erotic story.

BET said...

A erotic tale made frome this, some words from quotes deleted to make it more sexxy:

"the ball s off the back"
"clawing and wrestling for position"
"there is a man coming up behind him"
"the dribbler mulls over"
"eyes close"
"A seemingly inhuman body comes up from behind, bringing superhuman hops and length. Ain't no way the ball's getting in the hole this time."

Hursty said...

I laughed slightly at BET just then. Just slightly.

Eboy said...

I laughed hysterically at BET just then.

Collin said...

I like Smith, but he kinda pisses me off sometimes

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