Wednesday, April 15, 2009

SKO Interview: AR/H to the Izzo

*****This is second in our series of interviews with Shawn Kemp's Offspring members, with our very own AR, also known as h to the Izzo, or just plain Izzo nowadays. On to the stuff. Questions by me are marked as HIBACHI, questions by BETCATS with no association to me whatsoever are marked as BETCATS. Enjoy . . .*****

HIBACHI: How did you discover basketball?
Well,my father played at a semi pro level over here and played a few times for Ireland and a bunch of my uncles did the same,so I guess basketball has always been 'in my blood' I guess.My dad used to coach some teams when I was really young,like around 6 or 7 and I'd always go with him to the practices and whatnot but I never really got into basketball through that.I was playing other sports at the time like soccer and rugby,I wasn't much good at them,merely average but I was interested enough in them not to give basketball a second thought.Then a few years passed,my dad had quit coaching and wasn't involved in basketball in any capacity,one day,me and one of my best friends were hanging out doing nothing,went into the local community centre,saw that some club were training and the people were around our age.We decided to give it a go there and then-with no gear,no shoes.Nothing.We went in,it turned out it was a new club so there was no pre-existing cliques or anything like that,so it was easy to fit in.That and the coach was and still is the nicest person I've ever met.Well,that was the first time,I've picked up a basketball,I was around 12 at the time and I didn't suck.I was able to lay the ball up straight away and had pretty good fundamentals inbuilt in me.It was cool,because the guys that were there that first day are the people I've been playing with ever since.I kept practicing and got pretty good,I was playing 17 and under when I was 13.We did pretty well,won some 'chips,almost went unbeaten one season.I'll stop before I induce some nostalgia vomit.

HIBACHI: If you went to college, where did you go and what did you study?
English and New Media-University of Limerick(not sure if that should be in)

Anywhere between 17 and 43.

HIBACHI: What is a cool thing about where you live that outsiders don't know about?
I'm not sure how to answer this one,because I don't know what outsiders do know.I would assume that most would think that Ireland is very rural and picture a lot farms and wisecracking livestock that ultimately teach you life lessons ,but where I grew up was very urban and if you were to throw water balloon directly onto the floor,you'd splash at least five rappers.

HIBACHI: Favorite player as a kid growing up?
Ray Allen

HIBACHI: When did you stop playing hoops, if ever? On what levels did you play?
I still play.As has been mentioned before,I once got trial for the under 14 International team.

HIBACHI: Who is your favorite player now?
Joel Przybillia

HIBACHI: Have you ever met an NBA players?
Does Mario Ellie count?It shouldn't

HIBACHI: Which rookie from the class of '08 will have a better career?
: Derrick Rose.I don't think there's much more explanation needed here.

HIBACHI: If you could take any non-all-star in the NBA and place them on your team, who would it be?
David Lee but that's because he's white and he tries really hard.Bless him.

HIBACHI: What music do you listen to?
I pretty much only listen to Taylor Swift these days.

HIBACHI: Who wins the Finals this year?
: I have no idea why,but I like the Celtics for a repeat.

BETCATS: I say tomato you say.......
I say,I wonder what John Mayer is doing on Twitter right now?Oh he's trying to holla at Demi Lovato?For realz.Yeah I don't know who that is either.I'd totally do Emma Stone,btw.

BETCATS: How would you react if i said you are the one dude on the internet who slightly 'scares' me?
I respect your propensity for cautiousness,your instincts will serve you well,grasshopper.How would you react if I told you that you're one of the guys who makes me laugh pretty regularly and I'm not sure whether to recommend and increase or decrease in your meds?In what way do I scare you.Where am I on your terror colour chart?Red?Orange?Translucent?You know what scares me?The new line of Reggie Miller thesaurus' and dictionaries "Learn to English Good" coming out this fall.That shit keeps me up at night.

BETCATS: Lebron or Kobe? And a followup question: Lebron or Lebron?
: Well before I answer this,I want to point out something about these two guys and how they are treated by fans/followers or whatever.Both,in my opinion, are served pretty badly by lunatic fringes.I have no interest in the dichotomous rhetoric surrounding either of these players.In my opinion anyone who says Kobe isn't a good player is a fucking idiot,ditto for anyone who says the same about LeBron is also an idiot.The same goes for the fanboys with unhealthy obsessions with either,this is generally prevalent moreso in the Kobe camp.If you type any innocent comment criticizing Kobe fairly,or even consider Kobe's position in the game objectively,some half wit will inevitably chime in calling you a 'hater' or something stupid similar.These generally tend to be the same people who would consider dunking to be a measurable stat and consider it as criteria for choosing an MVP.I just base my opinion on evidence which will usually lead a sane person to a middling conclusion.From what I can see,LeBron is in the process of taking over the League for a good period of time.This will probably be the last year he even leaves the MVP award up for debate.I can appreciate Kobe is a excellent player and should be remember as so,but IMO LeBron is a one time deal. To answer your follow up question,Don Rickles.

BETCATS: Ihop or The Waffle House?
I have no idea what either of these things are.

BETCATS: Burger King or McDonalds?
This is a tough one,I mean I usually like to eat food that's gathered from animals,but if I were forced,it's Burger King everyday.

BETCATS: Do you accept human sacrifices? If so, what animal/commentor would most please the Izzo gods?
: I'd like to have James(Krayzie Bone(what happened to him?))'s brain sent to me on a platter made of the finest ceramic.Other than that I'd like all seasons of both 30 Rock and Gossip Girl on DVD.

Thanks for reading, everyone. Tariq up next! In line is Cheryl and TADOne!


Hursty said...

I laughed at that.
Izzo is around 22-26 I think. Just by comment guessing. I've never actually seen him admit anything though :P
Thanks for posting that Moose.
If I could sacrifice anyone? It'd be Gaz. Or Teddy.
Chukaz is too funny to get rid of. I can live with Jukai. Occasionally lol. :D

Eboy said...

Fucking Izzo........still can't admit his age to the public. What is up with that shit. I know......but I'll keep it keeping a leprachauns gold hidden.

BET said...

How could he not know about Ihop or the Waffle House?

Collin said...

good stuff as usual moose.

and the guys from TrulyHoops (me, jameyburke) are available for an interview....

Moose said...

Collin, I wouldn't want to refuse you. In the next month or so, be checking your email, all right? I'll make up an interview. But we need some separation between the interviews and you. It'll give you some blog publicity, too. Yeah, sure.

AR said...

These answers kinda sucked.My apologies.

A clue about my age:Eboy could be my father.

Hursty said...

Izzo is like 19 then.

AR said...

Well yes.But that was really more for the purposes of a "Eboy is an older gentleman" joke.

BTW:Who the f*ck is Gaz?

Hursty said...

Gaz is this moron whoze (whose) comments basically consist of 'bet is gay, bet is sh*t' and so on lol.
Complete moron.
ps- I did get your joke. I also realise that I haven't seen your face either... facebook before you deleted it- and now an Irish flag haha.

Collin said...

did you guys hear about Rudy Fernandez setting an all-time NBA record last night? If you don't know what I'm talking about, check my site for more info....

BET said...

Collin's shameless self promotion taught me a new fact. Rudy for 33333333333333333333333333333

jameyburke said...

Battle of the Basketball Blogs going on here this weekend:

Anonymous said...


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