Monday, April 27, 2009

The Great Undervalued

A Moose Track

I'm going to bring a certain NBA point guard into the spotlight for a moment. But instead of just bringing him out and introducing him like normal, I'm gonna turn make it a little more interesting.

This player works the court like a magician. He sees it like a lion sees a plain full of gazelles, and he attacks. He leads his team like he's been doing it for the past ten years, and his squad's success hinges on his performance. If he plays well, it rubs off on his teammates, usually with satisfying results.

You're thinking Tony Parker, right? Wrong.

He is the Most Valuable Player on his team, even though sometimes this title is doubted or unknown. His teammates know it, and they put their full trust in him, letting him run the offense and most of the defense as well. He is a natural leader, instructing his colleagues even though they're probably years older than him.

You're thinking Derrick Rose, right? Wrong.

His crossovers perplex his defenders and teammates alike, sporting killer dribble moves while cutting to the hoop. He is quicker than Usain Bolt on steroids (wink, wink) running from a horse with rabies. He slices to the hole like a hot knife through butter, leaving the opposition wondering if they should have gone into business rather than basketball.

You're thinking Deron Williams, right? Wrong.

This man's defense is off the charts, staying on the ball like Ryan Jones on LeBron James (Man, I hope RJ reads this--Moose). Steals come like his hands are magnets, grabbing the ball from whoever gets in his way quicker than Kobe seems to pick up 35 nightly. Nobody wants to be covered by him.

You're thinking Chris Paul, right? Wrong.

He's got a basketball IQ higher than Josh Howard in the offseason, and he sees plays before they happen, taking full advantage of every opportunity that presents itself. Whether he's faking and then dumping to somebody else, tossing up a perfect alley-oop or flipping a behind-the-back, the passes drop just like the dimes.

You're thinking Steve Nash, right? Wrong.

This player is a legitimate triple double threat every time he steps on the court, having a talent for scoring, assisting and rebounding, despite size differences. He seems to sneak rebounds out of every situation, using quickness and smarts to beat bigger opponents in every category.

You're thinking Jason Kidd, right? Wrong.

Soon, it'll be impossible to ignore. This point guard, too underrated and outshined, deserves his burn. I'm having a hard time thinking that it isn't coming soon.



Moose said...

Ask Chicago if you don't believe me.

Collin said...

gotta love Rondo. amazing player who isn't even close to reaizing his potential; which is scary to think about, considering he is averaging a triple double in the series.

Jameyb said...

He's the real deal, no question. His jumper is improving, and once it becomes consistent, there is no ceiling for this kid. I hate all the comparing stuff, but if he reminds me of one player I watched alot growing up, it's Kenny Anderson. No, not the old Boston Celtics, veteran K.A., the young, wiry, sleek, lightning quick, nasty handle, Georgia Tech/NJ Nets Kenny Anderson. (who, ironically enough, was traded to the Celtics for one C.Billups at the end of his career) Good piece Bullwinkle. Oh yeah, btw, how come no one can comment on Mr. Walsh's piece about KB24...??? Thx....

Hursty said...

Damn, I thought it was Chuck Norris.

Hursty said...

Jamey- it appeared like that to me the first few times too (the KB piece). Just click on the headline. It'll take you to the own article, just by itself.
You can comment on it there. It has 17 atm.

Eboy said...

It's pretty homerotic to post a shirtless pic of the dude, Moose, isn't it?

And did you really think none of us knew who you were talking about? C'mon now.

BET said...

he is still ugly as hell in the face

BET said...

Cosign eboy.

But moose, if you wrote 'this is the guy who's dick i really want to suck' we most likely would have gotten the point. Good job though!

Anonymous said...

Would you believe there aren't any other players in the League whose initials are "R.R."? Way to totally give it away Moose, haha

Game 4 was crazy to watch. I was watching it on ESPN Classic the other day, and even though I knew what happened I still was on the edge of my seat. Moose, I'm a believer now. Rondo is the real deal

BET said...

" This man's defense is off the charts, staying on the ball like Ryan Jones on LeBron James (Man, I hope RJ reads this--Ed.). "

Who the fuck is Ed? And are we really that desperate to be like a journalistic outlet that we are COPYING Slam's trash talk format, or did my big homie Ben just pop out from behind the figurative bush and ad a tibit? I am leaning towards the eariler. But can someone please explain to me who wrote that? It has been pissing me off every time i read over this to the point where i had to say something....

Moose said...

@ Collin: My thoughts exactly.

@ JB: I like that comparison. But I think Rondo's his own player, you know? His style is so hard to compare to because of his unique skill set.

@ Eboy: I didn't really think that nobody knew what was going on, I just wanted to have a little fun and experience something I hadn't tried out, you know? And I posted that picture because of his huge tattoo, and I wanted it to be the giveaway. Just thought it would be cool, in a non-perverted way. You guys know what I mean.

@ BET: Thanks? Sorry to beat a dead horse with the Rondo thing, I just thought he deserves the burn. And with the "Ed." thing . . . sorry, didn't know it bugged you so much. I just wanted to slip in a few words of my own there.

@ baconator: That's what I'm talking about! Thanks. And it was supposed to be the giveaway, I guess it worked, haha. That game was sick.

BET said...

"I just thought he deserves the burn. And with the "Ed." thing . . . sorry, didn't know it bugged you so much. I just wanted to slip in a few words of my own there."

Oh i thought it was hursty or someone chimming in. But why would you do that? You wrote this, presumably, so why would you add another personality?

Moose said...

I wasn't not saying it was me. I was just . . . I gotcha. Sounds better than "Moose", you know? Sorry, dude.

Jameyb said...

thx for the heads up Hurst

BET said...

moose, i only critize you out of love. I want you to be the best out of hibachi.

That being said, calling yourself ed is just stupid. I know my writing skills are far from perfect but try something along the lines of "(I hope that __insert insulting/appropriate adjective___ Jones sees this)" Cut the quoting of yourself under a different name.

Hursty said...

BET- If I had edited his work you'd never have known ;)
But no, no I did not alter anything(like moose said).

Teddy-the-Bear said...

Yo Moose!!! Sup man, great job. I have a quick question about something else though:
Do you have an e-mail address where I could email something to Ben Osborne from SLAM with?
Thanks, man.

Anonymous said...


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