Sunday, March 8, 2009

Who You Got?:Updated

I'm just going to go right out and say it.
UCONN are going to win the NCAA Championship.

I say that without qualification. They match up well with pretty much almost every team in the nation and they're deep across the board.

AJ Price holding down the point, he does everything the team wants and needs him to do and Walker is a great combo back-up.

Thabeet is just a monster and should be able to hold down guys like TH down low as well as contribute enough offensively to be a difference maker. Their bench is strong and their team is long and athletic.

I like Louisville as well, but UCONN's depth is just better. Kansas will be great in a year or two, but not right now.

Louisville and UCONN as well as UNC annnnnd Gonzaga? In the Final 4. Wait up. Is that even physically possible? I'm not much good with seedings and area positionings and the like.
PITT for the 'underdog' label this year, even though they've been very good this year.

Yep, that's what I'm thinking right now.

What do you fellas reckon?
PS- Moose- if you even dare mention your relationship to Boston on jks.
...This has nothing to do with Ater btw :) Happy bracket hunting :) :D
West Coast Conference Championship Final- Patty Mills and the Gaels vs. the world, ok, so it's Gonzaga, but STILL! Mills is back and he played well last night (injuries considered) and it should be a hell of a match. I know, I know, I sound like a homer here, but I love that kid! Having seen him play live when he had a career game against New Zealand was an awesome moment. So, again I ask- Who you got?
St. Mary's by 8 me thinks.
Although, from an unbiased view, I take Gonzaga....weird huh?
Peace fellas-
PPS-Thanks to all the new commenters who somehow found this niche in cyberspace, hope to have you around more often.


Moose said...

Well, Hurst. I will be rooting for UCONN. But Boston College is first priority. IF they make the tournament. But BC is my team first. After that, I like UCONN. I do like Pitt's squad, but, you know.....

Jakob Kagel said...

First of all its "UCONN is", not "are".....

and no way are they going to win the national championship with out Dyson they have already lost to Pitt twice and I can name 10 teams that would beat them on a neutral court...

AR said...

It's Pitt or Oklahoma for me.These two can beat UConn any day of the week IMO because of match up problems.UConn don't have an answer for either Sam Young or Willie Warren and both Blake Griffin and DeJuan Blair(who had the biggest 8 and 8 I've ever seen the other night) can keep Thabeet in check.I'm going to go for Pitt to win it all,solely because they have LeVance Fields.

Oh and on talent alone,I still think the Zags can make a final four run.

Moose said...

Jakob, give us the ten teams, give us more reasons than "Dyson's out". Look at the rankings. Look at the results, minus Pitt.

yardbird said...

Yardbird's Official Final Four Predictionssss:


Layin' Down the Gauntlet, y'all.

Of course, it depends on the draw, becuase obviously two teams from the same region aren't going to make the final four.

AR said...

Wake Forest

On a neutral court,any of these teams would give UConn a run for their money and could beat them.

yardbird said...


Think about adding Arizona State to that list.

Pendergraph has the intensity to intimidate Thabeet down low, and UCONN doesn't have much of an answer to James Harden.

He's as efficient as Sweden's health care system.

BET said...

UNC or Pitt

Bielasiak33 said...

It sounds like everyone is off the UNC bandwagon. I like that. I am not a UNC fan. But, they have the most talented team in the NCAA. They can go 8 or 10-deep and still have phenomenal players on the court. Hansbrough, Ellington, Lawson, Green, Thompson, Zeller, Frasor, and Davis (all this without their best defensive player)...

I like UNC, Pitt, Kansas, and maybe Villanova in the last spot (not sure about that one)...

Hursty said...

Thanks for replying everyone! I had hoped that this would spark some debate... and it did!
Jakob- Not living in the USA does have its disadvantages.
I assume that you and AR would know more than myself- and I was correct ;)
Moose- Burned. But thanks :)
Yardbird- thanks for your input, forgot about ARZ State.
Biel, thanks for stopping by :)

Oh, and I'm aware that my sentence structure within the piece and in my comment is terrible. Rushing ya know?

Bielasiak33 said...

and I like St. Mary's over the Zags

jameyburke said...

BC is my 1st choice because like Moose, I have loyalty for my home team, and because Tyrese Rice is the best player noone knows about- and then Blake....I mean Oklahoma.
Moose, check my blog for a close encounter I had with Perk on Friday after Cavs game.

Anonymous said...


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